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It was a cold, lonely and stormy night. Thunder clasped in the far away skies. A girl in a red saree is seen walking down the deserted road. Her unbrushed, tangled hairs managed to fly as the winds gushed through them.

The trees on the sides of the road bent to meet each other. The leaves rustled in the wind, filtering the rainwater that fall through them. She floundered through the road. It was evident that her world had crashed down upon her probably some time ago. She looked towards the sky, that peeped through the leaves, as though the leaves were some natural net. She laughed hysterically and then began to weep. Her hands clutched onto an old, mud-blood stained shirt. She hugged the shirt and then began to dance with it. Thunder clasped again. This time it was louder and angrier. The girl notices fire among the trees. She gets frightened and begins to run. The bright headlights of a car from the opposite direction, literally blinds her for a few minutes as she covers her face with her forearms and hands. The car screeches to a stop. A man walks out of the car as the rainfall mercilessly upon the two who just stared at each other. (faces unclear due to bright light) The man steps more closer to her and holds an umbrella upon them both. The rain soothed her heart and washed her pain and sorrow. She falls into his chest and hugged him tight, as he stumbled backwards with the force of her fall. He was taken aback for a moment, but then he reciprocates. Even in the rain, he could hear her sniff. ‘Is she crying??’ he wondered. He pulled himself out and looked at her clumsy, tired face. He rubs his hands upon her cheeks and puts his coat upon her shoulders. The girl keeps staring at him. All that banged in her ears and flashed through her mind’s was that moment.. A moment she wanted to erase from her memory. A moment she never wished had happened.

(flashback: (negative film..) A Girl walking with a bouquet of flowers towards a table. Her eyes happy with love. She was ready to spell the magic of love to him. She taps upon his shoulders as he turns to face her. Her heart skipped a beat seeing him. She puts the bouquet forward but he… he just throws the bouquet on the floor and burns a matchstick, throwing it on the flowers of love. Tears trickled down her cheeks. She shouts..and cries as he leaves. But just then the boy gets hit by a car. The girl rushes him to the hospital. Weeks pass by but she continues to take care of hum until he gets stable. The boy keeps ignoring her even after all the care she took of him. Disheartened, she throws all the glass utensils from the table and shouts on him:

“I wish… I wish I could ignore you… like how you ignore me.. Sanskaar.. But I just can’t..”

The girl whispers ‘Sanskaar’. The boy was still staring into her. Thunder clasped again as she breaks her away from him. Tears rolled out of her eyes incessantly. The man looks on as she walked slowly down the road. He sighs and gets back into the car, wondering why he was so moved by her? Her. Someone he NEVER knew. He drives slowly watching her disappear in his wing mirror. Suddenly and abruptly he stops his car to rush out towards her. He pulls her into a hug while she tried to resist. He does not give in, rather he drags her with him towards his car and makes her sit inside. He keeps stealing glances from her while driving. He stops outside a cottage and brings her into a big spacious hall. He places a chair at the centre and gets a candle placed behind her. Then he patiently untangles her hairs and combs them beautifully. He pours warm water upon her, which he apparently brought from the kitchen. He washes her hairs with Shampoo and cleans them. The girl keeps staring at him and watches carefully how he did everything. Her lips curl into a smile. He pulls open a saree and divides the hall. Then,placing a beautiful yellow saree, he moves on the other side of the hall. He places the candle on her side.

“Please change your clothes!” he says.

He sits away, covering his face with his hands. He notices her shadow and how innocently she changed into the clothes he brought her. He sees her drape herself and stand quietly. He brings in a mirror and walks into her side. He slowly and carefully places the candle in front of the mirror. He holds her hands and walks her in front of the mirror. He notices THEM in a FRAME.(Swara and Sanskaar, faces revealed) A smile crept over their faces. He was lost in her beauty. Unable to resist himself he kisses her passionately. The girl moves away, but he pulls her pallu. Her heart begins to beat faster. He pours them a drink. She refuses but he drinks. She watches him get inebriated. He steps closer to her, smoking cigar on her face, she remembers how her man used to do the same. But she shakes the thoughts out of her head. She tries to walk away, but he pulls her towards the bed, kissing her deeply and almost getting intimate with her. The girl was flustered by his sudden behaviour. She pushes him hard, slaps him twice and runs away. The slaps bring him to his senses. He thinks of his mother, who told him NEVER to disrespect any woman. He sits ashamed of his action and decides to marry her. He rushes outside to look for her but in vain.


Sanskaar Ram Prasad Maheshwari, is now a high profile, international business tycoon. He has inaugurated, and himself own, several centers for orphans, elderly and destitute women and or single homeless women. He wanted to find “HER.”. He was busy in his coffee cup and laptop when,

“Sir! Your mother is here! Should I send her in??”


His mother walks in and shuts his laptop, revealing a smart, young, well dressed gentle man with neat stubbles. His masculine and perfect physique were an attribute anyone would get crazy about. His mother smiled at him.

“Beta, I want a promise from you..–”

“Maa!! Your every command is my duty to fulfill… you don’t have to ask me for a promise.. Just tell me.. I will fulfill it.. Even if it costs my life…”

His mother puts her hands upon his lips and shakes her head. She then hands him an envelope.

“I have kept all details about her, I would be happy if she becomes my daughter in law!”

He looks on and thinks about HER. But then again he notices his mother.

“Will this really make you happy??(his mother nods) then prepare for my marriage..” he smiles broadly and hugs her tight.

Weeks later,a car with a heart shaped cutout where “Sanskaar weds Nikita” was written, drives swiftly through the roads. A girl is seen walking by the sides of the road, in that same red unclean saree and untangled hairs. This time she was carrying a basket upon her head. Sanskaar notices her in his wing mirror. He puts the car windows down and looks outside.

“Hey!! Wait up.. Excuse me..”

The girl notices him. Her hairs flowed in the wind. The wind gets heavier as he gets out of his car and walks up towards her. He touches her feet. The girl moves back but he forwards his hands and says,

“Please forgive me.. Ms.–”

“SWARA!” the girl replied as the words echoed in a soundless medium. He looks on at her and gets her into an auto. He instructs the driver to drop her up in an orphanage and then leaves in his car.


Swara is now much better than what she was. Her treatment was almost getting over with when she notices Sanskaar. She wanted to go and hug him tight but just then she notices him with another lady. She gets heartbroken and dejected for the second time. She cries and scribbles into her diary. As she was about to leave the orphanage, she eavesdrops two people saying about their plans to kill Sanskaar through poison. A shocked Swara rushes in the nick of time to save Sanskaar. She pulls the glass of juice from him and drinks it of in a go, without thinking of the consequences. He looks on shocked and surprised by her behaviour, while she turns and runs away, losing her breaths shortly after. He follows up behind her to see her vomit blood profusely, blood oozed out of her nose and she begins to feel dizzy. Sanskaar rushes to hold her and then carries her to the hospital. She softly kisses him in her subconscious state.

“Sanskaar ji… Love is a sweet poison.. Never fall in love.. I wish I would have been able to ignore this feeling… and .. And… and… I… love………..”

She passes out whispering these into his ears. He looks on shocked. His entire world pauses for a while, and he puts her upon his chest, hugging and kissing and crying upon her lifeless body. An angry Sanskaar calls up the police and sets up an enquiry about who tried to poison him.

He walks into her room and notices her diary. He begins to read a few lines,

“ Sanskaar, I stan you… I really do.. And now I really wish.. I could ignore you.. Like How you ignore me.. But I just can’t… tell me.. Did you like me for even a second when I took care of you during your bed rest order by hospital?? Did you… forget all this Sanskaar, truth is I really love you… I want you.. I have been harbouring this feelings since our first meet as a student.. We worked together..you trusted me.. Then why you never believed me??

Sanskaar… I can die a thousand deaths for your happiness.. All that matters to me is YOU..IT HAS BEEN.. AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE.. —-”

All these words makes him realise, she was that girl.. That stan of his.. Swara. He cries bitterly thinking of her. He rushes back to the hospital room where she laid lifeless. He adorns her with sindoor and mangalsutra and declares themselves as husband and wife.

He walks outside carrying her lifeless body when a truck hits him. He somersaults to his death.

The ghosts of both Swara and Sanskaar is seen, hugging each other. Sanskaar marries her in a temple and kisses her.

“I was a fool to not realise your love—”

“I told you sweetheart, love is a–”

“Sweet poison.. And I would drink it every time if it would bring us together.. And yes.. I read all your wishes.. I also wish the same from genie..”


“Hmm.. ‘oh genie! My Wish 1 is, to have the energy to love Sanskaar all day and all night. Wish 2.. Before Sanskaar faces any torment, I must face it first..
Wish 3.. Grant him a long happy successful and healthy life… And etc etc.. Every wishes for me.. From genie.. Without thinking about yourself..”

He replies and kisses her and apologises for his ignorant behaviour.Swara closes her eyes shyly. He shuts the door and disappears into his room bereft of him.

***THE END***

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