Obsession – The Path To Solace.. Part 8 by subi

Obsession – The Path To Solace <3

Part 8

A warm morning… Climate is something more than awesome.. No sunny no moody.. It's perfect..

Swara who was travelling to office halted her vehicle, went inside a park and made herself comforted in a bench. ( yup you guys got it right. It's swara's pov.)

Y is my life like this…. Can I never live my life as I'm… I'm not a girl who loves to cook and take care of all does household.. It's not that I don't know. I know. I have learnt everything myself.. Because those are to be known who has born as a girl. I may sound old. But it's true. This is reality. we can talk many things. But practically speaking a women needs to know all these…. Don't take me wrong. Forget about in laws and husband. When she have a child… When she gave birth. She can't depend on others to take care of child.. She have to do everything herself. And she will love everything she does to him herself. I'm not any exceptional. I'm a person who sees future not the present. I believe in saying "work in present for a dreamt future"

But here I'm doing all house work being a good dil. Good wife. More than that I couldn't punish sanskar. I can't now.. As he lost his memory… I can't show him what I'm which I planned that day. .

If that accident didn't happen.. Everything will be sorted out. . That day itself.. But now.. He is not the sanskar whom I wanna take revenge.. He is my best friend sanky. The innocent one….

What I should do.. Where is my life leading me. Y did he got obsessed with me?? Y did I Marry him?? Y?? Y God. I felt water on my cheeks. I looked up to whether it's raining. But no those are my tears…. I wiped it immediately. .. I can't fall weak.

I'm the selfie girl in the world. All are thinking I'm taking good care of Sanskar as he is my friend. But little did they know I'm taking care of him so that he could gain his memory.. And I can take my revenge…. Yes. I told write right. I SEE THE TOP NOT THE PATH. …

I'm waiting for his recovery.. Many things are stored for him. He will face the hell… Now let him enjoy…. Even now I like to see him sad. I feel happy seeing his pain as I'm not close to him like I used to be when we are friends. I don't have little guilt too. U must be thinking what guilt na…. He fell down from stairs because of me. Yes I'm the one who planned that voice one.. And laksh image. I know he will go to farm house to check nikhil. But he can't find him. Because I already saved him. . Whar he thinks I'm a small girl… Hahaha. A business women… A person who can be a angel and devil.. When needed.. Hahaha. And I'm the one among them. I feel my lips turned to a smirk automatically.. I feel proud of myself….

Today I'll say you the reason y I married sanskar… How he blackmailed me…

When sanskar parents came to ask for my hands.. My mother made me accept the proposal. Our engagement happened the very next week. Till then only sanskar remember.. But after that. I laksh and sanskar meet.. That time I told him to stop this marriage. As I haven't seen him in that angle.. He became mad.. I saw a rude one instead of my bestie. He was scaring me with his cold voice. But It didn't affect me as laksh is with me… Then laksh controlled him saying he will talk with me. Nothing worked.. Then laksh told me you go I'll take him to doctor. I insisted in helping him.. But laksh denied as sanky was not less than a mad that time. I don't know what happened next.. Only laksh and sanskar know. . Next morning. When I woke up police was before our house. I saw crowd before my home.. Did I told you?? Laksh parents died in a accident from then he is staying with us. When I went down. I was informed laksh met with a accident and his body was bursted along with his car…. I felt like floor are floating. My world is spinning.. Before I realize I closed my eyes. But I was caught by someone. That's it Blank everything was. .

When I opened my eyes. I was in my room.. Sanskar was with me. I remembered last night incident. When I was about to ask him. He told " marry me or else I'll kill nikhil. Also I'll destroy laksh name and his dream. His company will be booom… Got it. " I was seeing like whar is happening. He came near me and patted my cheeks. " Laksh company the shares in his name are in my name now. Think wise shona.. I know you will take the vest decision…. He went out. . I holded my head. Everything over.

With no option I married him. ..

This is my sad past.. OK let me go to office.. I have works to do. Cya. Guys.

Episode ends…..

PRECAP: Don't know

I'm upset with your response guys. Nothing to say more. . ???

Note: short update as my semester exams are going on. Still I wrote just for you guys…


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