Oh Jaana – Ishqbaaz Episode – 25 (Part-1)


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Episode 25….
part 1

Scene 1 Shivays office
He sees the letter and tears that into pieces …and looks on anika from the window …she takes her things and bids bye to sara and leaves……
Shivay – thu ne teek nahi kiya anika… i fdidnt expect this from u …..he remenices party night incident and thinks kahi huski chot tho nahi lagi ….isliya wo mujse thoor janna jathi haein….
No cant be that …the way she looked at me when she left with vinay meant some other…..she was afraid during that time but it happens to every girl in that situation but anika darpok nahi hai ….he leens back .
Shivay calls her and says u have 24 hours for explanation …i hope u give this …thu nahi aye tho mein bul javungi anika nam ki ek ladki meri zindagime thi,,,,u time starts now…
Anika listens to him and say muje ppatha hei app muje bhul jaenge…..
Shivay comes home and goes straight away to his room…rudra comes and ask about anika didi…shivay shouts at him badly…
Om and dadi looks on….dadi billu ko kya houa….its first time he is frustrating out like this …even he was calm and compose while his marriage broke…..om goesnto shivai
Is evey thing is ok wwith u shivay….kisi ne kuch kaha….ya anika ?\
Mein is gar mein uss ladkiki nam nahi sunna chathi hoon…..
Dadi ..om and rudra says firse in dhono ne ek dusre ke sath jagda kiya he ….leave shivay ka mood will be ok soon ….
Pinky smiles seeing shivays hatred towards anika

Leap …1 month
Family members are happy….
Ishana and home be came thick friends she wins every one heart …..including tej…..
Roop is happy with the success of her steps
A new guy joins the college and sowmya gets friendship with him ….as he rudra feels something weird as his sumo wrestler is no speaking to him often.
Anika and shivay doest meet each other in a straight way…but they look at other unknowingly… vinay and anika became close freds adding to the fire of shivay….he feels betrayed by anika
Most of the time shivay stay in his baggad billla avatar….dadi feels fictious about shivay… and also notices shivay gets upsets and shout when vinay sys about anika ….

Scene 3
Anika comes to temple for shails birthday….oberoi family also reaches there…
Anika seeing shivay leaves the place …dadi calls out anika ….
Ya dadi app ne bulaya ….
Om rudra smile and shivay triesto leave the place…
Dadi calls anika home as its been along time they all met.
Anika starts to speak …sees pinky coming …and says sorry dad ii have some work so i cant come..
Dadi forces her…anika says u don’t hve work at home ad u r born with silver spoon but i need to so plz don’t force me….and more its not gonna worth speaking to you of any cost….as anika says this she keeps on avoiding shivay and dadis eye contact and behaves with a sarcastic attitude…
She leaves …
Shivay out of anger holds her ….i know on that day u spoke to me in the same way..and u didt gave explaion and now the same repeats…u know meri dadi mereliye kya maine lagthi hey ..and u will pa for this…..
Anika facing other side says ..i know what i am heading to so mr shivay so stay away .. and leaves without looking others……
Every one is in the shock.
.part 1 ends.

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  3. V.nice ..it seems that pinky is behind the rude behavior of anika..m i right..??

  4. Hi pragya di i love ur ff.. But pls one req i dont understand hindi can u update ur ff in English wherever u use Hindi words. Pls pls pls..

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