Office—Work or love?(intro)


Hi guys this is Anandhi!I thought about writing a ff on Vijay to serial office…I got inspired by sm ff writer Tamizh on writing ff on Tamil serials.I will start with my ff now

–The characters are the same but the plot is totally different.

Vishnu calls Karthik
Vishnu:dei engada poora?(where r u going)
Karthi:Super!U asked this qns at the beginning?enn vella vilangidum!(my work will go well)
Vishnu laughing:no just…
Karthi:going to the temple
Vishnu:how did u become so devotional?
Karthi:shut up
Vishnu:I will wait outside

Karthi goes in and Raji is also there
Karthi prays to the god that he should get successful in future
Pandithar:thambi neenga sathama unga lifea pathi ellarukum solringa(u r saying aloud to everyone about ur life)
Karthi realises that he just spoke everything out?
He hears a girl giggling and turns to c but no one is there

Vishnu who is waiting outside hears two ladies talking about a man who said about his plans aloud
Vishnu:that should definitely be Karthi
He goes inside looking for him
Karthi and raji are coming in opposite direction and see a lamp about to go off. Both run towards it and cover the lamp at the same time
Vishnu sees this:ahhha…Khushi padatha thrumba kaatrurangalae!!(they are showing Khushi film again)
Raji looks at him and karthi looks at her
They have an eye lock
Vishnu comes there:cut cut cut….
They both come to reality
Raji goes from there

Vishnu:she is gone…my god!
Karthi:shut up!
Vishnu:let go it’s getting late

Precap:Karthi and Vishnu are inside the room and raji comes there.Vishnu flirts with Lakshmi.

—-pls do comment guys

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  1. Hi Anandhi u from chennai? Then happy to see tamil viewers creative like this. If tamil serials have website like telly updates we will be ther na? Then nice good start. Continue dr

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Go ahead Here is my ff.. Tamil show and vijay TV show.. Now 3 Ff from Tamil serials.. I am happy

  3. Hai anandhi its nice to hear. Do well. If time permits read SM tooo.

  4. Haii Anandhi………….Nice Suprr Effort dear……..Love U for ur effort of writing ff of tamil Serial….
    Our Support will be there for u always

  5. Hii friend, sooo happy to see Tamil serial ff’s…Go ahead,Waiting for next one…And all the very best for ur upcoming episodes☺??

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