“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 2


Hey guys …it’s alia back again ….thanks for the comments but I am expecting more anyway’s let’s start the story …

Guys just keep guessing whom will be whose obessive lover ?

That’s the story ..and I am sure u all be shocked knowing it …he he I think ….

OK so let’s start the story ,

Swara returns to the mansion .
Ragini signs a relief seeing her and goes to her smiling

Ragini (smiling) : how was your day ?
Swara (tired) : haan di good …what about yours

Ragini gets the flashes of sanskar words ..
Ragini (angry but bit smile) : ya ya …OK u know na being an ngo of girls association is not easy

Swara (signs) : this ngo and all …I mean u r just 2 years older to me …because of me u left your studies but now …hats off

Ragini hugs her

Ragini (smiling) : that’s y I left my studies …but now no one can beat me in studies …lol …

Swara smiles

Swara : OK di …I am going to room …will get freshen up then will have dinner

Ragini nods …Swara goes upstairs .

Later in Swara room ,
Swara comes from washroom and takes her phone …she finds missed calls from Nikhil …she calls him back

Nikhil : hi swara ….what your sister said
Swara keeps her hand on her forehead

Swara : ufff …I forgot about it only Nikhil .
Nikhil : what yaar …it’s OK talk with her …make sure it’s like a official collage trip OK

Swara : OK ol sure ….I will Call u back bye ….
Nikhil : bye take care

Swara hungs up
Swara : babaji give me the confidence to talk to di …

Saying this she leaves

At maheshwari mansion
Sanskar and laksh were having dinner …

Laksh : bhai …I am going on a collage trip with friends
Sanskar (smiles) : oh …good enjoy

Laksh smiles back and has his food
Sanskar : are your friends also girls ?

Laksh smiles fades away
Laksh (tensed) : hmm…..ya….some
Sanskar (smirks) : don’t worry my brother …I won’t do anything to them ..

Laksh gives a fake smiles and leaves from there
Sanskar (smirks) : even my brother is scared to introduce his girlfriends huh …to me

There at nikhil apartment
Nikhil : dad I am going on a collage trip

His father throws a book at him
Father : always trip trip (angrily)

Nikhil (attitude) : dad we r seniors …we get many trips …what do to

Father (angry) : this is last …after that no
Nikhil in mind : after that only without your permission

Nikhil : OK OK dad …saying this he goes to his room

Father : he is studying collage or always enjoying

Mother : it was you who joined him in that collage … (she chuckles)

There at swara mansion .
Swara and ragini were having dinner ….

Swara : di actually we are having an trip tomorrow ….

Ragini (stops eating) : oh …

Swara : will u permit me ? (Tensed)

Ragini (thinks of sanskar’s words) : but ….wait I will call your principal and asks is it safe ..

Swara get’s shocked ..

Ragini takes her phone …Swara close’s her eyes

Ragini (sign) : ufff…..no charge u dial and give me in your phone shona

Swara takes her phone ….he calls laksh number.
Swara (acts) : hello …principal sir
Laksh (confused) : shona it’s me laksh

Swara (acts) : sir it’s me swara ….sorry to disturb u
Laksh (confused) : shona what happened to u …I am lucky not that idiot principal

Swara (laughs) : you are so funny sir ….u r in bathroom …sorry to disturb
Laksh (angry) : shona did your screw fall down

Swara (acts) : actually sir …my sister wanted to talk to you about the trip …that’s y I called your number .

Now laksh understand her plan
Laksh (smiling) : can I talk to your sister
Swara smiles …

Ragini take’s the phone
Ragini : hello sir ….I am ragini
Laksh (mimics) : yes ragini madam ..

Ragini (confused) : what happened to your voice ..it’s a bit different
Swara slaps her forehead

Laksh clears his throat : oh …nothing it’s just I have sore throat ..
Ragini : oh OK OK …actually where u r taking them

Laksh ; oh ma’am this trip is of educational tour .we are taking them to mahabalipuram (it’s a place in tamil nadu where u can find many museums and all …it’s in net ) it’s a 3 day trip

Ragini : oh south side ..
Laksh ; yes yes …

Ragini : is it safe sir
Laksh : absolutely….when I am there nothing will happen (he smiles)

Ragini (smiles) : OK sir …thank’s I will send her tomorrow ..
Laksh smiles and hungs up

Ragini : you can go tomorrow swara
Swara smiles …..

The next day ,
All the four meets in collage .

Laksh ; swara your sister is a tough hard crack
Swara (smiles) : ya she is ..what to do …

Nikhil ; anyways …only kavitha is free from these …because she he is staying in hostel ..

Kavitha hits him playfully …all laughs
Swara and kavitha (both) : by the way where are we going

Both nikhil and laksh looks at each other and smiles …leaving swara and kavitha confused

Laksh smiles and goes towards swara …Swara was looking at him ….he blindfolds her …while nikhil does to kavitha …both the boys takes them to a place backside of their campus

Laksh and nikhil open’s the shawl ….Swara and kavitha were shocked and happy seeing it …

Swara & kavitha (shouts) : jeep !!!!!!!
Laksh (smiles) : do u like it ….

Swara (happy) : I love it ….
Saying this she hugs laksh tightly and kisses his cheeks …..which shocked him …even nikhil and kavitha …

Swara (didn’t notice) : thank you …thank u …
Swara goes and sits in the jeep …..laksh keeps his hand in the place where swara kisses and smiles ….

Nikhil and kavitha smiles ….
Swara : come fast na ….we need to go to the island na

Nikhil & laksh (shocked) : how do u know
Swara takes the magazines which was in the jeep and shows …

Swara : I know u booked it .. (to laksh )
Laksh smiles ….

All get in the jeep and leaves …..

At the maheshwari mansion
Sanskar (smirks) : did u get that ragini sister photo …

His men : yes sir …here ….
He give the photo to sanskar ….Sanskar took it and was awstuck seeing the photo….

Sanskar : omg who is this s*xy huh ?
His men’s smiles and feels sad for the girl

Sanskar (smirks) : I need this girl at any cost ….I need her to my bed ….she will be mine forever
His men’s smiles ….

There at the jeep
Laksh was driving and nikhil was sitting next to him …while on back seat …swara and kavitha were sitting ….

Kavitha signal’s nikhil something ….he smiles
Nikhil : swara why don’t u come and sit next to laksh …

Swara (confused) : why ?
Kavitha (blushes) : let us also spend some time na

Swalak (teases) : ohh ….ohhh …
Nikhil (blushes) : shut up yaar ….

Swara : OK OK come back …
Saying this swara and nikhil exchanges their seat …

Both kavitha and nikhil gets moody ….
Swara : ufff ..it’s so cold right
Laksh (smiling) : ya …take this

He gives her his jacket …swara smiles and takes and wears it …
Swara : thanks
Laksh : you are welcomed …miss swara
Swara : call me shona laksh
Laksh : OK miss shona

Swara smiles ….she stares laksh …
Kavitha (teases) : I thought only there is only one couple in our gang …but now two

Swara eyes her angrily
Laksh : shut up yaar ….come on we r just friends

Swara looks at laksh ….
Swara : ya Mrs nikhil

Kavitha and nikhil are shocked hearing It
Swalak gives hifI

Nikhil : ahem …ahem …..still time is there ….
Kavitha blushes …

Laksh : omg again red tomato …huh
Nikhil : enough yaar

Swara (attitude) : enough na …now don’t dare to tease us …

Nikhil and kavitha close’s their mouth

Screen shifts to ngo girl’s association office
Ragini was checking all the files

She gets a call
Ragini : hello
Other side : hello madam ji

Ragini (angry) : sanskar
Sanskar (smirks) : omg u found Me

Ragini (smirking) : because only cheap have these kind of voices

Sanskar (angry) : madam ji …hold your tongue ..u r on the count

Ragini (attitude) : you can’t do anything to me …just don’t over react

Sanskar (smirks) : ya ya …I can’t do anything to u …but to ur s*xy sister

Ragini (angry) : shut up ….u blo*dy

Sanskar : hey hey …calm down ….she is really damm hot and s*xy man…..I can’t resist .

Ragini gets more angry

Ragini (angry) : shut up please …don’t cross your limit …

Sanskar : ol OK ….just called to u inform u that take care of ur sister …OK …because

Ragini (angry) : I won’t let u near her OK

Sanskar (smirks) : I am not saying about me ji ..I am saying any boy can have her …..

Ragini gets angry and cuts the call ….Sanskar smiles

Sanskar : I won’t let anyone have her …she is mine .

There at the island ,

It was so beautiful 3 sides covered with water and a beautiful house on a side …with swimming pool and all ….

It was a private island …only these 4 were there .
Kavitha : wow yaar….it’s so beautiful …na swara
Swara : haan kavitha ….

Laksh : nice …OK come let’s settle and freshen up ….

They all move towards the house …or can it be a cottage …

Nikhil : guys there is only two rooms
Laksh : OK then swara and kavitha take a room ..we both boys will

Nikhil pulls laksh closer to him
Nikhil : array ..this plan for to enjoy ..lz pzl ….me and kavitha in one room

Laksh slaps his forehead
Laksh (signs) : do whatever u want ….
Nikhil hugs him and kisses his cheeks
Laksh : stay away …

Swara and kavitha laughs …..laksh looks at swara .

Nikhil take a kavitha to a room …upstairs
Laksh and swara looks at each other

Laksh : it’s ok swara …u take the room …I will be in the couch room

Swara : come on lucky ….it’s k
Saying this she drags him inside the room …with the sudden force …

Both of them falls in the bed ….laksh on top of swara ….

Both looks into each other ……

The screen freezes

Plz comment ……Plz Plz ….anyways how was the episode …Plz tell me

Thanks for reading …
Love u all ! ?

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    1. AnuAnn

      What is your prlm.. It is just an ff .. And its upto writer that who should be lead .. And there r many ffs where ragini was main lead nd triangle love story in most swara was negative or sidecharacter but we swara or swasan or say swalak fans never comes there and comment like this.

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