“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 4


Hey guys it’s alia back again …thank’s for the comments …I have replied to your comments …from now on I will reply …

Anyway’s here is the story dedicated to all ,

The next morning
Laksh wakes up due to sun light …he was holding it head due to the tablet effect …

He looked at his shoulder …where his angel was sleeping peacefully with a smiling face …

He was happy and was staring her lovingly …then suddenly reality hits him .

He slowly gets up without disturbing her and goes to the balcony lighting a cigarette …

Laksh in mind : did I say her anything ….did I open up about my…….or the things I am doing …

(Confused na ..don’t worry I will clear soon …)

Laksh was also happy that he confessed and she too ….now it’s a love relationship starts

Swara who felt the other side empty stood up and went to search …she then went to balcony and found Laksh with cigarette

She was shocked …because Laksh never told her that he had this habit …

She went towards him and caught the cigarette
Laksh was shocked

Swara (confused & angry) : when did u have this habit Laksh …

Laksh (tensed) : vo….I ….just past 1 week shona

Swara throws the cigarette and opens her hand and makes Laksh hand lye on her

Swara : promise me u will leave the habit of smoking ….

Laksh (smiling) : OK shona promise …I will leave smoking …

Swara smiles …and she remember’s last nigh so she blushes …

Laksh notices it and smiles

Laksh : shona why did your cheeks turned red in tomato …(teases)

Swara hits him playfully …

Swara : as if u don’t know Mr maheshwari (frank)

Laksh pulls her towards him …she wraps her arms around his neck

Both were looking into each other

Laksh : u know ..I am the most luckiest person in this world Swara …because I got the angel down earth … (smiling)

Swara (smiling) : even I am not less …even I got a handsome prince for me …na ..

Laksh (smiling) : love you jaan

Swara : love u tooo jaan

With this their lips touch …..to show their love for each other ..the wildness started to grow between them ….

Laksh starts to kiss in neck portions ..and was giving love bites …

Swara mourns his name ….Laksh was enjoying it

But to break it there was a knock at the door
Swara (mourning) : Laksh some one is there at door …

Laksh (busy) : let them ..what a bad timing yaar ..
Swara (smiling) : enough na

Laksh stops and pecks her forehead …he goes to open the door …

Swra turns and looks at the sky

Swara in mind : thank u babaji …u gave me the best life partner .

Kavitha and nikhil cmes inside …

Kavitha (shocked) : Swara u still didn’t get ready ?
Swara : hmm…ya 2 min’s I will get ready ..

She was about to leave ….Kavitha notices her neck ..and was supper happy

Kavitha (acted to be shocked) :what’s that Swara in your neck ..

Swara touches her neck …

Kavitha (teases) : omg …Swara it’s love bite ha..so that means …

Swara blushes ..

Nikhil (teases) : oh …oh …so u both confessed na …Laksh u are so fast yaar ..

Laksh gives a angry look to nikhil …nikhil shuts up .

Kavitha hugs Swara …

Kavitha : anyways I am very happy for u both

Swara : thanks

Nikhil : congrats bro …I guess soon there will dholak sound in your house …

Laksh smiles .

Kavitha : OK we will meet u at lobby

Saying this kavhil leaves …

Swara goes and gets ready , while Laksh also

Soon they rezch their jeep

Kavhil goes to sit back

Laksh : oh hello ..where are u both going

Nikhil (confused) : back seat …why

Swara understands and smiles ..

Laksh : then what I will do

Nikhil : you will drive and we will romance .

Kavitha blushes ..

Laksh throws the keys to nikhil

Laksh ; now u will drive and we will romance .

Kavhil were shocked …Laksh winKS at Swara .

Kavitha : ol OK ….when lover came no friend’s na

Laksh smiles and sits with Swara in back seat ..keeping his hand on her shoulder and sitting close ….entangling their hands with one another ..

Kavhil were very happy …seeing them and blesses them ….

At swaragini mansion

Ragini was pacing here and there

Ragini : when will Swara reach here ?

Leela : Ragini beta don’t worry she will come soon..

After saying Swara enters …she runs and hugs Ragini …

Swara (hugging) : diiiiii……

Ragini (tears) : shona …how are you

Swara : all fine di

Ragini : did u enjoy

Swara : ya a lot . Di

Ragini : ol now go and freshen up ..let’s have lunch

Swara nods and goes to her room

Ragini : now only happiness is flowing in the house …..

Leela smiles …

Later that night

Sanskar called Swara

Sanskar (smirks) : I heard u are back so now come to xyz hotel room number ***

Swara cries …

Sanskar : baby don’t cry ..there is a suprise waiting for you …

Saying this he cuts the call …Swara was crying a lot ….

But for her di ..she can do anything …she gets ready , covers her face and leaves to the hotel

There at the room

Sanskar was getting ready ..

Sanskar : don’t wrry Swara ….I won’t spoil your dignity ..instead …

He smiles ….

He switches off the lights of the room , close’s the curtain’s

So that the room is hell dark and she cannot see him ..for the suprise …

Swara enters the room ..

Sanskar : lock the room door dear (huskily)

She locks ….

She couldn’t see anything …but suddenly she felt she had a chain in her neck …

The lights were switched on …

She was shocked seeing mangalsutra in her neck

Sanskar : welcome Mrs Sanskar maheshwari …

Her back for facing for Sanskar ….she cries tears flow from her eyes ….

Hope u all like it …

Thanks for reading …..

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  1. Mm.. Is it swasan or swalak ????

    1. Shanthi

      It’s swalak dear

  2. Mariya

    OMG OMG OMG?????? what a chappy , I can’t believe on my reading my eyes , is really swara become Mrs sanskar maheshwari?? Really superb superb superb shock . ??? I can’t wait for next chapter dear plzzzzzzz update today itself na or as soon as possible. Most awesome shock hahaha , I ever read.?

    1. Shanthi

      He he ..mariya I am glad u liked the twist but there is a mega twist on the way …tighten your seat belt ..?

      I will update asap dear for u

      1. Mariya

        Yes dear I tightly hold my seat & also tighten my seat belt . waiting for it & thanx a lot for updating for me . ??? take care dear & keep smiling always.?

  3. Love it…swalak part was superb nd pls main lead shud b swara nly…n 1 que u n dolly were swasan fan na…thn hw cum pairing is swalak n ragsan…i love swara so swalak or swasan is ok ragsan nt.. Anyways waiting fr nxt

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks dear …yup we are swasan fan currently but once was a swalak fan so …

      Ya swara will be lead ….but ragini will also play a important role .

      I will update asap

  4. Superb but hell confused

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks dear …don’t worry your confusion will be cleared in next episode

  5. AMkideewani

    What the hell?

    1. Shanthi

      He he ….

  6. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…It can’t happen??????????..Shocked..No comment,choly..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Shanthi

      Don’t worry the next part is by dolly so she will clear the suspense…he he he

      This won’t happen also ..

      Thanks for the comment …u too take care and keep smiling

    2. AMkideewani

      Hey Uma darling???

      1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

        Hi crazygirl??

  7. Saba

    Thnkx for Swasan dear

    1. Shanthi

      Ahem ….Ahem….this is not a swasan ff ..sorry dear

      1. Saba

        Plzzzzz Swasan oderwise I I’ll not read ua ff..

  8. Please make it swasan ff?

    1. Shanthi

      Hmm….sorry dear but it’s swalak ff …

  9. Mahjabeen

    Wowww amazing chappy…awesome….loved it…post next part soon

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks a lot dear ?

  10. Shloka

    Great episode.
    I think ragini was the girl who went to hotel .. Might be or might not be.. Just doing guess work .

    1. Shanthi

      Hmm…dear I can’t open up …but surely it may be in your favour ..he he

      Thanks for the comment ?

      1. Shloka

        Hey pls continue ur ff.. First love is always first … I am badly badly waiting for it

  11. Thnkx dr for making it swalak.waiting for next update.

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks dear

  12. Mirna

    OMGGGGGGgggg what was that 🙂 waiting for Laksh reaction awesome dear 🙂

    1. Shanthi

      He he …so much shock ….I will update asap

  13. Shubhangi

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh seriously ? I knew ki Sankskar hi hai obsessive lover but swara is behaving weird sometimes happy around laksh and sometimes crying because of sanskar ? and I have a feeling ki their love story is gonna be very antic ? waiting for it and other ffs post soon and love you 3 and Esha ? do you remember me? How will you? Waise bhi main hun kaun? I waited for 5-6 months for you but no response I used to come online on TU msg you on your private account and go and after like centuries I saw your post ? I know I’m not a VIP but u can’t forget so soon can you? Achha koi nahi ? post next episode soon our triratnas love you all and waiting for ur next post

    1. Shanthi

      Omg subhangi ……I was missing your comment from long time ..of course I remember u dear …huh swara is just like an doll who is acting when I instruct in my ff ..he he no offense

      I am so happy seeing u back …love u loads dear ….

      Don’t worry we will have interactions together , this time no miss …

      Thanks ur comment made my day ..?

  14. Inu

    What??it cant happen. Nice epi but the end gave an attack.

    1. Shanthi

      He he ..shocked na …don’t worry ….u won’t get an attack .will give u medicine is next episode ….

      Thanks for the comment

  15. thanks for continuing this ff and today u rocked the episode with romance and twist.post the next one soon. i am eagerly waiting for the next update. punish sanskar and unite swalak soon

    1. Shanthi

      Oh …sneha thank you so much dear …don’t worry it’s swalak and sanskar will get good punishment

  16. cherrylove****

    hey…i got it…the girl is not swara..its ragini..am i r8??

    1. Shanthi

      He he …..watch in next episode ..dear ..

  17. Sherin

    awesome…..dear very nice…..so shocked with the twist…..but it is swalak right????? pls pls dont seperate swalak….

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks dear …it’s swalak don’t worry …I am not that much villain to separate swalak he he

  18. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it….i also think that girl s ragini….bcz u say it’s twist….anyways eagerly waiting for ur open up…..tkcr dear….

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks dear ….next episode u will get to know …?

  19. raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan( dipti )

    its not fair ms.alia…suddenly a gave me a big shock…meri swalak..epi was so interesting day by day ..love ragini character in this ff

    1. Shanthi

      Hmm sorry for giving u attack …don’t worry next episode will be medicine for it .

      Thanks for the comment

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