“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 8


Hey guys ..it’s alia here again …shocked to see me early ..na …he he there is a reason

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Here is the story

Ragini was total shocked …

Sanskar (sad smile) : no need to be shocked Ragini …in fact your sister knows this …

Ragini (shocked) : what do u mean

Sanskar goes towards her

Sanskar (smiling) : do u really want to know our love story ….

Ragini was shocked hearing the word love story

Ragini nods …Sanskar pats her cheeks .

Sanskar (smirks) : not so soon ..

Ragini gets angry

Sanskar (smirks) : until u make friendship with me

Ragini (attitude) : friendship with u …never

Sanskar turns : then no love story ..

Ragini slaps her forehead and turns him towards her …

Ragini (attitude) : OK OK …friends now say na

Sanskar smiles .


At classroom

Laksh starts to open all his buttons …swara catches his hand

Swara (angry) : what the hell

Laksh (smiling) : this is what u imagined right !

Swara (angry) : oh hello …don’t think too much

Laksh keeps one hand on the door and goes closer to her

Laksh (smirks) : oh really

Swara was lost in his eyes ….but when Laksh kisses her cheeks …swara comes to senses and pushes him

Swara : u idiot

Laksh (winks) : make yourself adjusted to this ..because it will be useful in future .

Swara (laughs) : in your dreams .Mr

Laksh pulls her waist and tightens his grip

Laksh : I will make my dream come true (he smiles)

Swara was breathing heavily ….Laksh kisses her forehead

Laksh (teases) : you know what ..I think we should take a trial first night ..before marriage ..and the better time is now

Swara was shocked and scared ….she moves backward …

Laksh comes forward saying

Laksh (teases) : no one is there only u and me , the night is chill …you are looking s*xy in this outfit ….I can’t wait .

Swara widens her eyes ….

Swara (angrily) : shameless creature

Laksh (teases) : what’s shame in it …I am saying this to my would be wife only na …

Swara saddens and turns …Laksh was confused

Swara (sad & tears) : that’s not going to happen laksh …I don’t want u to spoil ur life

Laksh goes to her and turns her to him

Laksh : what do u mean ? (Confused) why will I spoil my life marrying u

Swara (cries and shouts) : how can I be happy with u when I loved someone else and now he is again making me remember the nightmare …

Laksh was shocked ……his heart was broken into pieces …

Laksh : u love someone (tears)

Swara : I don’t love someone …once loved and that guilt is now back of me (breaksdown)

Laksh holds her and cups her face .

Laksh (normal tone) : who is that swara ..say me ?

Swara breaks down

Swara (cries) : sanskar….Sanskar maheshwari…your brother .

This was for laksh ….there couldn’t be any more shock for him ….

(Guys now both side’s ..that is swasan will say the flashack together to raglak respectively ok)

*****************the main flashback*************

When swara was 10th and sanskar was in 12th
(As I have already said …ragsan are two years elder to swalak)

At that time swara was in hostel…she was studying in Mumbai ….while ragini was in kolkata handling the business …

Whole maheshwari’s were in Mumbai only and laksh was in another school

The story ,

Sanskar was a good guy …he doesn’t even have a single girl friend …he was studious and very good natured

Swara was a total pataka….but very beautiful and bubbly …makes everyone friend easily

Kavya , rajat , sahil (yes he was her friend) and kavitha….they were a gang


Kavya : ufff yaar …this board exams na ..I am hell scared …

Sahil : ya ya these teachers na …scaring us like hell (tensed)

Swara was laughing seeing them ..

Kavitha : oh hello madam ji …we didn’t cracking any jokes ok …

Swara : ya ya I know ..

Rajat : she is free …her sister is a trusty here so all teachers are in favour of her

Swara makes faces

Swara : shut up …OK even I study and score marks .

Sahil ; ok ok let’s leave this topic and have a challenge

Kavitha : ufff again challenge …my turn over

Kavya & rajat ; even our turn over

Sahil : mine also over dear ….then it’s swara

Swara : vo ..I am not gonna do ….yay …it’s Kavya’s turn …she is cheating and my challenge already going na

Sahil : ya ya swara is in her challenge

Kavya smiles crookedly

Everyone : cheater ….

Kavya : ok ok …my turn ..

Sahil : nothing just go and kick on any boys back

All laughs …

Kavya ; not fair …

Rajat : scared huh …

Kavya ; nope not at all …..let me try

Swara : all the best ..

Kavya goes to the table next to their table

There our hero and his friend were sitting

Sanskar : array Arav …this sum is very easy ..let me teach u ..come

Arav was busy listening …suddenly Kavya came

Kavya : hey Arav

Arav (blushing) : hey Kavya (he likes her)

Kavya ; can u get up ..plz for me

Arav : sure … (sanskar was smiling seeing this )

Sanskar looks at the opposite table …Swara also looks at him …both share an eye lock .

Swara in mind : awww….how handsome he is ?

Kavya kicks his back and run’s from there….while canteen laughs …even sanskar .

Arav : ahhhh …

Sanskar (laughing) : this is why never trust girls .

Arav sits …

Arav : hey sanskar it’s 3 …let’s check your locker ..your secret admirer would have kept something in locker ..

Sanskar : I am not interested .

Arav : but I am interested …let’s go and check .

Sanskar : ufff …come .

They go to his locker and checks …they find the letter with red rose

Arav (teases) : not bad yesterday white rose today red rose …

Sanskar : shut up …

Sanskar takes it and reads …

” your laugh male me crazy for u ….
It makes me blush more harder…
I couldn’t help not being staring u…
My day starts from u and ends with u..
Just smile now , because I am seeing u”

Your secret admirer

Sanskar smiles …he looks here and there ..but finds no one

Sanskar in mind : u have already fallen with her ..but who is she

There swara was with Kavya

Kavya : how should be your life partner swara

Swara : my life partner should be terror …he should be a gangster …a arrogant person and heartless …

Kavya : seriously …you are the only girl who will dream a life partner like him …

Swara : shut up ..and one more thing …he should be obessed with me

Kavya (smiles) : and who is that obessive lover

Swara (blushes) : my obessive lover !

Hope u all like it ..for next two episodes …only flashback …

Hope I don’t disappoint anyone …if I plz say I will correct It

Comment if u like ..

Thanks for reading

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  1. Sherin

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  6. Don’t turn ragini as vamp

    1. Shanthi

      No no ..ragini won’t turn vamp

  7. Acc to swara ..she want a obsessed lover …ie laksh.
    But y did she love sanky….
    Plz don’t make ragini fall for sanky…we don’t want suhag…sindor story

    1. Shanthi

      Hmm there is more story and swara has lots of shade’s …nope ragini won’t fall that easily

    2. Mariya

      Ya I agree with u Sam & don’t want ragsan love story & all yaar .
      Only swasan & swalak @@
      & comes to chapter it is very awesome & thanks for swasan shades. & also for u update it very soon??.
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  9. Eva

    Alia/Dolly I’m a regular reader too/a silent reader..commenting to let u know that I’m a reader too? swara’s love for Sanskar and her wish for an obsessed lover…now who does she love?Sanskar’s part…
    I love Namiii and he is the obsessed lover? great!!plz continue!

    1. Shanthi

      Omg …Eva …oh god …you ..seriously ….I never knew the most professing writer was also my reader oops supporter …I am a very big fan of you ….I read all your swalak ff’s I am a great fan of u Eva ….it’s like an dream …

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      Thanks a lot …I glad you liked it

  12. Bt 1 que.. Whn swasan where together thn y they partway n nw swalak and y sanskar is happy to marry wid rags.. Pls dnt show swara negative..

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      Hmm I will clear in next few chapters ..but swara being negative …I don’t know maybe

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