“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 4


Hey guys it’s alia and dolly back again …thanks for the comments …even tough it was only 10 I still respect those who comments on mine

Don’t worry guys I write this for my satisfaction and for the swalak fans and the ones who support me …

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So anyways here is the story ,

It was night ,
Kavitha and nikhil were discussing

Kavitha (sad) : what yaar …we couldn’t do anything ….we couldn’t make them confess

Nikhil smiles

Nikhil (smirks) : we couldn’t make them confess but now …he he …

Kavitha (confused) : what the he’ll …I couldn’t understand

Nikhil (smiles ) : array budhu (shows) this the drink ..it will them loose their senses and then …no one can separate them …everything will happen

Kavitha (angry) : shut up ….it’s not good ….maybe it will dangerous …I mean not in their senses and making love shut up

Nikhil (smiles) : come Kavitha everything will be alright …now go give this drinks to them …in the name of juice ..

Kavitha (confused) : OK …
Saying this she take’s the glasses to swalak room

At swalak room

Swara was talking with ragini
Swara (tensed) : haan di I am coming tomorrow

Ragini (confused) : but it’s three days trip na

Swara (lies) : vo ….I didn’t submit a project so .

Ragini : oh …OK ..then come soon anyways now have dinner and sleep nicely k …good night

Swara : good night

Both hung’s up …laksh was playing games in his phone lying on bed

Swara (smiling) : are u a small kid paying games that too candy crush

Laksh : is there a rule that only kids should play huh …

Swara : ya ya …u r kid na …that’s why u are playing

Laksh : whatever …shona

Swara : kiddo (laughs)

Laksh looks at her …..how she was laughing …he gets happy and stares her ..

Suddenly there was knock on the door

Laksh : wait I will check …

Laksh goes and finds Kavitha …

Laksh (teases) : oh oh …Kavitha shouldn’t u be with nikhil romancing .

Kavitha hits him in stomach

Kavitha : shut up OK …here have this drink . It’s refreshing and nice …give to Swara also

Laksh : olk

Kavitha : OK bye

Laksh : why in a hurry want to continue the romance huh ? (Teases)

Kavitha gives a angry look and leaves ….laksh laughs and goes inside

Laksh : Swara take this …it’s a refreshing dmdrink ..

Swara : thanks …

Laksh does cheers with Swara ….

Swara : one minute I will make a call to Tina ….to cover up the portions …

Laksh nods …Swara goes to balcony and talks .here laksh drink’s it …

He suddenly feels his world dancing …..his eyes were getting watery .. or snowy …he couldnt see anything properly……

But his body was getting a harmonal change and he wanted to reduce it …..

He in a drunken state goes to the balcony …he finds his beauty talking ….
.he goes towards her and back hugs her ….Swara was shocked …she cut’s the call and turns …she was shocked …

Swara (shocked) : laksh what are u doing …
Laksh (smiling) : what will I do .. when my princess is here

Swara (shocked) : what are u speaking …u were all right …na now then suddenly ….

Laksh pulls her closer

Laksh (huskily) : that’s because I couldnt control .my hormones ..now

Swara was shocked ….it starts raining .. they were getting drenched …

Swara : come let’s go inside …
.laksh grips gets stronger

Laksh : Swara look at me …look into my eyes …don’t u find true love for u ….can’t u see the care and love I am showering u …can’t u see .that u are my princess …my queen …can’t u see that I can never live without u even for a second ..can’t u see that God has made u mine …
Can’t u see that u are mine forever …huh …speak up ….

Swara gets tears and was looking and him ….she gets overwhelmed …because it was her laksh who was in love with her …even she was also attracted towards hI’m ..no matter what laksh was something special

Laksh : i know u won’t understand ….but the fact is I LOVE YOU ….

Swara was very happy ….she immediately hugs him …

Swara (happy) : I love u too laksh …..u r my prince charming ……

Laksh was also in cloud 9 …all smiling …
They break the hug and looks at each other …

Laksh (looking into her eyes) : I want u swara

Swara blushes ….

Swara’s pov
He stopped ahead of me, staring, his wet hair

plastered to his forehead. He watched me for a second. He looked so handsome, I could hardly stand it. His shirt was clinging to him, his arms toned and his body slim and muscular. His eyes pierced mine, and his lips looked soft and warm. I took a step towards him, slowly, keeping my eyes on him as a blush formed on my face.

“I’ve always wanted to try something.” I whispered. I closed the space between us and pressed my lips to his. It was the first kiss I had ever given him. Immediately his arms locked around my waist, mine around his neck. My eyes snapped shut, as I leaned into him, loving the feel of his wet body on mine. Moon whizzed past, but I didn’t give a flying-rat’s hiney about them seeing me. His body was warm, shivering under his soaking wet shirt. I was freezing, but the kiss sent a fire through my blood, warming me, making my knees go weak. I pulled away, and he snuck one more peck in, smiling at me, his eyes smouldering. I let go of him, and almost felt a ripping. It was cold without him.

Swara pov ends ..

Both look into each other with desire now …laksh carries her in arms …

Laksh lays her on the bed and comes in top of her ….Swara closes her eyes ….

Laksh kisses her neck …her collar bone …he then goes to her belly and kisses it …Swara was enjoying it ……

But then suddenly …Swara stops him and pulls him to her her …

Swara (blushes) : only after our marriage laksh
Laksh smiles and lays next to her pulling her to his shoulder and one hand on her waist ….

They slept as there were no tomorrow …..with each other’s embrace ..

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