Oh Fish Not Again (twinj) -Chapter 1(cont.) ~ by Tara


Hey everyone SURPRISE!! Actually i have continued exams so i wont be able to post it…so thot to post today.. coz u ppl will have to wait till idk how much.. lol.. btw…thank u so much for ur comments.. Am glad u all liked it… dear jasper.. Sorry i failed to understand what u wanted… i clicked the link u provided bt it showed error… ok guys so after the long wait..here is the next part….
Chapter 1 ~ ‘new colony’ (continued)
I asked twinkle to take a seat…
“I am fine” she said. I quickly got into a T-shirt before she could notice.
“ur room is quite nice”
“oh thanks,” I said. To be true it was a kind of average bedroom with adequate amenities. A personal computer had occupied a table in corner, while a four feet deepika padukone and a few centimetere wide Katrina kaif were glued on the wall. A bed placed in the opposite corner was designed to accommodate a couple in the near future… which I felt was quite near 😉

A bulky wardrobe covered the remaining length of the wall. Overall the room was impressive.
Since the last few weeks twinkle was showing keen interests in things related to me. To add to the fire, Seema was the one who told me all these. However I was scared to propose her… girls are very sentimental in these matters..and I didnt wanted to mess up everything in one shot..then all my dreams of having a girl friend would be crushed up like a house of cards.
Twinkle started gossiping with me..she told me about her Mom, Dad, and how their one child policy helped her to lead a opulent life. She had few relatives..as her grandparents also believed in one child policy..now that was i bad news for me.. i mean if i got a chance to tie knot with her, my dream of producing dozens of babies would be shattered before it could even start…
Her gossips continued for an hour..although i wasn’t bored . i was busy gazing at her flawless beauty… she wore a a skinny blue jeans and a black crop top… which enhanced her figure…
After some time i asked her for coffee before she could start a new topic..u can’t really stop a girl when she starts talking 😛
The milk took somewhat five minutes to reach its boiling point..Meanwhile i glanced at my lady love in black… a puff of air was enough to disturb her silky hair…
After the coffee was made I took her on a tour of our bungalow…
“nice house..and wallpapers..”
She parked herself on the bed and pulled out a newspaper…
“Oh fish! M dead….” I mumbled.. the newspaper had a debonair [an X-rated magazine] What if she saw that… omg!! But to my great relief she didnt notice…
“what are u engrossed in..c’mon have ur coffee” said she
“yeah” i said…. “now only god can save me” I mumbled… i saw the end of my love story that had barely started…
“oooh…ooooh..” twinkle coughed…her face turned red… “water..water” she said struggling for air..I rushed to the kitchen to get water. I soon as I entered the room.. i iced up. I had wrecked up all. Twinkle had the debonair in her hand….
She asked in anger “what is this??” turning the half naked Pamela Anderson towards me..
Oh fish! She is beautiful…i was totally absorbed in her beauty…
“kunj..what is this??” she asked again..
I came out of my imaginations… “umm idk..yesterday Sam was here..I guess he left his stuff over here…” the way i sounded a deaf man would have caught my fib…
“kunj…kunj…” someone called…

From the intensity of the voice it was understood to be none other than the monsters…but today i was happy as he saved me from an embarrassing situation…
After sometime we reached the auditorium where andy and seema were already waiting for us..twinkle didnt look upset about the incident, and she didnt ask sam as well . to be true there is no reason to agitate. I mean its natural to get attracted to such stuffs..
Whatever, ganesh festival was around and we had gathered there to discuss about the same. After discussion was over we all left.. i was walking by the road and trying to look inside the houses..it was a sort of tradition passed on to me by my ancestors. My grandpa, in his mid twenties was a gurst at his relatives place.. he used to peek through the windows of that colony..he found a beautiful woman there who impressed her so much that she later turned to be my grandma!! Same was the story of my dad…and i as a obedient member of my family tried to follow their footsteps. In my school days i stood on a ladder to peek through the window of our neighbouring house, who had a beautiful daughter, however, to thank my luck, it was a toilet window and ended up looking at her portly dad’s chubby ass!!
Even today those thoughts make me sick..i mean that’s something no one would like to see….
“Bang…”something hit the floor..I looked around for the origin of the sound. It came from the window of the adjacent bungalow. On straining my eyes i could see a beautiful women shuffling around. I quickly shifted to the window…she was a women in her mid twenties ..who was rubbing her hair.. she had a figure of a mannequin… she clean face without a hitch of cosmetics,,,her pink lips.. without paint.. made me go gaga…
“she is sooo beautiful!” i said..
“yeah.. i know” said my inner voice..
“how come?”
“because she is my wife”
“wife??” I said and turned around…a six feet tall, sophisticated man was standing behind…now he definitely wasn’t my inner self…
“actually uncle i was looking for the cricket ball in ur garden”
“but its certainly not inside” he replied..
“it might be there” said I pointing near the compound wall.. i pretended to find it and swiftly jumped over the wall and disappeared. Since then I swore never to stroll in the vicinity of that bungalow.
Hey people… thats was the end of chapter 1…. I will post the chapter 2 as soon as possible.. and one more thing guys.. each chapters shall contain 2 parts..as in this one… coz i cant write soooo long..lol so hope u cooperate.. and i know most of u may be waiting for twinj love story… don’t worry..humra flirty kunj jald hi pyar mein pagal ho jayega… so till then chillax.. and don’t forget to comment…love you all.. best regards..

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