“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 15

Episode 15

Hey guys it’s alia back again … thanks for the beautiful comments..
It means a lot ..

Yayyy !!! It’s 15 episode …great na because alia never writes an ff for this much long time …he he ?

This episode is dedicated to all my sister’s and fans who are supporting me in every step

So here is the story ,

Laksh went out for some work

Swara was getting ready …she gets ragini call

Swara (happy) : di…..

But then realises …but still she picks the call

Swara : haan say

Ragini (angry) : you never said me u played with others feelings …swara

Swara was shocked

Ragini : sanskar said me everything …how could u swara ..is this what I taught u …the values and rules

Swara gets tears

Ragini (angry) : u know only because of you sanskar is like this ….only because of u …

Swara cries

Swara : di … I….I didn’t

Ragini (cuts) : swara I don’t need your explanation … but have in mind you have played with a feelings …. I couldn’t believe that u did it

Swara (sobs) : di ….listen to me …I .

Ragini (cuts) : after u left sanskar ..now you are planning to play with laksh feelings and trap him right ..

Swara was shocked ….she cries

Swara (cries) : no di …not like that

Ragini ; swara don’t do this ….I am so ashamed to have a such a sister ….thanks for showing the result of my growth on u …

Swara cries …Ragini cuts the call

But then wipes up and gets ready

Swara gets ready in a red sleeveless top and white pant ..matching accessories and minimal make up …

Laksh was awstuck seeing her …yet again ….

Swara : can u tell me where we are going ..

Laksh ; simple sight seeing ….for post marriage work

Swara rolls her eyes ..

Swara : but what u are doing is not right laksh …u can’t force me to marry u (angry)

Laksh smiles and goes to her….takes her hand and keeps it near his chest …Swara looks at him

Laksh ; can u feel the heart pumping

Swara nods

Laksh : if u don’t stay with me …u won’t hear it

Swara was just looking into him …

Laksh ; can u see my eyes …

Swara nods

Laksh ; without u it would close …

Swara looks at him

Swara : why are saying this cheesy limes Mr laksh

Laksh wraps his hand around her

Laksh ; that’s because I love u so much Mrs laksh maheshwari …

Swara smiles ….. laksh pecks her forehead …

Laksh ; now come ….

Saying this he holds her hands and takes her outside.

While they were in car

Swara ; how do u know Paris …I mean

Laksh ; very simple this idiot writer of this ff is there it’s her hometown …according to her law if she knows ..she will automatically feed everything in my mind (loll)

swara smiles ….

After a while they reach a grand hotel ….

Laksh and swara enters ….laksh pulls swara to him , keeps his hand on her waist …and goes inside .. Swara smiles seeing his care …

While they both came in .. everyone greeted them …especially laksh …

Manager : welcome ma’am and sir ..it’s our privilege to have u here

Swara smiles

Laksh : hmm … is the terrace ready

Manager ; we have did that lots of love and care sir .

Laksh ; good…don’t worry ram u will get promotion very soon

Manager smiles ….Swara looks at laksh

Laksh ; shall we swara

Swara nods …

They both go in lift ….to the terrace

Laksh blindfolds swara’s eyes

Swara : what are u doing huh …

Laksh : suprise

Swara smiles …laksh holding her shoulder takes her inside …

Omg !!! Helicopter

Laksh makes swara sit and signals the pilot to take off ….

Swara could feel it ….laksh removes her blindfold and swara was suprise seeing it …

She could see the whole Paris …the eiffle tower ….the grand museum ..la park hotel …

(Guys Paris would look very stunning if u see from the helicopter)

Laksh : do u like it

Swara (tears) : I love it ….

Laksh side hugs her ….swara also side hugs him

Soon they land in a area …. laksh carries her in bridal style

Swara looks at him and smiles … laksh also smiles ….

He takes near a beautiful Lake ( name of it is bois de vincennes it’s very beautiful guys)

Swara looks at it and was awstuck …seeing it ..

There was a beautiful dinning arranged in the middle of the lake .. with grand arrangement …full of flowers ….

Swara was so suprised…..she looks at laksh

Laksh smiles at her ….laksh carries her towards the dinning area walking in the path layed on the water …

After reaching …he makes her stand … swara was just seeing the arrangements …

Laksh : swara

Swara turns to him …laksh bends and sits in front of her ….swara was looking at laksh …

Laksh : the hundreds I spend with u , I look upon as sort of perfumed garden , a dim twilight , and a fountain singing on it . You and you alone make me feel that I am alive .
Other men it is said have seen angels , but I have seen the thou and thee art enough …

Swara looks at him ….suddenly some three girls comes and stands behind ….

One with (will) , another (you) , another (marry) and last one with (me)

Swara was suprised and tears starts to come

Laksh : a hundred of hearts will be still few to carry all my love for you

I LOVE U !!!!! swara ….

Tears start to flow from her eyes….she was smiling with tears

Swara : I love u too laksh (she shouts)

Laksh joy has no boundaries ….but still …he was sitting down

Laksh : my life did not begin with you , but I wish it ends with u ….being with u forever ever long

WILL U MARRY ME ??? swara

Swara makes him stand and instantly hugs him …

Swara ; yes laksh …I will …yes I will ….be with u forever ever long …

Laksh also hugs her tightly with tears ….

They break their hug …. two girls comes and gives them a small box ..

Swara looks at it …

Laksh takes a ring which had laksh name in it imprinted very beautifully

He makes swara wear the ring and mark swara as his….swara smiles

She takes the ring from her box ..it has swara name imprinted on it

She makes him wear it….marking laksh as her’s. . the four girls claps ..

The helicopter pours flowers on them ….

Swalak were so happy and blessed

Nazdeekiyan song plays ..

Laksh takes her hand and dances with her romantically ….

Laksh back hugs swara and kisses her neck …swara smiles ….

Laksh ; I can’t still belive that the love of my life is with me …soon going to be mine forever …

Swara : even I didn’t believe that I am going to marry a duffer ….

Laksh smiles and kisses her neck swara closes her eyes

There at maheshwari mansion

Ragini was upset with sanskar being cold and sad

She goes to his room , he was still upset …. Ragini couldn’t take it anymore

Ragini goes in …

Ragini : sanskar why are spoiling your life for swara …. she moved on …why can’t u

Sanskar ; it’s just …. nevermind ..u go and sleep

Ragini : Come on say me …share me your problems …

Sanskar : it’s just I can’t forget her and accept that she moved on …that too with my brother …

Ragini : I can understand sanskar…but past is always past and more ever don’t worry ….I have already called her and scolded her

Sanskar (shocked) : what do u mean ?

Ragini says about her conversation …..sanskar gets angu and slaps her ….shocking ragini

Ragini (shocked) : ragini

Sanskar (angry) : what the hell ragini …. why the hell did u call her and scold her and who gave u the permission to talk about our story

Ragini (shocked) : sanskar she us my sister … and what she did is not right

Sanskar (angry) : ragini don’t …stay away from this matter and listen u should not scold her ever again on this matter OK

Ragini (angry) : sanskar enough is enough still you are remembering the person who left u and is enjoying now ..with your brother …huh …such a

Sanskar raises his hand to slap her but then controls

Sanskar ; not a word more …Ragini …don’t or else it will be bad .

saying this he storms out of the room ….and drinks alcohol ….

Ragini sits in the room and cries ..

Precap : swalak romance , sanskar to console ragini , our old sanskar

Hope u all like it ..comment if u like ..

Thanks for reading …. ??

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