oh my god! twinkle to be imprisoned


Hello guys!!! As the rajjo track is over, tashan e ishq is geared up with a new drama. We all have watched that how twinkle and kunj confessed there love to each other but jealous uv is not able to see twinkle with someone else as he think twinkle is only his and at the same time mahi has slapped uv when he tried to misbehave with her so now uv will decide to take revenge with both sisters soon viewers will be able to see that uv will push mahi from a hill and twinkle will try to save her but will fail and uv will runaway from the hill top at the same time taneja and sarnas will arrive at hill top and will misunderstand that twinkle has pushed mahi from the cliff then uv and Anita will enter the drama to add salt to it and will make twinkle arrest by police. Kunj being helpless will not be able to save twinkle from imprisonment! Now let’s see what will kunj do to save his twinkle

Hey guys pls do write your views about the upcoming track in the comment section.

Credit to: Ritzi

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  1. Will yuvi and twinkle reunite or will twinj stay together?
    Can someone tell me

    1. Well Mayatwinjfan earlier there were humors that twiraj will be together but now the news are twinj unting

      1. Oh thanks for responding to my question ritzi but will u tell me where it says that twinj will stay together plz.
        Also thanks for the news.

  2. Guys I know it is small but I wrote this as I wanted your feedback on this track so please drop your precious comments

  3. god knows whats gonna happen… memory loss drama was even better… i am remembering yhm track… this show will lose its charm if they will show this track..

    1. Ya anaita even I think memory loss drama was far better but this track is worst of all

  4. I am sure that this track don’t drag us more and Kunj and Twinkle will be together soon. I really love to see them together and want that Mahi back soon to make twinkle prove innocent. I love their jodi

    1. Twinkle and kunj you stole my words yaar I hope they don’t drag it

  5. Yup I also remembered yeh hai mohabaita…track but wish this doesn’t happen…aabb aabb tho love had blossomed…???

    1. Hitakshee I hope too hope yhm track doesn’t get repeated

  6. Muskan{News reporter}

    Thanks for d news dear…

    1. Tysm muskan

  7. thanks fr d news ritzi ….. jst hope ths trck ends soon and twinj unite again ……. and wish mahi wl retrn back …….. god knows wht wl happen ….. bt jst hope it jst dnt drag ……. wish dis track end soon ….

    1. Panchi u r totally correct dear and I don’t know why but somewhere I m damm sure that mahi is not dead but I find a fact a bit finny that the track has not even started and we all are hoping that it end soon!

  8. no not twinke.get kunj imprisont.i love twinraj not twinj

    1. What misha???u love twiraj! I m asking it because I think u r the same misha who has made the ff don’t hate me in which twinj are pair…..ri8? Or I m talking about someone else’s ff?

      1. It’s not that misha ritzi
        Well it’s fine if u r a twiraj fan but it doesn’t mean u will hurt Twinj fans

  9. Tysm ritzi for this update

  10. twinj are the best pair i wish this uv’s drama to end soon nd am sure kunj will prove his lady love is innocent nd twinj will be together forever nd wat said guys am i ryt?

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