off romance (part -1)


hi buddies I’m writting my first fanfiction all comments are accepted…….. It was a chilly morning with birds criping and rain.the rain was not an ordinary rain it was a downpour in the city the rain was unexpected so the city was filled with traffic people standing in the places where they can prevent frm among them s pragya she was drenched fully and was standing under a tree.she was just blabbering as she was struck in the rain and the single was not proper so no one picked her call.she was just cursing all.but suddendly…..she was lifted by someone frm her back before she realize who has lifted her face was tied with a black cloth.while tieing the cloth the hands of the person who s tieing brushed her face within a second she identified that its no other than her lovable husband abhishek prem mehra…the hot n happening rockstar in the city.he just carried her and opened the car door n made her to sit in the car .pragya was saying suniyae wats dis childish game u thought tat i cannot identify u if u tie my eyes .why and what are you doing
….abhi asked her to be quite for sometime and asked to not to eat the brain .then he took a cloth n tied her hands .pragya shouted wat r u dng??.abhi just ask her to shut up and come.pragya was wearing a light blue saree and with matching things.abhi just started the car .he just heard her pleasing to untie her hands.he was shocked because fuggie pleasing him to untie tat to too calmly he just turned and saw her and laughed .her mangalsutra was tangled with her hair and saree boarder she was constantly saying ouch ..ouch and shaking her head to remove but it vain all waste .abhi just stopped his car in front of their house and slowly moved towards her.he just removed the tangled hair frm magalsutra and made her hair one side he was amazed to c her long neckline and water droplets dripping at that moment heat empowered him and he was abt to nuzzle her neck just the pragya stopped him and said suniyae we are outside the house many ll c us .he just nodded and lifted her up and took inside .as all the family member went for a family marriage none of thm was der in house so abhi planned fa a romantic day with his fuggie .wen he went inside he was suprised to c bulbul and mona( bulbul n purab 2 yrs old daughter) he just made pragya to stand and removed her ties .he was embarrassed as he didn’t expect bulbul.bulbul just went to pragya and requested to take care of mona as she has a meeting and purab s out of station .bulbul said tat mona slept just now b4 she wake up i ll try to cum and.she left.pragya took mona in her arms and made her to lie on the guestroom bed and went to c her husband .he has changed his dress and was sitting in anger pragya went in and touched his shoulder he just moved and said ur sister ruined my day.pragya said accha wat happend mona s slpg she ll wake only aftr 2-3 hrs okay u don’t want to spend time with me na?? and abt to gothn suddenly abhi pulled her and made her to sit on his lap and asked really thn okay and strd kissing.pragya stopped him.abhi askd now wat ?? pragya said let me change my clothes and cum plss with a cute face .abhi allowed her as he don’t want her to get sick.she came in her pink salwar suit .abhi huged her frm back and strd kissing her nape and turned her to capture her lips ……just thn a voice came and made his plan ruined .padimama a cute voice came by rubbing her eyes pragya left him and took her in her arms and asked wat baby u want anythg mona said padimama I’m hungry plss give some food na??? pragya said ofc baby wat u want and went with her.abhi was all alone in his room with his hearphone he was upset as his all plan on this wonderful rain has ruined and went sleep..and made a frim decision tat he will nevr make any plans in his house and ll make a plan in his lonna wala house……——————

-sorry buddi es fa boring epi its just a random thought .

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  1. PrincessesMadhu

    Haha… I was so laughing when you said bulbul and mona were at his house..I was like haha Abhi ??? and also when she came and asked for food I was like ?? that’s funny…

    Anyway I liked the story..want to see more…all the best Junno ???

  2. super yaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Im his chashmish

    Please continue but dont stop ur ff in between ?

  4. Really nice. Pls give regular update

  5. Vaishali

    awesome no words yaar superb abhi his worries his words too good loved it a lot eagerly waiting to know the upcomng turns in this story u can wait fr this girls comment as i will never miss it good gng keep rocking

  6. Asmithaa


  7. Nice real kkb also abhigya doesn’t have personal space someone always disturbing them…in your story also..nice..continue

  8. Super cute and funny

  9. Prathi

    Nice and cute episode keep.writing dear

  10. Wow amazing… Funny….

  11. Monesha


  12. Superb dear…carry on waiting for part 2…

  13. Shriti

    Awesome dear last line was super
    I will never make my plan in house i willbmake lonavla house funny???????

  14. Trisha

    Hi Junno! Super start…loved it???…plz continue….

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