Oh Fish Not Again (twinj) – A SUMMARY and author’s note

Hello everyone,,, today m here with a short summary of my ff and an important message…but before that … thanmy and Sayeeda so sorry that m unable to wish u on ur birthdays…
Happy belated b’day sayeeda !!
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This story deals with a flirty guy ‘kunj sarna’ who has just shifted to a new colony in pune from nasik. He finds his first friend ‘Sam’ who is almost a giant with fat all over his body. Sam makes effort to introduce himself and his friend to the new guy in the society. In the auditorium kunj meets Andy, seema (main characters of this ff after kunj) and Twinkle taneja..with whom kunj falls in love at the very first sight. Kunj begins to make effort to be near twinkle. Thanks to the ganesh festival for which he was able to be near her. The group began making arrangements. Mean while all sorts of funny things keep on happening like twinkle goes to kunj’s house and find an x-rated magazine.., Sam and kunj play a porn video in front of Sam’s grandma, kunj trying to peek through window of neighbour and getting caught and so on. There are also a lot of narration about kunj’s past experience in nasik which are very comic. Kunj makes good bonding with Sam and they always hangout together. Sam tells kunj about his gf and how in an attempt to kiss her he was caught by her father…that was the end of their relation to which kunj felt like laughing his ass out. These were the small funny elements just to add humour and spice to the story.

The real story begins when kunj truly feels for twinkle and is all set to propose her just when he makes another mistake. History repeats itself and twinkle finds out a list of x-rated movies in his computer. She quickly switches of the computer. Then finally kunj talks to her about having a girl friend and his desperation to really have one girl in his life. Twinkle makes fun. Kunj on a serious note catches hold of her and proposes her by telling ‘i love u’. Twinkle says she needs time. On a mutual understanding the duo decide that twinkle shall convey her answer to him by code language i.e., if her answer is ‘yes’ she shall dress in red but if its ‘no’ she shall wear white. Kunj waits eagerly for the next day and he has a nightmare of twinkle not answering his calls and so on. He is awaken from sleep by his cousin Shruti who is very close to kunj. Kunj and Shruti share a good rapport. The tension atmosphere is slightly forgotten when shruti cracks jokes.

Finally shruti leaves and kunj faces the reality. He goes to twinkle’s house and finds her dressing in white. She couldn’t talk to him as she had to leave urgently. Kunj was heartbroken. He comes back home and cries. In the evening twinkle comes and she reveals that she was wearing white due to the death of one of her relative. Kunj gets a hope. Then twinkle says that she cant love a fool. Kunj is again sad. Finally twinkle breaks the suspense and says “I love u”. Kunj jumps back on her and they share a tight hug where twinkle tells him not to leave her. After this the gang reach kunj’s place to discuss on certain things about the festival. Here twinj share few cute moments when kunj talks about a kiss and twinkle says she wouldn’t have stopped him if he had tried to kiss her.
This was in short what happened till now.. aamu i hope it satisfies u..even then if u have any query do ask me. And guys the next update will be on Saturday and i will try to update it on weekdays if possible else it will be on weekends.. sorry to disappoint u but m having a tough time as i have to study a lot… and one more thing guys..this is a limited episodes ff probably 10-15, if possible i will extent it..but not longer than 20. And i am telling this from beforehand so that no one is shocked or hurt. Also this is my last series ff in this page… i wont be writing any more of this kind.. only OS or may be few shots when i get time. As its difficult to maintain this. Many of u asked me about my ff “her journals” umm i guess i shall revive it as a OS once i get time or after i finish this one. I hope m clear with my words..sorry again if any one of u are hurt.

And my dear ff writers.. m xtremely sorry that m unable to comment in ur ffs for past few days as i was not well. This was chiefly the reason i didn’t update my ffs. Hope u understand. Thanks to each and everyone ..love u all stay blessed.

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