“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 14

Episode 14

Hey guys it’s alia back again …thanks for the beautiful comments …couldn’t update yesterday …due to some work ..

Anyways here is the story ,


Laksh made swara sit forcefully in his lap …and wrapped his arm around her

Swara (angry) : Laksh leave me …this is too much

Laksh : no baby it’s not ….in fact I have the right to

Swara (angry) : right …my foot !

Laksh smiles

Laksh : whatever u say …nothing is gonna affect me …

Swara signs impossible and tries to free herself from his grip but Laksh was tight enough ….

Laksh : see na swara beautiful is life ..

Swara : for me it’s the worst nightmare Mr Laksh ..

Laksh : oh come on… I mean u got everything which I asked for ….like u also ..

Swara (angry) : correction I didn’t come to u …it was you who took me

Laksh laughs ..

Laksh : you are very smart na

Swara rolls her eyes

There at maheshwari mansion

Ragini was working in laptop

Ragini : ya rakul listen finish that deal before the gupta’s because they are bit introvert …

Rakul : OK ma’am

Ragini : hmm did u see swara

Rakul : hmm ma’am swara went to Paris

Ragini (shocked) : Paris ????

Rakul : yes ma’am …with Laksh

Ragini (shocked) : Laksh ….oh ..

Rakul : OK ma’am I will finish the job and inform u …

Ragini nods and disconnects …

Ragini : why they both went to together ..but swara was upset with Laksh …. (confused)

Sanskar comes In with his men’s discussing …he finds Ragini In deep thoughts …

Sanskar : swa….I am sorry Ragini

Ragini comes to senses

Ragini ; huh…

Sanskar : where are u lost ….

Ragini ; hmm swalak have went to Paris

Sanskar (confused) : Paris ..??

Ragini : yes

Sanskar : but for what …..

Ragini : don’t know …

Sanskar in mind : did Laksh take her forcefully

Ragini looks at him

Soon they reached Paris …by that time swara slept … on Laksh chest

Laksh was admiring her beauty…he wasn’t able to take his eyes off her

He picks her up and comes put of the aircraft …

Many officials comes to Laksh (he is also famous yaar)

A big black Mercedes comes

Laksh makes swara lay in it and talks with the officials

Laksh : did u make the arrangements ….

Men : yes sir ….

Laksh : good

Men : ma’am is very beautiful sir …

Laksh : oh ya i know ….

Men smiles

Laksh (smirks) : did u see her

Other men’s signs him not to tell (to the men)

The men was confused

Men : yes sir …I saw her that’s y I said she is beautiful

Laksh smiles …but in fraction of second …he shoots the men …

No one cared because they know this was gonna happen …

Laksh sat in the car and they left the place ….

Laksh keeps his gun inside his side pocket …

Laksh caresses her hair

Laksh ; no one have the right to even look at u swara ….because u are Mine and always mine ..

Later that night

They were in the hotel room

Swara was still sleeping …and Laksh freshen up

He was making his hair frizzy seeing the mirror …that time swara woke up …without turning his face

Laksh ; welcome to Paris baby

Swara rubs her eyes …

Swara ; did I sleep so long

Laksh : ya but it’s OK ..I know u are tired …baby …

Swara looks on …

Laksh : erase your thoughts ..freshen up we are going out

Swara (angry) : I am not your slave Mr maheshwari…you come where ever u say

Laksh : oh baby don’t say your self that word … you are queen of Laksh ‘s empire …

Swara looks at him

Laksh : now if you don’t come by yourself ….I will have to carry u

Swara widens her eyes and quickly goes into washroom ….Laksh laughs

Maheshwari mansion

Ragini was having dinner all alone while Sanskar was denying to eat

Ragini ; you said she betrayed and then why the he’ll are u still thinking about her and spoiling your health huh ….

Sanskar : even though she played with me …I loved her truly …you know what first love is always first (sorry dolly …your title)

Ragini looks at him and then gets up ….Sanskar holds her hands

Sanskar : u didn’t eat …

Ragini ; but u didn’t eat from last night …

Sanskar : don’t think about me u eat ….now !!!

Ragini ; even though our marriage wasn’t a good one …but I have set of values ….if u eat then I will think of eating

Saying this she turns to leave…but Sanskar holds her hands and made her sit …

Sanskar took plate and kept the dishes …and started to eat ..

Ragini smiles and eats with him ….
Sanskar looks at Ragini eating

There at Paris

Swara comes out wrapped in towel and was searching for dress ….Laksh wasn’t there in room

Swara : babaji …why did u make me trap with this Laksh …now what should I wear ….

She was busy searching dress …Laksh opened the door and came in ..

He was shocked seeing swara in towel …she was so hot ….very very very ..hot ….her milky neck , hands and neck were shown ….

Swara notices laksh without looking at him

Swara : why are u seeing me like that

Laksh : don’t u feel shy

Swara : why will I …. this is not the first time I am in front of u like this I guess

Laksh feels good with her answer ..he goes towards her and back hugs …

Laksh : I love u baby ….

Swara didn’t reply …

Laksh kisses her neck ….

Swara : ya ya ..love u too (tensed)

Laksh smiles ; good girl …now get ready …

Swara gives a light smile ….and takes the dress to washroom to wear …

Laksh : you can wear here also … (teases)

Swara (fake anger) : not so funny

Laksh smiles

Precap ; swalak romance …..Ragini developing feeling for Sanskar ….Sanskar slaps Ragini

Thanks for reading …comment if u like ..


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  1. Awasome Alia di.
    Miss u 3 sis

    1. ERA

      Thanks dear …miss u too

  2. Ohhh!!! Woww amzing can’t wait for next update very keen to know why Sanskar slapped RAGINI when will start loving RAGINI? please plllzzzz upload asap please plllzzzz!!!!

    1. ERA

      Oh thanks dear ….u will get an update asap sweety

    1. ERA

      Thanks j

  3. raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan( dipti )

    kitni mohabbat hai …ahaan laksh…amazing episode.love swalak and ragsan..why sanky slap my baby ,dont know but i love rag personality in this ff..ragini dont hate shona

    1. ERA

      Oh sissy thanks for the comment ….I am glad u like ragini in this ff …hmm about slapping …that’s suspense …

  4. Pooja26

    wow !!!! loved it !!!!!!

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  5. Interesting precap

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  6. Asra

    superbbb dear…i loved it…omg y Sanky slap our ragini…

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      Thanks dear …hmm that’s suspense …

  7. Its awesome love swalak scene..hey dear cn u pls give links of last update actually i miss 12 epi in which swasan broke up..so i dnt knw the reason fr their breakup so pls atleast give link of that epi..pls

    1. ERA

      Oh sure dear ..here is the link for the 12th episode

      Hope u see it or else I will give in next update

  8. Parulkashyap

    nice epi dr nice scenes of swalak

  9. AMkideewani

    Amazing I love RagSan a lot in here, butsetes I would love to kick Laksh’s ass????

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  10. its too early ragini feel for sanakar i thing they should be friends first or she feel pity on him but i miss the naughty sanskar with ragini he become too serious which is boring

  11. awesome .loved swalak a lot.post next one soon.

  12. Supriyaswalak

    Loved it yrr laksh obsession for swara awesome pllzzz post the next part soon

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