“My obsessive lover” by alia and dolly chapter 10


Hey guys it’s alia back again …thanks for the love and support u all are giving me …love u all loads …

As today is my birthday ..I am giving u all double DhaMaka….hope u all like it and support me

Here is the story ,

Swara was with determined face whole day…later that day ..In the evening

Swara went outside the campus to the park ..she was enjoying the weather and was walking

Opposite side sanskar was coming keeping his both hands in his either side of jeans ..

He was smoking hot (after all varun)

He was also enjoying the weather it was cold ..as if it will rain …any moment .

Swara was looking at the other side ..while sanskar gaze falls on her ….he was memerised seeing her ….

Swara also looks at him and was lost in his charming figure ….

Both comes foward …..

Swara (suprised) : u here ?

Sanskar : why I shouldn’t come

Swara : no no ..it’s just a book worm without studying coming to park

Sanskar (fake anger) : not so cool huh !

Swara : OK OK sorry …huh …

Sanskar : it’s fine

Swara : by the way where is your new gf …I couldn’t see her (bit jealous tone)

Sanskar : are u jealous

Swara : ya (realises) I mean why …why will I be ..jealous ..

Sanskar smiles : oh really

Swara : hmm ya in fact I am very happy for u both (looking somewhere)

Sanskar smiles ; OK let’s leave the topic …can we go in …

Swara : sure …

Both goes inside the park …and sits on a bench

Sanskar ; so what’s next plan…which group are u gonna choose …

Swara : hmm ..actually I am confused in this

Sanskar : confused ?

Swara : ya …I don’t know which group to join ..u know

Sanskar : I feel you are strong in maths after coming to my classes (teases)

Swara (fake anger) : not so funny …but ya of course i have improved …thanks to u

Sanskar (smiling) : most welcomed ..

Swara : I guess I will obviously choose bio-chemistry

Sanskar : really …but y

Swara : u know my di is very strict …she had planned my whole life …so this is also included

Sanskar : that’s rude …why is she planing your life .

Swara : no its not …I don’t have parents …she is my mother and my father ..so she has all the rights …

Sanskar feels bad for her …

Sanskar : I am sorry ..

Swara ; no no its OK ..I don’t mind …

Sanskar (diverts) : just three more days …after that all will be changed na

Swara : y ?

Sanskar (smiling) : we can’t always meet like we do in school ….

Swara (saddens) : ya u r right …but life has to move on right ….we can’t stop or pause

Sanskar smiles …

Sanskar (smiling) : but don’t worry I will meet u everyday (low tone)

Swara : u said anything …

Sanskar : no no nothing !

Swara : shall we go it’s late ..or else warden will scold..

Sanskar : OK let’s go ….

Swasan both walk together ….while going together their hands brushes ….both felt current passing through their bodies ..

Sanskar holds her hand ….Swara was shocked but then blushe’s ….she also holds his hand …

Both walk hand in hand ….sanskar smiles looking at her …

More than love both had more respect and more care on each other ….

The next day ,

All the students were going on a picnic to neat by beach …

Due to over crowd …some has to stand .

Sahil : swara ..u sit na ..I will stand

Swara : it’s OK Sahil …u have leg pain na …u rest

Swara goes and stands behind ….a 12th St Boy who was seeing swara with lustful eyes goes to her and stands behind her ….

Swara feels uneasy but doesn’t show …the boy always touches his body to her ….

Swara tries to go but he holds her hand .

Swara : oh hello leave my hand (angrily)

Boy : come on baby let’s enjoy …

At time sanskar comes in between ….swara smiles

Sanskar (smirks) : hey bro…what happened .

Boy (angry) : nothing u move …

Sanskar whispers something in his ears ..the boy sweats ..

Boy : sorry sister …

Saying this he leaves ….swara laughs

Swara (laughs) : what u said to him huh !

Sanskar : nothing actually yesterday he was kissing a girl ..I took video ..I blackmailed him will post in net …that’s it

Swara laughs …sanskar was memerised …seeing her

Sanskar (smiling) : u know what u look very beautiful while u smile and laugh …

Swara stops and then blushe’s ….sanskar likes it so much seeing her ….

There was a sudden break …sanskar and swara lips brushe’s ….both of them felt current passing through their body …

Swara turns and blushe’s ….sanskar smiles …
Sanskar pulls her towards him slowly ..she hits his hard clean shaven chest ….

Swara blushe’s hard …two people were seeing this and we’re burning in jealous

But then sanskar leaves her …swara looks at him

Sanskar : I can’t cheat my gf ..she would be upset na

Swara saddens …she goes and stand in her place .

Sanskar looks at her …..

They all get out ….swara goes with her gang …

They were all playing in water ….sahil pushes swara in water ….while swara also pulls him inside …both rolls in water …

Swara laughs …..

Swara : tit for tat …OK

Sahil smiles ….

Sanskar was just enjoying seeing her ….he can’t take his eyes off her ..


Kavitha : come let’s make sand castle …

All the other’s except swara goes to make castle ..swara was enjoying in water ….

Swara then looks at sanskar who was sitting alone …

Swara : sanskar come na …

Sanskar : no no …I am not interested in these .

Swara pouts …sanskar melts in this ..he goes to her ..

Swara splashes water …sanskar smiles and smirks

Swara looks at him …sanskar moves forward..Swara was standing still ….sanskar was so close to her ….she could feel his breathe on her face …

Sanskar smirks and carries her in a bridal style
Swara looks at him ….

Sanskar twirls her ….she was so happy ….both if them get lost in each other’s eyes …

But the evil eyes were watching them

What will happen to this blissful story !

Hope u all like it …comment if u like ….

Thanks for reading

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