“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 12


Hey guys …it’s alia back again …thanks for the beautiful responses …

Hmm as today and day after tomorrow they won’t accept any article …as its new year holidays …

So I am planning to give u all my first ever TS (two shot)

So if u OK with it say me

So here is the story ,

Last part of flashback ,

Unlike other couples swasan were also romantic and more caring towards each other …

Swara also joined sane collage sanskar while sanskar was 3rd year …

Everyone were aware of swasan …they were the very famous couple though .

But destiny had different plans ….

Swara enter the collage all fresh and with a million dollar smile …

Kavya goes and hugs her …

Kavya : oh oh …looking too good …wow ..what’s that (pointing her finger)

Swara blushes …it had a diamond ring with sanskar name

Kavya : so her marked you his forever …huh !

Swara blushes …Kavya pulls her cheeks …

Kavya (tensed) : Swara u know na about your challenge sahil is repeatedly asking me

Swara (smiling) : because of that challenge only I fell in love with him u know na …

Kavya : then say u back off from the challenge …otherwise it may become a big issue

Swara (stumble) : but I don’t want to lose in front of him …he will tease me na …

Kavya : come on ..they are out friends …they will understand….and everyone knows how much u both love each other …

Swara thinks

Swara : ya I will inform sahil that u back off

(The challenge – Swara has to make sanskar fall in love with her …and with 2 year relation …she has to have break up with him)

Suddenly someone from behind pulls her

Swara (smiling) : hi sanskar …

Sanskar slaps her so hard that everyone looks at them ..Kavya comes to support and stand

Sanskar (blood shot eyes) : don’t u dare call me

Swara (tears) : sanskar what happened

Sanskar (angry) ; u don’t know anything na …u don’t know anything …you are very innocent na

Swara looks at him confused ..while holding her cheeks …which he had slapped

Sanskar (angry smile) : very nice game u played with me na ….wow nice challenge ….

Now Swara understood ….even Kavya ….

Sanskar (angry tears) : u played with my feelings na ..and now u will break my heart and go that’s u challenge right

Swara (cries) : sanskar ..plz ……I love u …yes I had challenge

Sanskar (cuts) : hey hey …no need to act OK …u blo*dy cheap girl ….

Swara cries …while Kavya consoles her …

Arav comes

Arav : I already said na sanskar be careful it may be a prank …she is a character less girl

Kavya (angry) ; shut up Arav …u know how much Swara loves sanskar….yes it was a challenge but now she truly loves sanskar and today she is about to back off from it

Sanskar (angry) : shut up don’t support her …her true colors are out now ….

Swara wipes her tears and looks at him

Swara (cries) ; this much weak is our love …u don’t trust me sanskar …do u think the love which I showed u is fake

Sanskar looks at her and then takes his phone and shows her a video

“VIDEO ***
It was sahil , rajat , Swara and kavitha conversation

Sahil : Swara very good yaar …he is truly in love with u na …

Swara gives a fake smile …

Kavitha : ya after all Swara completes her challenge very well na …

She side hugs her….Swara again gives a fake smile …

Rajat : then break up with him….and that completes your challenge dear

Swara (fake smirks) : ya ya I will before that let me make him more mad on me ….so that it will be more suffering for him …

All smiles …

Swara in mind ; I am sorry sanskar …but I won’t do anything I like that because u are my life …

The video ends …

Swara was shocked ..even Kavya …they know it was true video but who took it and gave him

Sanskar (angry) : now what will u say Swara ..will u say this is fake …

Swara holds his leg

Swara (cries) : sanskar yes it is true but I truly love u ….I don’t want that challenge ..just in front of them I told simply

Sanskar jerks her

Sanskar (tears) : plz Swara I am already broken ..don’t act more to make me suffer more ..but ya good acting that I couldn’t get doubt on u …

Saying this sanskar leaves …

Swara shouts : sanskar plz listen to me …sanskar I love u ….

But sanskar didn’t listen …he just goes off hurt

Swara breaks down and Kavya supports her ..Everyone starts to gossip about her playing with a boy’s feeling for challenge …

Swara couldn’t bear it anymore …she runs from there so as Kavya follows her …

There was a car coming in high speed ….and Swara falls in it ….the car hits her …

Swara was drowned in pool of blood …

Kavya shouts : SWARA !!!!

Everyone in collage were shocked ..they all go for rescue …the boy who comes from the car was laksh. ..

(That’s how both met ….swalak…..)

Sanskar heard Kavya …there was a crowd there
Sanskar goes and peeps and was shocked seeing Swara …but her cheating comes to his mind and he walks away ….

Sanskar (angry) : this girls are always injurious to us …and they will have to get very bug punishment …even this Swara …I won’t leave her

From this sanskar became a rapist ..who rapes girls thinking they are threat to boys and deserve to be punishment ….

But sanskar couldn’t cme near Swara ..because ragini never allowed him to ….

*****************the flashback part ends*******

Sanskar cries …a tear falls from ragini’s eyes

Sanskar (cried) ; what’s my fault ragini….I loved your sister so much and she ….

Ragini keeps her hand on his shoulder …sanskar wipes his tears .

Sanskar : I was also a happy go guy , whatever I am doing today is only because of swara …only she ….she will have to answer me back .

There at classroom

Swara (cries) : that time he didn’t even respect my feeling’s laksh….he just went away …without listening to me …our love was so weak ….

Laksh hugs her …he felt bad for her and even for sanskar ….

Swara (cries) : after coming from hospital also I tried talking to him but he ……he just left me …..

Laksh consoles her …

Now guys both of them were right at their places ….

Sanskar don’t know about swara and kavya conversation nor swara mind thoughts ..

While sanskar just trusted the video ..which cleary proved that swara was in challenge

While swara was just acting to be ….

So guys this story had such a drastic end …now I am sure ragini will support sanskar …because she doesn’t know swara’s real feelings for him

While laksh will support only swara …because he thinks swara is correct at her place and sanskar should have listened to swara

So hope I made everything clear now and let’s start the real story from now on …..


Hope u all like it …comment if u like

Thanks for reading .

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    Wowww!that was superb dear. I think now there would be a fight between both couples and both will fall in love. Well I only guessed it. But the past was really sad.

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    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  4. Amazing ..

    Take care 3 sis….
    Best of luck for nxt part …
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    Superb epi

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    awesome dear….

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  11. I didn’t read the episode . **sorryyyyyyy**.
    Because I read only some lines then scroll down & see the comments then I see in comments swasan misunderstanding & all.
    Really I can’t read swasan broken heart. & I think so they can’t meet in present . not only swasan but I can’t see couples like this . if fast continue in next chappy then only I can’t read it dear sorry. But I will read in present. & I will always support ur work & courage. Really I am trying from yesterday that I can read it only one time but don’t know dear what my heart is up too , I can’t read it. But I know the episode is soooooooo awesome as always
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    Waitingggggg waitinggggg post soon or I’ll go mad, amazing episode, sorry for short comment but today I’m toooo lazyyy to type ?

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