Oh Fish Not Again (twinj) -Chapter 4 ~ by Tara

Hello everyone….thanks to all of u again… who all commented..silent readers as well…whom i expect to comment if u aren’t feeling that lazy or u have time.. then do comment… um guys ff writers specially baby has an important message for u all that she is unable to comment as her system isnt working..she shall resume commenting once its repaired… this is what she said..
“ di can u givee one msg of mine to all dat i m reading d ffs all of dem bt nt able to cmnt d cmnts ll reach once my system. gets fine n ritzi ko bhi ek msg dat she is nt dragging her ff pls voh jaise likhti hai merkko vaise hi psnd hai lovely ke liye bhi lovely i wuld hv talkd to u bt abhi i can’t bcz u no d reason.” ~baby

You can read my previous chapters here:

Oh Fish Not Again
Chapter 4: ‘Is that my luck?’
“I need some time to think over it” said twinkle..
“fine but whatever may be your decision we shall remain friends as before” said I
She agreed to my clause..
“but m yet to be your girlfriend..” she said and glanced at my had helding her in custody..
“oh m sorry..” said i and freed her…
“kunj..kunj..” Sam called out…
This bastard always comes at wrong place and at the wrong time. I opened the door.
“ oh hi twinkle.. nice to see u here…” he said…she smiled in return…
“ have I disturbed u??” he added..
Now which girl would say ‘yes’ to this..
“not at all..” she said as expected..
“lets go…” i interrupted before he would fire some more questions.
E headed for the pandal which was about twenty meters from my house. Twinkle commented over the decorations.. i was hardly of any use there…hours elapsed like minutes. Its amazing how time flies while staring at a beautiful girl. Even though i tried to avoid it…my eyes still went o see her figure. It was just perfect… meanwhile Sam kept himself busy with all types of snacks….andy and seema came back from there practical exams…
“twinkle u are simply amazing..” said seema..
“agreed..” andy said
“mee too..” i added.. twinkle smiled..
Each minute i spent with twinkle made me worry about her decision. It was eight in the eve and everybody had left..
“how much time do u need to think over my proposal?” I came straight to the point…
“ i should be able to convey my decision tomorrow morning…but there is a problem.. i can;t tell u on the face..” she replied
“idk..the reason” she said
Sometimes girls complicate the issues.
“then how will I get to know ur decision ??”
“probably by codes or something..” now she was testing my patience..
“SMS me then”
“no..no that wont be fair..” she said..
I felt she was an ideal example of Indian girl…..Complicated and unpredictable.
“okay… if ur ans is ‘YES’ wear a red top… which i like the most…and if its ‘NO’ then dress in white..which i like the least..is it fine??” another ‘no’ and i would withdraw,
“fair enough” she said..
We left for our respective houses…
Twinkle’s thoughts had infected every cell of mu brain like a virus..and its resulted in loss and hunger… for a second i thought my nerves would burst out of stress……
It was 10 in the next morning…desirous wait for twinkle just didnt seem to wait.. so i dialled her number.. her phone kept ringing..but she didnt answer..she failed to reply even at the 11th call so i gave up..my patience was dying…at last i went to her house, but only managed to find a lock. I went to seema..bt she also wasn’t there. Earth seemed to spin with a greater velocity. My over stressed body was sweating like hell….finally my eyelids closed and i crumbled on the road to hit my head on a rock..!!
“ ahhhh.” i shouted, opening my eyes i found someone standing beside my bed….
To be continued
Hey guys.. i know it was a short update… but trust me m not really feeling like to write… i had thought to post it on Sunday with a longer epi.. then i thought Monday i have a exam so i will post it on Saturday… but after reading Aamu’s ff and note.. m very sad… u wont believe bt m crying…had she not been here i would not have made a come back.. it was she who msged me telling to continue with my ff.. she was so sweet that i could barely refused.. so i changed my decision… i know u all may be bored with this bak bak.. bt today i guess m out of my senses… i have one request… plzz comment in her ff.. so that she stays here to post her ff at least… i know we can.. we all can make her stay..
#bring_aamu_back we have to do it…
And again m sorry for the short update.. will try to post a longer one on Monday night…
Stay blessed..

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  1. SidMin

    Tara Like always I loved it For one of the amazing way Kunj proposed Twinkle Twinkle will give her answer in an amazing way too 🙂 Wow Loved it Post soon 🙂 All the best for your exams 🙂 I know you will do well 🙂 Love you 🙂

    1. Tara

      thank u so much shruti…
      love u too 🙂

  2. Awesome epi… loved it…post the next part soon…

    1. Tara

      thanks dear.. will post soon..

  3. Heyy..hi di..I am really really really loving your post…

    The way you potray a boy’s veiw on everything is really impressive!!…

    Shreya sahi keh rahi thi..here Kunj is just like me..(but trust me..ek baat match nahi karti..I don’t access X-rated things..)

    And aap soch rahi hogi KO main kaun hoon!!..haina..
    So I am Aashutosh.. Shreya’s bbf..
    Shreya..lovely the writer of yehi hai Ishq..she only suggested me ur ff…thanks to her…

    Cont asap..

    1. Tara

      never expected something like this….
      first of all great thanks to shreya… and to u too who took the trouble and came here to read my ff…
      thank u thank u thank u soooo much..
      then.. u liked it// m glad..
      nd u r like kunj?? lol…
      stay tuned dear.. btw i will call u ashu
      aashutosh is such a long name

      1. Thanks a lot di..and of course you can call me Aashu..everyone calls me that!..
        and yes Shreya is sorry as she wasn’t able to comment.. Vo mere saath baith kar mera HW karva rahi thi?
        Bandi itni cute hai ki meri badi help karti hai toh socha uski thodi help kardoon..she was doing my work and I was reading your ff as she asked me to do so..she loved yours..but wasn’t able to comment and I did…
        Hope you got 1 more comment as ani is ur regular reader..

    2. Tara

      never mind… let her do ur hw.. 😛
      she gave a new reader to my ff.. so that’s cool…
      convey my thanks to her

      1. For sure

  4. R.S.H.H.P

    Nice update tara waiting for next episode best of luck for your exams u will get good numbers ??☺

    1. Tara

      thank u so much..
      btw u know what i just love ur dp…
      sid!! ????

  5. Amazing epi as always??.. short and sweet epi 🙂 loved how kunj suggested about how twinkle should give him her ans.. was unique idea.. best of luck for your exams 🙂

    1. Tara

      thanks a lot sidvee..
      m glad u liked it..

  6. Ritzi

    Thank u so much Tara for carrying baby’s message to me….grant my tysm to her….nd coming to yr ff….as usual…a handsome piece of writing….its kk if yr not in the mood….but pls do me a favor… Can u pls tell me the name of aamu’s ff…I mean I surely knw her ff nd I used to read it too…but these busy life is like hell! Pls if u can just tell me the name

    1. Tara

      thank u so much ritzi..
      i like the way u comment..
      i will surely grant ur tysm to baby…
      and i guess i told u the name..
      so take care..

  7. Wooowwww Tara….. It was too gud yaar

    1. Tara

      thank u so much for commenting…

  8. Maggi

    It was awsm…luvd it ❤

    1. Tara

      thanks alot maggi

  9. Panchiii

    Awesome post tara…… suprb….. loved it ….. eagerly wtng fr nxt one….

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    awesome amazing fabulous epi

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  12. dreamer...arundhati

    Tara superb epi

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  13. Romaisha

    hey di! loved the epi! ❤
    Even icant waitt for twinkle’s ans.

    1. Tara

      next one is posted
      thanks for reading

  14. Ramya

    Hey Tara
    Awesome episode dear
    N icant wait fr twinkle answer

    1. Tara

      thank dear.. dont have to wait.. its posted..

    1. Tara

      thanks sanju.. the next one is posted

  15. It was amazing ….Tara ..it was very nice
    N plzzz yrr amu ne kya likha hai plzzz batana plzzzz
    N yrr tu bhut accha likhti hai yrr
    I love…




    Your ff ????.



    Areeeee udas mat hona ….

    …… I love u to infinity …..sabse jyada…..

    Plzzz post soon ..I m waiting for u ….n your ff ….

    1. Tara

      thanks sonal..
      love u too yaar..
      my next part is posted… go ahead

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