“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 6


Hey guys …it’s me alia back again …thank’s for the beautiful and supporting comments …

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So guys u all have found who is the obessive lover I guess !

So here is the story

Ragini was all crying

Ragini : it’s all because of me swara u are in this state …. (crying)

There at the store room …

Sanskar was lying unconsciously …while laksh was looking at swara’s photo in his phone …

Laksh (smirking) : u know swara …how much I love u …you are my life….

I couldn’t stay without u …that’s y I fitted camera’s in your house so that I can see u every minute ….every second .

But this idiot rascal (sanskar) took advantage of it …

(Saying this he kicks sanskar …)

He was about to marriage with u …how couldn’t I let …that’s y I messaged your di and she fell in his trap ..I don’t care who ever the girl …but u …I love care for u swara ….

Don’t worry swara ….he won’t be able to tell u the truth about me ….plz the injection will make him lose his memory

Now u r in this situation ….don’t worry u can’t leave me ..so soon …..I know u will come up ..

It’s not safe for you to stay single ….I will marry u asap (he smiles)

Laksh leaves outside …sanskar gets up …he wasn’t unconscious but was listening to his brother’s speech

Sanskar : when did he turn so evil…..need to save her from him …. (signs)

There at swara’s ward ..

Doctor did dressing on her wrist …swara was sitting and looking angrily ….

Ragini (cries) : I am sorry swara …I didn’t do it intentionally …

Swara (angrily) : but when he asked u about ur will …u said yes to him right …

Ragini couldn’t reply

Swara (angrily) : u know what di…for u I was even ready to lose my dignity but u …

Ragini was shocked and confused

Ragini : what do u mean …

Swara tells her how sanskar blackmailed her

Ragini keeps her hand on her mouth ..

Swara (angrily) : it’s OK ..I don’t need u ..go be with him happily …go …

Ragini cries ..but swara doesn’t pay a heed …swara goes out

While she came out sanskar was standing there

She goes to him

Swara (angrily) : now happy na …u took my sister , my lover sorry sorry your brother …thank u for making me and orphan …

Ragini comes out and cries listening to her words

Swara : now enjoy with your wife ……u made my life hell na …

Saying this she pushes ragini to him …with with ragsan lose balance and fall down …ragini top of sanskar …both have a eye lock …but ragini gets up …

Swara (angrily) : stay with him only di …..don’t come to our mansion ….

Saying this she goes outside the hospital …laksh comes and looks at sanskar

Laksh (acts as scared) : bhai ..where is swara ..how is she ?

Sanskar was shocked and confused seeing his behaviour change

Sanskar (acts) : she went outside ….

Laksh goes outside ….sanskar was looking at him and then at ragini …

Ragini was crying …..he felt his heart aching and burning …

Sanskar : for this sister u made you spoiled your life huh ….she just threw ur relation and went ..
Maniac (angrily)

Ragini (angrily) : shut up ..OK ..she is my sister and she has the right to scold or do me anything …u don’t need to interfere .

Sanskar looks at her care for her sister …he feels bad …..

At the swaragini mansion

Swara opens the door and goes in ….she was about to close the door but laksh comes in and locks it …

Swara (angrily) : what the he’ll ….open the door

Laksh doesn’t reply …he comes forwards …and swara moves backwards ….

Swara (tears) : u cheated me na ….

Laksh stops …and looks at her eyes …..his heart pierced

Swara (tears) : u killed my love na …..u never was open with me …while I shared everything with u ….

Laksh looks at her and then

Laksh : will u be my lover when u say I am the brother of a rapist ? (Straight)

Swara looks at him ….and then turns her face ..

Swara (avoiding eye contact) : once a broken trust is always broken ….now u may leave

Laksh holds her waist

Laksh : I won’t swara ….because I love u …u are mine

Swara looks at him ….she tries to free herself from his grip

Laksh : how can u break relation with me . When u love me

Swara : no I don’t love you ….u saw na when I could break my relation my di …who was my mother , my father …from the birth mine …why can’t I break the relation of us from past 3days

Laksh tightens the grip …swara feels pain

Laksh : swara look into my eyes …

Swara doesn’t look ….

Laksh (shouts) : look damn it…

Swara was scared seeing his anger and looks into his eyes …..

Laksh goes closer to her ….while swara also comes closer to him ….

Laksh lips touches her’s ….but swara pushes him .

Swara (cries) : leave me alone laksh …

Laksh looks at her and then leaves …..swara sits in the floor and cries ….

There at maheshwari mansion ..

Ragini was sitting in the sofa …

Sanskar (caring) : ragini madam don’t worry your Hitler sis will forgive u

Ragini (angrily) : u don’t need to say …you blo*dy rapist .

Sanskar gets angry but cools down

Sanskar (smirks) : if you are so angry with me …why didn’t u go to your mansion …I didn’t force u to stay here …don’t tell me

Ragini cuts him

Ragini (angrily) : my sister ordered me not to enter stop building up stories …

Sanskar : why do u love her this much …

Ragini (angrily) : when u will have sister u will know ….

Sanskar shuts ….

Sanskar (diverts the topic) : achaa …today is our first night …na ….

Ragini looks at him

Ragini (angrily) : don’t even think ….I will kill u damn it …

Sanskar (smirks) : OK OK …madam ji …

(Sanskar behaviour is different na )

The next day …

Swara goes to collage …she sees ragini waiting near the gate ..but swara goes in without seeing her …ragini saddens …

Swara had tears also …

Swara in mind : I am sorry di….I am hurting u so much …

She goes to nikhil and kavitha …

Kavitha : hey beauty ..where us your prince huh

Swara (angry) : he is not my prince OK …

Nikhil and kavitha were shocked seeing her angry

Nikhil : did u both have fight …

Swara (shouts) : why cant u just change the topic ..

Saying this she leaves …nikhil and kavitha were confused .

Laksh comes to them …he was listening …

Laksh : dont worry guys …just small fight ..I will come …

Nikhil and kavitha smiles …

Laksh (smiling) : hey swara ..

Swara doesn’t talk to him

Laksh : my jaan I can’t sleep without hearing ur voice ..see dark circles na ..

Swara (angrily) : who cares …

Laksh : u should care na ..because after our marriage….when u will introduce me as your husband …everyone shouldn’t tease me

Swara (shouts) : that’s never gonna happen …I will die but will never marry a person ..who hidded such a big thing from me …

Saying this she leaves …but laksh gets angry and pulls her to music room and locks the door

Swara (angrily) : laksh open the door …

Laksh pins her to the wall and kisses her lips….he starts showing all the frustrstion on her ….he bits her lips ….blood starts coming ….but he didn’t care ….he was losing his control on her

But swara pushes him ..all this time she was pushing him and not reprociated to the kiss

Swara angrily goes to open the door…laksh pulls her and says

Laksh (lustful) : I need u …and I will make you mine ….

Swara was shocked ……

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