“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 13

Episode – 13

Hey guys it’s me alia back again …thanks for the comments love u all loads

Anyways as today is dolly birthday this episode is dedicated to her ,

Later that night ,

Sanskar was still thinking about swara and her betrayal ..to him

Ragini was seeing a different Sanskar in him today …she knows swara is at guilt and Sanskar was betrayed very badly.

Ragini : will u come to eat …it’s late

Sanskar : it’s OK I don’t need …u go and eat …

Ragini nods …

Sanskar : Ragini listen

Ragini stops and turns

Sanskar : according to law we can divorce only after 6months of relation …

Ragini was standing blank

Sanskar : so just bear me for 6months and then we will get divorce …u promise my finger won’t touch u …

Saying this he goes down ….Ragini was standing doesn’t knowing what to react .

There at collage ,

Laksh : swara forget the past and move on …

Swara (angrily) : no laksh I can’t …even though I begged him to listen me …he didn’t trust …me

Laksh : why are so stubborn

Swara (angrily) : when he can be stubborn …why can’t I

Laksh : uffff …

Swara (angrily) : after all you are his brother and will support him only right …

Laksh : no I won’t …whatever he did is wrong ..

Swara looks at him..

Swara : laksh listen …I don’t want this love drama and everything …if I be in India for a second also na …I am sure my death is conform

Laksh : what the hell are u speaking

Swara takes her laptop and books flight ticket

Swara : I am leaving to US …there our family friend is there …I better stay

Laksh (angrily) : will u think that I will let u go off ?

Swara (angrily) : of course…what’s there between us ..huh !

Laksh (angrily) : love ….we have live between us

Swara (angrily) ; no we don’t …what u have for me is lust only lust

Laksh gets angry and slaps her

Laksh ; why the hell are u speaking like this (very angry)

Swara holds the cheeks where he slapped ..

Swara : that’s because all the boys are same …and no one is different …there is no true love…

Laksh pins her to wall

Laksh : listen swara …don’t even try to go anywhere …if I find u going anywhere simple I challenge next moment u will be with me by hook or crook

Swara pushes him

Swara (angry) : I don’t care ….but I will make sure that u will not know when I leave

Laksh : that’s impossible

Swara looks somewhere …Laksh gets angry and he starts to kiss her neck .

Swara (moans) : ahhh…Laksh what are u mm..ahhh…

Laksh turns her and kisses her back shoulder….

But then leaves her

Swara (angrily) : what the hell idiot …u blo*dy .. see u mentality also

Laksh : I did this…because you are mine …and I marked u mine long back .

Swara looks at him angrily ……

The next day ,

Swara gets up first and sees lash sleeping in back …row ..

She immediately takes her bag and makes baby step and goes to the door …it was open

She rushed out immediately took her car and went to room

After coming home ..she locked the door

Swara : sheela aunty pack my bags quick …

Sheela nods

Sheela ; you are going anywhere

Swara : hmm …I will say u later aunty

Saying swara goes to freshen up

Sheela packs her bag …

Swara was wearing red top and jeans with hair made a ponytail …she applies only kajal

She calls someone

Swara : hello I need a cab ….olz fast ..

Sheela : we have our own car na beti

Swara : vo ..aunty for some reason

Sheela nods …

Cab arrives and swara leaves …on it to airport …

Swaragini has a private jet

Swara enters and officials made her get to the jet

Swara : I want to reach asap …and ya don’t delay the departure ..we need to depart in 20 mins

Pilot nods …

Swara gets in ….and was shocked seeing …..??????

At maheshwari mansion

Sanskar was going to outside but ragini stops him

Sanskar : yes

Ragini : I can go to my company right

Sanskar : of course u can ….y are u asking me ..

Ragini ; just permission

Sanskar laughs …

Sanskar : see how our life took turn …my most best enemy is asking permission now

Ragini also smiles ….Sanskar was lost seeing it ..

Sanskar : u look good while smiling ragini

Ragini was suprised but then smiles again …

Sanskar also leaves smiling

At jet

Swara : what the hell !!! Laksh (angrily)

Yep it’s our hero Laksh sitting in the jet …

Laksh (smirks) : I said na I won’t leave u …

Swara (angrily) : get lost Laksh ….leave the jet right way

Laksh (smirks) : is it then cme with me

Swara (angrily) : no I won’t

Laksh ; then I also won’t get down (smirks)

Swara was about to go out and inform the pilot ….but Laksh pulls her and she lands on his lap

Swara : Laksh what are u doing ..leave me

Laksh : I am doing what an would be husband would do

Swara (shocked) : would be husband ?

Laksh (shouts) : pilot let’s take off to Paris …

Swara (shocked) : Paris

Laksh : for our marriage (blushes) and then honeymoon

Swara was super shocked ….

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  1. I read only ragsan part from whole ff their love hate relationship is very intersting

    1. ERA

      Oh only small part u read ..I am sorry that I couldn’t concentrate on ragsan…then next chapter I will give importance to ragsan for u …

      I am glad u find it interesting

  2. Super super awesome

    1. ERA

      Thanks sweety

  3. BHANU

    arey yar dolly ur writing ff that to swalak
    i read this ff for first time its amazing
    i mean this part
    but i know whole ff will be sooooo

    happy bday dear nd happy new year too

    ur gift is on the way i pray tu should give you on the time ?

    i am not sure if it lost in transit ? ?

    have a great day dear keep smiling

    1. ERA

      Oh bhanu di…thank’s a lot di
      Ya I am helping alia di in this ff …but it’s her story …

      I am.glad u liked it ….but I know it’s less compared to your ff”s I am serious !!

      Thanks for the wishes di …love u too

      Yippee gift is on the way ..then I am waiting for it ….I will keep opening TU for everyone 2 seconds now ….he he

      Don’t worry if TU didn’t post it ..I will go on strike yes I will ….

      Thanks di …have a great year too …I wish u have a very prosperous year and meet someone special *blush* …

      Keep smiling di

      1. BHANU

        ohhh alia had a great thought thennn

        u better find someone special before me okk

        i want devar

      2. ERA

        Dolly here …

        Bhanu di….you know I want a jiju first

        So with God’s grace this year I guess something something will happen *blushing*

        He he di …I am so excited and happy for u …don’t forget to inform me when u find jiju huh !!! *curious*

  4. raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan( dipti )

    my cute lucky nice epi…love swalak and ragsan…both are different story…i love both ff…sry alia

    1. ERA

      Oh thank u sweetheart …love u loads …
      No u have to choose one …mine or dolly”s we won’t feel bad because it’s not a stranger who is gonna answer but our own sis ..right !!!

  5. awesome loved it .i am big fan of swara so i read only the part containing swara (whether it is swasan or swalak) so try to add more swalak (if possible ).post next one soon

  6. Inu

    Superb epi.

  7. Amazingggggg
    superrr Di…..
    Best of luck for nxt part

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    Hpy b’day dolly awsum update alia n keep smiling ERA

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    loved swalak yr/…….
    loved it !!!!!!!
    amazing chappy…..
    happiiee wala b;day dolly dear
    hv fun 😉 😉

    post asap…..

  10. Asra

    fabulous dear….ragsan scenes r so cute….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  11. Superb amazing part. & happy birthday dolly dear once again. Love u both alia & dolly dear. & happy new year to both of u??

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