“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 8

Hey guys ..it’s alia here again …shocked to see me early ..na …he he there is a reason

Thanks for the comments ..it means a lot

As today one of my silent reader broke her silence …I wanted to dedicate this to her

She is mishaseher….hope u all like it

Here is the story

Ragini was total shocked …

Sanskar (sad smile) : no need to be shocked Ragini …in fact your sister knows this …

Ragini (shocked) : what do u mean

Sanskar goes towards her

Sanskar (smiling) : do u really want to know our love story ….

Ragini was shocked hearing the word love story

Ragini nods …Sanskar pats her cheeks .

Sanskar (smirks) : not so soon ..

Ragini gets angry

Sanskar (smirks) : until u make friendship with me

Ragini (attitude) : friendship with u …never

Sanskar turns : then no love story ..

Ragini slaps her forehead and turns him towards her …

Ragini (attitude) : OK OK …friends now say na

Sanskar smiles .


At classroom

Laksh starts to open all his buttons …swara catches his hand

Swara (angry) : what the hell

Laksh (smiling) : this is what u imagined right !

Swara (angry) : oh hello …don’t think too much

Laksh keeps one hand on the door and goes closer to her

Laksh (smirks) : oh really

Swara was lost in his eyes ….but when Laksh kisses her cheeks …swara comes to senses and pushes him

Swara : u idiot

Laksh (winks) : make yourself adjusted to this ..because it will be useful in future .

Swara (laughs) : in your dreams .Mr

Laksh pulls her waist and tightens his grip

Laksh : I will make my dream come true (he smiles)

Swara was breathing heavily ….Laksh kisses her forehead

Laksh (teases) : you know what ..I think we should take a trial first night ..before marriage ..and the better time is now

Swara was shocked and scared ….she moves backward …

Laksh comes forward saying

Laksh (teases) : no one is there only u and me , the night is chill …you are looking s*xy in this outfit ….I can’t wait .

Swara widens her eyes ….

Swara (angrily) : shameless creature

Laksh (teases) : what’s shame in it …I am saying this to my would be wife only na …

Swara saddens and turns …Laksh was confused

Swara (sad & tears) : that’s not going to happen laksh …I don’t want u to spoil ur life

Laksh goes to her and turns her to him

Laksh : what do u mean ? (Confused) why will I spoil my life marrying u

Swara (cries and shouts) : how can I be happy with u when I loved someone else and now he is again making me remember the nightmare …

Laksh was shocked ……his heart was broken into pieces …

Laksh : u love someone (tears)

Swara : I don’t love someone …once loved and that guilt is now back of me (breaksdown)

Laksh holds her and cups her face .

Laksh (normal tone) : who is that swara ..say me ?

Swara breaks down

Swara (cries) : sanskar….Sanskar maheshwari…your brother .

This was for laksh ….there couldn’t be any more shock for him ….

(Guys now both side’s ..that is swasan will say the flashack together to raglak respectively ok)

*****************the main flashback*************

When swara was 10th and sanskar was in 12th
(As I have already said …ragsan are two years elder to swalak)

At that time swara was in hostel…she was studying in Mumbai ….while ragini was in kolkata handling the business …

Whole maheshwari’s were in Mumbai only and laksh was in another school

The story ,

Sanskar was a good guy …he doesn’t even have a single girl friend …he was studious and very good natured

Swara was a total pataka….but very beautiful and bubbly …makes everyone friend easily

Kavya , rajat , sahil (yes he was her friend) and kavitha….they were a gang


Kavya : ufff yaar …this board exams na ..I am hell scared …

Sahil : ya ya these teachers na …scaring us like hell (tensed)

Swara was laughing seeing them ..

Kavitha : oh hello madam ji …we didn’t cracking any jokes ok …

Swara : ya ya I know ..

Rajat : she is free …her sister is a trusty here so all teachers are in favour of her

Swara makes faces

Swara : shut up …OK even I study and score marks .

Sahil ; ok ok let’s leave this topic and have a challenge

Kavitha : ufff again challenge …my turn over

Kavya & rajat ; even our turn over

Sahil : mine also over dear ….then it’s swara

Swara : vo ..I am not gonna do ….yay …it’s Kavya’s turn …she is cheating and my challenge already going na

Sahil : ya ya swara is in her challenge

Kavya smiles crookedly

Everyone : cheater ….

Kavya : ok ok …my turn ..

Sahil : nothing just go and kick on any boys back

All laughs …

Kavya ; not fair …

Rajat : scared huh …

Kavya ; nope not at all …..let me try

Swara : all the best ..

Kavya goes to the table next to their table

There our hero and his friend were sitting

Sanskar : array Arav …this sum is very easy ..let me teach u ..come

Arav was busy listening …suddenly Kavya came

Kavya : hey Arav

Arav (blushing) : hey Kavya (he likes her)

Kavya ; can u get up ..plz for me

Arav : sure … (sanskar was smiling seeing this )

Sanskar looks at the opposite table …Swara also looks at him …both share an eye lock .

Swara in mind : awww….how handsome he is ?

Kavya kicks his back and run’s from there….while canteen laughs …even sanskar .

Arav : ahhhh …

Sanskar (laughing) : this is why never trust girls .

Arav sits …

Arav : hey sanskar it’s 3 …let’s check your locker ..your secret admirer would have kept something in locker ..

Sanskar : I am not interested .

Arav : but I am interested …let’s go and check .

Sanskar : ufff …come .

They go to his locker and checks …they find the letter with red rose

Arav (teases) : not bad yesterday white rose today red rose …

Sanskar : shut up …

Sanskar takes it and reads …

” your laugh male me crazy for u ….
It makes me blush more harder…
I couldn’t help not being staring u…
My day starts from u and ends with u..
Just smile now , because I am seeing u”

Your secret admirer

Sanskar smiles …he looks here and there ..but finds no one

Sanskar in mind : u have already fallen with her ..but who is she

There swara was with Kavya

Kavya : how should be your life partner swara

Swara : my life partner should be terror …he should be a gangster …a arrogant person and heartless …

Kavya : seriously …you are the only girl who will dream a life partner like him …

Swara : shut up ..and one more thing …he should be obessed with me

Kavya (smiles) : and who is that obessive lover

Swara (blushes) : my obessive lover !

Hope u all like it ..for next two episodes …only flashback …

Hope I don’t disappoint anyone …if I plz say I will correct It

Comment if u like ..

Thanks for reading

No , my love meri jaan today , sorry


  1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Marvelous dear di.. Loved it.. Sorry I can’t comment a little long one bcz I am not well*headache..Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

    • Shanthi



      Thanks dear ..headache take care don’t use phones and stare the screen it hurts and causes u more pain ….

      Take medicines don’t stress ..comments are not a matter …

      U take rest OK

  2. Sam

    Acc to swara ..she want a obsessed lover …ie laksh.
    But y did she love sanky….
    Plz don’t make ragini fall for sanky…we don’t want suhag…sindor story

    • Mariya


      |Registered Member

      Ya I agree with u Sam & don’t want ragsan love story & all yaar .
      Only swasan & swalak @@
      & comes to chapter it is very awesome & thanks for swasan shades. & also for u update it very soon👌😘.
      Bye tc . hope u will post next chappy tomorrow ….hehe

  3. Eva


    |Registered Member

    Alia/Dolly I’m a regular reader too/a silent reader..commenting to let u know that I’m a reader too😁 swara’s love for Sanskar and her wish for an obsessed lover…now who does she love?Sanskar’s part…
    I love Namiii and he is the obsessed lover😘 great!!plz continue!

    • Shanthi



      Omg …Eva …oh god …you ..seriously ….I never knew the most professing writer was also my reader oops supporter …I am a very big fan of you ….I read all your swalak ff’s I am a great fan of u Eva ….it’s like an dream …

      Thanks for the support and encouragement 😍

      • Eva


        |Registered Member

        Awww…thanks sweetheart!!
        Professing?😌 and it’s a dream?
        I liked your ff and u deserve the appreciation dear😊😊 take care 😊

  4. Kittu

    Bt 1 que.. Whn swasan where together thn y they partway n nw swalak and y sanskar is happy to marry wid rags.. Pls dnt show swara negative..

  5. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear….what a twist yar….ur twist princess dear…..waiting for nxt one…tkcr twist princess….

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