Obsession – The Path To Solace.. Part 6 by subi

Obsession – The Path To Solace <3

Part 6

Swara's pov…..

I tried opening my eyes.. But it was tough.. My whole body is paining like hell… I closed my eyes.. Yesterday events came to my mind…. Tears are eady to flow from my eyes… No I can't fall weak.. Really??? Did it happened.. Did he made me impure…. No pls… It shouldn't have been happened.. No…. But wait.
Nikhil.. Where is he…. I'm living jusr for him… Whar was his fault.. In it.. I opened my eyes I won't show myself weal before him… He has to pay for everything…. I found him siting in couch eyeing me.. All dressed…. I saw myself. I'm just covered with a blanket… No I won't cry…. I went to washroom.. Like nothing happened… Like is not there.. " I won't fall weak.. I can't fall weak. " these are the things I chanted myself… Continously……. I got ready. .. I have my dress here as its my room in our farm house…..

I came out to see the room empty… I went down.. Like I'm not affected.. He is shocked seeing me like this…. I saw him reading news paper.. I saw nikhil. He has fainted or unconscious… I have to save him. I know this beast won't do anything to him now.. Still I want him to be free.. . I took a deep breadth and booked a cab and went home… Aunty and uncle.. Saw me and smiled. I too smiled and went to the room…not to our room.. To guest room. I was going to break down. When I was about to close the door… Aunty came in. I tried to control my tears. But it was bursted seeing auntys concern for me.. She was shocked…. I sat down hugging my knees.. And was sobbing like anything.. She say beside me and took me in her embrace….

Suji: shona cool down…. What happened dear…. See stop crying…

But I jusr cried more.. Hugging her. ….

Swa: pls aunty let me cry. I want to cry. .

I told these and slept on her lap…… And cried… So hard.. She was ruffling my hairs trying to calm down me.

I composed after sometime I saw towards aunty… She was seeing me expecting the answer….

Swara: can I call you ma???

Suji..: you can… Said with happiness….

I told her what all happened…. She went numb… Hearing. It…..

I poured my all emotions out. …

Swa: ahhhhhhh sanskar… I hate you. You are making me helpless in all situation.. I hate your male ego.. You will pay for your every sin… Ma you will be with me na.. Pls don't leave me ma… I need you. Pls ma..

Sujatha: shhh swara don't cry.. See you called me as ma na.. I'll be at your side.. Always.. I'm sry. You are in this situation because of a person whom I gave birth too.. I'm sry…

I cried more hugging her. .. Ma was also crying. …

Swara pov ends…..

Next day….

Sanskar didn't came home from yesterday. As usual swara got ready for office… But the charm in her face is missing.. She is looking pale…..

After reaching office.. She was fully indulged.. This swara is different. Too much bossy one. Everyone are scared of her….

Swa: ( shouting on call) Rahul… Whar the hell you think of yourself… This tender should have been given by yesterday. Didn't I told you… I need you in my cabin right now. .

What he hell is happening around me…..
OK I'll face it….

Rahul: mam may I come in..

Swa: yah.. ( almost shouted) explain..

Swara said as she pushed some papers. …

Rahul: mam. Sir told not to file it…

Swara: which sir…

Rahul: sanskar sir mam…

Swara: who is your boss.. Me or him…

Rahul: mam.. Sir is also..

Swara: me or him..

Rahul: mam..

Swara: me or him..

Rahul: you.

Swara: then what is this.. Do you know what is the result.. Can you realize the loss we gonna face.. Answer me dammit….

Sumi entered that time..

Sumi: swara whar is this.??

Swara: Y are you here Mrs. Godida…

Sumi: swara I'm your ma…

Swa: sry you are mistaken… Can you pls get out of my cabin.. Or should I call the security…

Sumi felt insulted and went from there..

SwSwara: now get lost . Rahul.. Give advertisement for new pa. You join the other section. I can't face loss because of you. Since you are here from beginning I'm not firing you. Out of my cabin….

Useless fellows.. I mumbled to myself…

When swara was doing her work…she heard a knock on the door…..

Swa: come in…

Person: good evening Mrs swara sanskar Maheshwari. .

Swa: sanskar ( shivering but acted arrogant)

San: Yes your one and only life partner.

Swa: what are you doing here ( full attitude)

San: let me remind I'm also a partner of this company. . I hold all laksh shares in the company. ( saying this he sat in chair with smirk)

Hearing it swara fumed in anger.got up from her seat and went near sanskar……

Swa: you blo*dy cheap. …

Before she could complete.. Sanskar pulled her to his lap…… The moment she landed. .

He sealed his lips with her's…..

Swara was shocked… First. Then a disgusted expression came on her face… She closed her eyes.. Last night incident revolves in her mind…….she opened her

Without thinking anything… She just took a cutter from her table and.. Scratched his hand.. So hard that it started bleeding…..

Sanskar winched in pain.. And looked towards swara…..

Swa: ( dangerous tone) never dare to touch me…….

Sanskar got angry seeing it. .

San: did you forgot about nikhil???? ( pained smirk)

Swa: Yes I did.. Now go away from my cabin.. Don't dirty it with your blood…

Since it was paining.. He went away….

Swara smirked and called someone….

Screen freezes…..

Episode ends…..

PRECAP: little about the reason behind sanskar blackmailing swara….


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