“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 7

Hey guys ..it’s alia back again …thanks for the comments …

Anyways here is the story ,

Swara moves from his tight grip and goes …

Laksh was looking at her smiling

Laksh in mind : Swara don’t worry …I will make you mine with all your acceptance …I am not that evil too

Saying this he wears coolers and leaves behind her …

At class time .

Swara was sitting in a bench and thinking about her life taking turns …

Kavitha and nikhil joins her …

Swara (sad) : I am so sorry for behaving rude with u both …sorry …

Kavitha side hugs her

Kavitha : it’s OK dear…..we r friends …

Nikhil : ya Swara …by the way y are u angry with Laksh

Swara changes her mood to anger

Swara (angry) : not yaar ….

Kavitha and nikhil understands ….at that time laksh enters …he signs kavitha and nikhil …they gets up and goes to the bench opposite to swara …

Laksh smiles and sits beside swara ….Swara eyes him angrily

Swara (angry) : why can’t u let me live in peace

Laksh (smile) : but I am in heaven na ….I can’t afford to waste

Swara rolls her eyes and looks at the black board .

Laksh was staring her lovingly …

Laksh (smile) : swara you know ..u are so beautiful ….your eyes ….your nose ….your ears…your eyebrow’s and

Swara looks at him

Laksh (lustful) : and your lips…….

Swara (angry) : plz shut up ….na laksh ….whatever u try to impress ..I am not gonna fall in your trap

Laksh (smiling) : I knows …that’s I why fell in love with your attitude and anger ….

Swara looks other side .

Soon the class gets over

There at maheshwari mansion

Ragini (angrily) : you destroyed my life na …now see …even I will destroy your life …

Saying this she turns and finds sanskar…she was shocked and sweats

Sanskar (smirks) : oh oh …dear planing to make my life he’ll na ….

Ragini looks at him

Sanskar (smirks) : but for your kind information..I am already staying in he’ll

Ragini (attitude) : don’t joke …tell me what u don’t have ….u have everything ….parents , friends , brother , sl*ts etc etc ….

Sanskar turns towards the balcony

Sanskar (normal) : from ur place what ever u are saying this correct …..not only u any other person will say like this ..but

He turns towards ragini and holds her hand

Sanskar (sad) : I don’t have love …I don’t have anyone to care ….I don’t have anyone to teach values …..

A tear escapes from his eye’s ….Ragini was shocked seeing his actions

Ragini withdraws her hand ..

Sanskar (smiling) : see …now also …I don’t have a caring wife …a loving wife …

Ragini looks at him sympathetic but then gets angry

Ragini (angry) : don’t lie….you are the one whom everyone hates ..you are threat to all girls ..then how will u get love and all

Sanskar (shouts) : do u think ..I was like this before …do u think ….no !!!! …I was not until she stepped …..she changed me ….she left me ….I hate her and that’s y I wanted to revenge but

He stops ……..

There at collage

Everyone went

Swara was going out of the classroom door …but laksh pulled her through her wrist

Swara (struggles) : laksh leave me

Laksh (tightens) : OK then talk with me normally ..then I will leave u ….

Swara (attitude) ; no I won’t ….

Laksh (tightens) : then forget going home ….

Swara looks at him angrily …she bites his hand

Laksh leaves her while hissing in pain

Laksh : ufff …u have a cat’s teeth shona

Swara smiles and leaves ….

Laksh laughs then ….

Swara stops and looks back …

Swara (angrily) : why the he’ll are u laughing ..

Laksh signals her to look back ….

Swara turns and finds the door closed …she goes towards the door and tries to open it ..but It doesn’t open ….

Swara (scared) : omg …they locked the door’s…God dammit. ..

Saying this she turns but startled seeing laksh closet to her …

Swara (attitude) : don’t take advantage …

Laksh smiles ..

Laksh (teases) ; don’t have this silly thoughts shona ..I was going to open the door

Saying this he keeps his hand on hand lock which was in the top of the door ….

Swara slaps her forehead , and bites her lower lip …laksh smiles ….

Laksh (lustful) ; I was in a good boy mood but u itself remembered me ..

Saying this he opens first three buttons of his shirt ..

Swara was shocked …she closes her eyes

Swara (closed eyes) : what the he’ll

Laksh (smiles) : which u were thinking …….

Maheshwari mansion

Ragini (curious) ; which girl ?

Sanskar (tears) : your sister !!!!!!!! Swara

Ragini was shocked …..very very shocked ….

Hope u all like it ….comment if u like or else OK

Thanks for reading

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  1. Superb but confused waiting for next chapter

  2. Pooja26

    what!!!!!!!! swara ????????
    omg !!!!!!
    post asap…..

  3. NYC

  4. Swasan has past wow reveal it soon feeling pity of shanky but hope ragini heal his wound surely

  5. AmaZing

  6. Shubhangi

    Sorry for not being able to comment on last episode. Threatener? Yes may be kind of chaku wali pagal ladki ? Hehehe hmmm what to say u guys left me hanging in suspense swinging between past and present ? confusion ki hight hai hats off guys but I guess swara is not a complete positive character then again Sanskar wants to save her soooo now totally confused because when 3 devish minds come together anything can happen ? jai mate tri ratnas bye bye waiting for your next post

  7. Inu


  8. loved swalak .plzzz don’t make swara as villain in sanskar’s life.i love swara a lot so i can’t read swara being negative .post next one soon.

  9. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Aww,swalak moments????*blushing…loved it.. Haha,swara ke dimag mein bhi dirty thoughts kel teh rehte hain??..Haww??swara ne sanky ke saath kya kiya*confused..keep going guys.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  10. Mariya

    What swara has done in sanky’s life ??????? New shock haha superb dear. Bechara sanky but really I want to see some swasan shades in story it’s really marvelous. Bye tc. & plzz post asap curious to know about swasan part.

  11. Sherin

    awesome…..really confused and shocking with this new twist

  12. Plz bring swasan together… Remove ragine.

  13. Mahjabeen

    Loved it dear

  14. Asra

    superbbb dear….

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