Oh Fish Not Again (twinj)-Chapter 1 ~ by Tara


Hey everyone…thank u so much for ur love and support…here I am with the first chapter..

Oh Fish Not Again: (twinj)
Chapter 1 ~ ‘new colony’
“When did u buy this bungalow??” asked Sam
“Last month” I replied.
Like his body dimensions his questions were also endless, he fired them one after the other….. and keeping his huge physique in mind I had to answer them appropriately. For the next 10 minutes and 20 seconds he gave the entire description of his bungalow just like a tour guide who gives futile information about monuments.
“ I will introduce u to everyone tomorrow… we all assemble at the colony auditorium every Sunday…” he said..
I nodded in affirmation…then he picked up the milk canister which suffocated under his leg and went away saying “bye…”
The rest of the day went in organising the furniture…which my parents had piled up for years.. a bed which made a screeching sound, fractured chair, uneven tables and so on…hectic day resulted in a good sleep. But then i heard someone yelling…
“kunj are u there??”…my eyes opened in flash for a second but nobody was around so i slept again…
“kunj….kunj…” the voice echoed again… someone was surely there.. i got down from bed, rubbed my eyes and slowly walked to the windowpane…yesterday’s monster was standing right in front of my gate…
“Hi..” I said bleakly..
“Still sleeping ??…..its 9 o’clock” he said.. I had read somewhere that huge animals need less amount of sleep maybe it was true in case of the giant standing at my gate…
“Yeah.. I was exhausted last night”…
“Get ready and come to the auditorium.. we will be waiting for u” he said and went away..
Now I was in no mood to meet more giants like him..but spending the next few hours without friends would be a bad pick… so i went in search for the auditorium…It was three bungalows next to ours.
As i entered the compound walls , two girls and two boys including sam was sitting on the stairs of a closed foyer.
“here is our new man, kunj, the person I was talking about” sam said loading his ten kilos hand on my thin shoulder.
“Hi..” I said and quickly glanced at the girls. Among the two one had striking looks.
‘that’s your girl’ someone said from within me.. the introduction session commenced..
“Hi I am Andy,” a lanky boy of my height said. His hair had so much oil thet if he stops using it, the coconut oil prices would substantially sink. His white shirt had crumpled through its length, while his trousers were two-three inches short.
“Hi I am seema” the girl sitting to my left stated. Her beautiful tone didn’t go well with her face. He complexion and curly hair made a horrific combination. However god was gracious with her figure.. It was perfect!
Now I was eagerly waiting for my dream girl’s introduction…
“hi.. I m Twinkle” She was simply amazing…that was the first time we saw in each other’s eyes. I never read poems, but I am sure that the eyes described by the poets were very similar to her…her thin silky hair looked excellent. I glanced at her body below the neck, there too she was flawless.
“we have set up some rules for the newcomers” Andy said in a bossy tone.
‘any law acceptable to be with my twinkle’ my heart quickly replied.
“what are they ?” I asked
“first; slang language is permissible ..so don’t be formal…and don’t get shocked if girls use it” I oscillated my eye balls towards seema and twinkle and then back to Andy.
“Secondly majority rules and everyone has equal rights…and last no politics in the group” he paused for a second or two nd then said “done?” advancing his hand in my direction.
“done” said nd slapped my hands on his.
“fantastic…on this occasion we will treat u at ‘lucky’ our fav hangout” Sam said .
“yeah good Idea..” seema reinforced his statement.
We walked to the bakery located on the other side of the road, opposite to our colony.
“kunj what would u like to have??” asked Sam
“soft drink will do….coke…. yeah coke”
“Andy you……..Pepsi”
“seema,….pineapple pastry.”
“twinkle….black forest pastry”
After placing everyone’s order Sam came up with his king size burger,…as everyone ate I enquired about everyone’s academic and general doing… seema was a third year computer engineering student who was also a good dancer. Andy was a final year mechanical engineering student..who was also good at sports and other extracurricular activities like dating girls ,bunking classes etc.
As per records Sam was a second year commerce student who day started in canteen and ended there…
Twinkle was an arts student…and like other girls she spent most of the time in beauty parlour. And we shared a common enemy ‘studies’.
Finally it was my turn to introduce… “my name is kunj….kunj Sarna… I am a commerce student and…..” i don’t remember what i said but it was something formal. While eating gossips began to cook. Although i was least interested in the gossips..being with girls made me do so… from time to time I glanced at twinkle..she had irresistible looks, so keeping eyes off her was next to impossible.. Conversation ended in an hour and we had to disperse.
Weeks elapsed. I bonded in the group, better and faster than an adhesive…The presence of girls had transformed me into a new person…now I was more than an obedient individual. After a few days twinkle also got comfortable with me..and among the group members i bonded with sam like no one else. At times he got on my nerves, but it was acceptable for a friend.
One Sunday morning my alarm clock rang aloud.
“tringgggg…..” i turned it off.
“kunj..the breakfast is ready.. m leaving for shobha auntie’s place..the milk is kept in the fridge..get ur coffee done” mom said in a single breath and left.
Within a few minutes someone rang the door bell.
“who is it..?” i called out.
“kunj…kunj…” a lady called out…i hate people or men who disturbed me while in bed…but women are exempted. I opened the door…
“still sleeping??” twinkle asked. Now thats a face every guy would love to see after he wakes up in the morning…for a moment I went into a trance …totally lost in her beauty…
“kunj..” she called..
“oh yeah… get in” said I..Guarding,… my bare body which only had a half-pant dangling from the waist.
What will happen now?? And why is twinkle here? Is it something good for kunj…or something worst is gonna take place… to knw keep reading

So guys this was the first part of chapter one…hope u liked it..and i hope it wasn’t too boring…umm okay.. so this is approximately the length which shall be followed in all chapters… i guess its long enough… and as i said earlier it will be posted in weekends… today i was free so posted it but the next episode will be posted on the Saturday of next week…so please comment and let me know ur view… best regards..

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