“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 9


Hey guys .. it’s alia here …thank’s for the comments ….

Thanks for the wishes ….u all have made my day

As today is my birthday ….I wanted to give u all a big twist but then thought so many twists will be very big headache …

As already my sister uma got headcase as example …

So here is a simple on going track ,

Flashback ,

The next day ,

Sanskar was sitting on the bench and was solving some sums … (he is in 12th)

Swara who passes by sees this ….she smiles and goes to him with a maths book in her hand

Swara (smiling) : hi Sanskar

Sanskar (avoiding eye contact) : hey

Swara didn’t like his gesture

Swara (smiling) : hmm…will u help me to solve this sum

Sanskar (looking into his book) : ya sure ..give me

Swara gives him and sits next to him …

Sanskar : so look here ..

He starts to explain but Swara was engrossed in Sanskar …she was staring him lovingly …

Sanskar who notices this

Sanskar (rude) : Swara if u want to stare me ..u can leave …I have lots of work .

Swara gets startled …

Swara (innocently) : sorry …sorry …

Sanskar smiles and again teaches …Swara listens properly

Swara (happy) : omg …u teach so well …

Sanskar : it’s OK

Swara (pleads) ; plz plz …will u take everyday class for me ..only 1 hour

Sanskar : but

Swara (cuts) : thanks for agreeing …
Saying this she kisses his cheeks in excitement and leaves …

Sanskar was shocked …Swara stops and turns to him

Swara (bites her tongue) : sorry ….

Saying this she runs …Sanskar touches his cheeks and smiles …

Sanskar : pagal !!!!

Arav comes inside

Arav (confused) : what is that devil doing here

Sanskar : shut up ..she was asking help

Arav : plz careful OK …it maybe a prank

Sanskar signs

Arav : anyways here …your secret admirer letter

Sanskar happily takes it and reads .

“I am hot like an sun
Burning in jealous
Strawberry (lips) touched the moon (his cheeks
Which was mine ….
Save it for me love ”

Your jealousy secret admirer

Sanskar laughs ..while Arav too

Arav : did u see any girl around ..

Sanskar : I didn’t notice …

Arav : yaar …it’s been 2 years …still u didn’t see your admirer ..one day u write that u are willing to see her OK !

Sanskar nods

So this was repeatedly going on ..Swara used tocome and he used to teach …the letters were also coming to him …

Now sanskar has a good feeling for swara or rather …he developed feeling for her …which he couldn’t name

One fine day ,

Swara calls sanskar threw landline

Sanskar : hello who is this ?

Swara (hurry) : hi sanskar…it’s me swara

Sanskar (happy) ; haan swara say Me

Swara (hurry) : vo…actually I am going to kolkata to my di…urgent work

Sanskar saddens…he don’t know y

Swara (confused) : are u on line ?

Sanskar (sad) : ya ya …

Swara : so I won’t be coming for classes OK …bye

Saying this she cuts the Call .

For the very first time sanskar felt alone ….he felt someone had snatched the floor away

Arav ; sanskar u love her …that’s y u couldn’t be happy …without her

Sanskar was lost in thoughts …

Arav : come on yaar …accept the truth man …u are in love …

Sanskar : really …

Arav : ufff ..ya dude …don’t waste time say to her …because she is hot and beautiful anyone can make her his ….

Sanskar gets angry …he takes the juice and throws at hie face ND leaves

Arav : this is what we get when we advice someone …

Guys never be a friend of the one who doesn’t agree he is in love …

(He he)

It’s been a week ….he misses her like hell …
Now he realised he is in love .

Sanskar ; omg …I love her ….I love her ….

He jumps in excitement …

Soon the day arrive …Swara comes back to school ….she was fresh and more beautiful .

Swara eyes were roaming trying to figure sanskar …even she missed him badly ….

But to her disappointment he wasn’t there ….

Swara goes to sanskar’s classroom and asks his friend

Swara : arav bhaiya….did u see sanskar ..

Arav (acts) : sanskar …who is sanskar …

Swara (angry) : your friend sanskar ..

Arav (smiles) : oh that sanskar …

Swara : now say me where he is .

Arav : I am sorry to say but he is busy romancing with a girl in the back gate ..

Swara was shocked ….tears start to flow from her eyes …..Arav was shocked …

Swara runs from there ….but somewhere she doesn’t trust him ….

She goes to the back gate ….she finds sanskar and another girl ….talking holding hands and sitting close to each other all laughing ….

Swara felt really bad ….she just ran from there ..

Her day was totally spoiled ….everything was so dull for her

Kavya : are u alright swara …what happened dear

Swara ; hmm nothing …headache

Later that period it was gardening time ..swara was simply sitting staring the plants …sanskar comes from behind and tap’s her shoulder

Swara turns back and was happy seeing sanskar …but then saddens remembering him with another girl …

Swara turns back …sanskar sits beside her ..

Sanskar ; hey swara ..how are u when did u cme back

Swara (sad) : hmm…vo just today I came back ..how are u and (angry) your new gf

Sanskar (smiles) : huh ..we both are fine ..in fact I wanted to inform it to u ….

Swara (sad smile) ; oh good …

Sanskar ; so when does our classes start

Swara. (Sad) : classes hmm..later …u ..not now but …

Sanskar ; oh OK ..take your time ….you know na only three more days are there for me to finish school …then I will leave to collage…

This saddens swara more and more …

Swara (controlling tears) : hmm ya …u are very happy na …school life over

Sanskar (smiling) : ya after that collage …it will be cool I guess

Swara gives a sad smile ….

The bell rings

Swara : OK bye time for class …

Saying this she leaves ….but her bracelet gets strucken with sanskar’s watch …

Both looks into each other …swara was trying to remove it …sanskar was staring her lovingly .

Swara start’s to cry while removing it …sanskar was shocked…..he felt really bad seeing her like this …

Swara removes it quickly ND leaves …

Sanskar : I am sorry swara …but I need to know whether u love me or not …..that’s y !

Swara goes to her hostel room and cries hugging her pillow ….

Swara : why God why ….I couldn’t get the person I love …… (then wipes her tears)

Swara to herself : swara don’t fall so easily …u r not mean for it ….

But then she weakens again and cries all night while Kavya and kavitha consoles her …

The next day ,

Swara comes to school with determined face ..sanskar and that girl were yet again sitting and talking …

Swara didn’t pay a heed …she passe’s them and leaves …

Sanskar opens his mouth wide …..arav laughs seeing him ….

Swara turns and smiles at him ….sanskar smiles back …

Swara jumps and touches the tree it falls on her

Swara (smiling) ; no one can stop swara from doing it …….

Hope u all like it …comment if u like or else no problem …

Thanks for reading .

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  1. Amazing…..But it is swasan or swalak ff? ?????

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks dear …it’s swalak

  2. Simin

    This girl is soooo amazing

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      Which girl ? He he …by the way thanks huh

  3. wish u very happy birthday dr.superb chappy.

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  4. Mishaseher

    It was awesome dued dued. Like seriously,your ff is like light in darkness. Accually I was a bit sad but reading your ff name only I forgot everything
    Love it

    1. Shanthi

      Oh oh …my favorite silent reader commenting huh…not bad …he he you are saying very big words ..dear …it’s my pleasure to make u forgot the sadness

  5. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    Superb..once again happy birthday dear….advance happy new year

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      Thanks dipti dear …advance happy new year to u too …

  6. Happy birthday… Amazing update.

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      Thanks for the wishes dear …I am glad u liked today’s chapter

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    awsm part dear 😉 😉
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  10. Superb awesome

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  11. Pls clear all characters soon. i m getting confused with each episode and I dont like rapist sanky. pls change his character. And cant u chng this ff to swasan???

    1. Shanthi

      Hmm sure I will clear the doubt’s and all ..don’t worry sanskar will change his character …soon .

      Hmm dear it’s swalak…sorry to disappointment

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to U ??Happy Birthday to U?? Happy Birthday ?????????????DEAR ALIA HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U ???????????. May god bless u with all happiness , joy , success , health & have bright future. May god full fill all ur wishes. Have a nice day . keep smiling always.?? Tum Jio Hazaro Saal & Saal Ke Din Ho 1000000 Happy B’day Once Again ????.

    & comes to chappy its fantastic superb…….bye ………take care??

    1. Shanthi

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      hazaro saal uffff !!!!! Don’t worry for company u will also stay with me forever

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    2. Yes I would like to joine ur company. Love u too. Welcome & I am very happy that I made ur day??

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    And superb story, I love it and thanks for SwaLak❤❤❤

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  15. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Diiii.. My headache bcz of cold,not bcz of…. Huhu,pupu*crying tone.. Anyway, chappy is mind blowing.. Loved it..Aww,naughty swasan??.. Ek se barkar ek??..keep it up..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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