“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 5


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Here is the story ,

She was shocked ….tears were flowing from her eyes ….she was crying …

Sanskar (huskily) : from the first day u fell for you …..I wanted u as my wife and now u are …see God is great na….

She didn’t reply

Sanskar (moody tone) : I married u so that I could see your face everyday ..now turn

Saying this he turns her and was hell shocked …

Sanskar (shocked) : R.A.G.I.N.I

Yes it’s ragini….not swara (some of u identified it )

Ragini (wipes her tears) : u blo*dy cheap bastard…..

Sanskar was in shock ….

Raging (angry) : you were going to spoil my sister life …..how could u even think …huh ! …

Sanskar (shocked) : but ….how …come …u ..here

Ragini tells


Ragini was busy checking her files …her phone vibrates .

Ragini checks it

” go to xyz hotel room no.*** to save your sister dignity … or else ….forget your sister swara”

Ragini was shocked ….she couldn’t believe it ..so she goes to swara’s room ..

She finds swara sleeping …

Again a message comes …

“Your sister in danger …the more the time u waste ….the more she will be in trouble ”

This was for ragini …she goes to the hotel and this all happened ..

******************flashback ends

Sanskar was shocked and was thinking who could be it …but then smirks

Sanskar (smirks) : omg …I married the one who us enemy …of mine…so sweet na …

Ragini (angry) : shut up …this is not a marriage OK …..u and me never …

Saying this she was a about to remove the magalsutra …

Sanskar pulled. her hand and cuts her hand slightly …with the blood he fills her maang

Ragini hisses in pain …

Sanskar : now u r my wife and don’t dare to remove it……

Ragini (tears and anger) : never …I can never be the wife of a girl rapist ….

Sanskar slaps her …

Sanskar (smirks) : listen …don’t call me like that ..don’t worry for my beautiful wife I will leave the job of raping …because u are there na u touch (saying this he trails his finger around her)

Ragini pushes him …and feels disgusted

Sanskar (smirks) : hey hey …u can’t do anything …saying chii….shedding tears …nothing is gonna help … now u are my wife and I am your husband …that’s the fact ..u will have to be with me

Ragini (attitude) : what will u do ..if I don’t be with u

Sanskar (smirks & laughs) : nothing …I won’t do anything to you ….but ….your sister u know …my brother loves your sister …he will spoil her life .very simple ..

Ragini was shocked ….

Sanskar (smirks) : I very well …know ur sister is your weakness….dear jaan

Ragini tears were flowing from her eyes …..

Sanskar (smirks) : listen my brother and your sister are in love …it doesn’t take a minute to break your sister’s heart ….

Ragini (cries) : no no …plz don’t do that .. plz …

Sanskar (smirks) : I won’t do until u obey me ….

Ragini breaks down …..and cries ….

She thinks her mother’s words
“Ragini you are the elder sister .. you should be really responsible of your sister never leave her in pain ……because she is your sister …you are like a second mother to her …a mother never leave her child in pain .”

Ragini in mind : yes MA…..I won’t let anything happen to my sister … I won’t …

She wipes her tears and stand’s up and looks at sanskar ….

Ragini (heavy heart) : I am ready …

Sanskar pats her cheeks

Sanskar : good girl …don’t worry go to your mansion pack your thinks … tell to your sister and then come tomorrow OK ….I will be waiting and ya two of my men’s will come with u …because I know how intelligent u are

Ragini gave heavy stone smile to him and leaves …sanskar looks at her …. he feels bad and hurt for the very first time ….

@swaragini mansion

Swara gets a message

“U don’t need to come….I have deleted your sister video ….u are free ”

Swara felt relieved …

Another message

“But a big shock is on the way ..open your main door now ”

Swara was shocked …she goes down immediately ..and opens the door .

She was shocked seeing sanskar and ragini together …

Swara looks at ragini …who was looking down

Swara (tensed) : di what happened …to u ..why are with him …..di …..

Ragini didn’t look at swara ….she was looking down a ND weeping …

Sanskar (smirks) ; what swara ..won’t u welcome your jiju and di …

Swara was double shocked …

Swara (scared) : u both are married ! ….di answer me …

Sanskar (smirks) : I will answer ..now let us come in at least ..

Swara stand with ragini ….ragsan goes in …

Sanskar : omg ragini what a beautiful house huh ….

Ragini didn’t reply

Swara goes towards sanskar and pulls his collar

Swara (blood shot eyes) : what the he’ll you did to my di…Haan …what u did …say me ..

Sanskar (smiling) : we married that’s it …with her own will hay na jaan

Swara looks at ragini …ragini looks st sanskar…he was about to touch swara waist

Ragini (tensed) ; haan….haan…..I married him with own will ….

Swara was shocked ….sanskar smiles .

Swara (shocked) : di …u married him….the rapist

Sanskar slaps swara she falls down ..

Ragini (shouts) : sanskarrrrrrrrrr

Sanskar (again smiles) he pulls swara up …

Sanskar ; sorry ….

Swara goes to ragini …ragini hugs her …..

Swara (angry) : u blo*dy i know di ..didn’t marry u with her own will ….u did something to her ..after who will love or marry a rapist

Ragini catches swara hands …sanskar without getting anger smiles ..

Sanskar (smiles) : OK is that so ..then who will love or marry a rapist brother ?

Swara (curious) : what do u mean

Ragini signs sanskar not to say …but sanskar doesn’t listen …

Sanskar (smirks) : your laksh…..laksh maheshwari….your lover

Swara couldn’t understand ..

Sanskar (smirks) : what’s his surname

Swara (confused) : maheshwari ….

Sanskar (smirks) : what’s mine ?

Swara think’s

Swara (confused) : maheshwari …

Sanskar smiles and then she realises ….her world stops ….

Swara (scared and tears) : laksh is your brother ?

Sanskar smiles : yes dear …

Swara was shocked …she cried…she breaks down ….ragini hugs her and consoles her …

While this drama was going on laksh comes ..

Swara was crying and laksh was shocked to see her …..

He knew his brother told her the secret …. (how he knows ? )

Swara looks at him and goes to him …ragini was shocked seeing laksh (why is she shocked )

Swara (tears) ; you are the brother of this rapist

Laksh doesn’t answer …

Swara (angry ) : are u the brother of this rapist

Laksh didn’t reply but just looking into her

Swara (shouts) : answer me …..damm it …

Laksh : yes I am …

Swara steps back …..laksh goes forward ..but swara stops him with her hand

Swara (crying) : thanks …thanks …for cheating me ….

Saying this she runs to her room and locks the door …

All were shocked .

Ragini (shouts) : shonaaaa…..

Trio runs upstairs to her room ….they continuously knock’s the door…

She doesn’t open …sanlak hits the door … and it breaks …

All were shocked seeing shona…she had slashed her wrist blood was flowing from her hand

Ragini (shouts) : shona ..

She goes to her na ties her hanky

But swara jerKS her

Swara (angry) : you are also one of them right .don’t show your fake concern

Trio were taken back …ragini became statue ..

Laksh (angry) : this is not he time to talk …shona

Swara (shouts) : don’t call me shona …u cheater

Laksh looks at sanskar and then swara

Sanskar : laksh pick her up …I will bring the car

Ragini looks at sanskar …both have an eye lock

Laksh forcefully picks her up …but due to blood loss ..swara faints …

They all rush to hospital ….


While swara inside the ward …ragini was with her

Outside sanlak were waiting

Sanskar (confused) : how did you know I confessed her the truth

Laksh (stumbles) : I …..I …just …guessed it

Sanskar looks at him and finds he is lieing

Sanskar : you are the one who informed ragini to come to hotel room and not swara …

You are the one who kept cameras in their mansion …from that one only I got this clip …so you were watching ..them …

No u were watching swara …..u are behind sahil death also …right !

(Laksh was shocked)

That’s means …you are her obes…..

Before he could say …laksh drags him to store room and gives an injection ….

Sanskar loses his consciousness…..laksh turns and gives a evil smile

Who is the obessive lover ?

Hope u all like it

And thanks for reading

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  1. o god what a twist so laksh is the obsessive lover .the episode was awesome i loved it and wish u a merry Christmas

    1. Shanthi

      I am glad u liked the twist …..thanks for the comment

      Wish u also a merry christmas

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks dear

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Yeyy,yapiee,I am happy for two things… First sanky married to ragini??.. Second,laksh is the obsessive lover,yessss…I want it????..I am cho happy*jumping on the bed… Thankkkk youuuuu soooo muchhhh dear di for making laksh as a obsessive lover…loved the chappy.. No words to describe how is it…Keep going di.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?
    Love you loads..Muaaah???

    1. Shanthi

      I am glad I made u happy sweety….you are most welcomed …

      I also wanted to see laksh in a obessive way ..why always sanskar that’s why .

      Love u too …take care …keep smiling

      Merry Christmas dear

      1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)


  3. Very interesting dear..thank u

  4. Mishaseher

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  5. Wow laksh is obsessed lover but y he kept camera and y he sent to laksh

  6. Sherin

    awesome……dear…….its just too good…..i loved it a lot…….thanks for giving this epi……

  7. Mariya

    OMG sooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh thankkkkkkkk uuuuuu dear for updating for me . i am cloud nine. I just search for ur ff & I got it woww ??.????.

    OMG OMG OMG ?????? what was that!!! I read every line trice or twice 3 times . marvelous fantastic amazing & super shocking chapter. Now I got it yaar laksh is obsessive lover. U made it more & more interesting. Eagerly waiting for next chappy.

    U know I don’t like ragsan pair .
    Only swasan swalak & also raglak I like. But ur story & writing is so awesome that first time I read them.
    Bye …..tc dear …….keep smiling always ??

  8. Mariya

    And Wish u Happy happy 25th dec Christmas ?? may God bless u with all happiness & joy ???????????

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    Whatttttttt ? LAKSH he is the OBSESSIVE LOVER woahhh what a twist mera toh ghar hi hil gaya ?———————> fainting
    Waise toh I loved Laksh’s new shade but first time seeing it I’m actually a bit scared and at the end of the ff I was practically sweating like a pig mom thought I was reading a horror story Jai mate tri ratnas *folding hands and legs. Superb episode love you guys and waiting for the next episode

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    Yehhhhhh….thank u so much …ragsan and swalak rocks…mainly my lucky thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much dear…day by day interesting ..I love this ff to the core…I miss real swaragini so much ..reallyreally a good plot thank u for swalak and ragsan…..I ur busy schedule also u updating than u…I beg to u don’t leave this ff incomplete.. Pls update first love always first swalak ff dear…

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