Obsession – The Path To Solace.. Part 3 by subi

Obsession – The Path To Solace <3

Part 3
~~~~~~~~Flashback shot 2~~~~~~~~~

Swara's pov…..

He kissed me.. I can't do anything.. But soon I'll take my revenge for everything…. thinking about it I went down and made breakfast and sweet ad it's my rasam instructed by suju aunty. Later ram uncle came down and patted my head saying… " Good bless you.. My daughter " and went away.. Suju aunty was seeing this with emotions In her eyes…I know she is in verge of crying. . So I changed her mood. Saying… " Aunty.. You look hot today.. What's the secret of sudden beauty.. Ah ah " I winked at her..

She let out a small laugh and hitted my head.. Saying " pagal. " I pouted immediately after she told this… She laughed whole heartedly and hugged me.. Saying " take care shona I know what you have gone through. I know whatever happened is my son's fault. I'm sorry for that. You don't worry and don't think I'll ask you not to leave him. May be if I don't know you I would have told but you are also my daughter. I love you more than sanskar. You have full rights to break this marriage too.

Me and uncle are with you.. OK we just need your happiness.. Our daughters happiness.. " I had tears seeing their love……. I just hugged her tight. But controlled my tears.. . Then uncle came after reading news paper… I was about to serve him breakfast he asked me also to sit and have breakfast.. When I was about to sit.. I heard a voice . " papa don't you know in our culture newly wedded wife won't eat before her husband eat.. And you know my shona is traditional girl… She too does the same… " I felt insulted..

But kept quite and served him breakfast… He ate and went away. I didn't felt to eat after the taunt I got.. You don't know what taunt right.. Wait for some more time.. I asked permission to aunty about going office.. She told it's my life… But asked me to go after breakfast … I didn't felt like having.. I excused and went away.. .before I break down ..

Today I took a cab as I'm sure I can't manage to ride.. OK I have 2 hours to reach my destination. Till then let me tell about my past..

************ Flashback starts ***********

I got my first friend Sanskar.. He used to be so talkative and not so good at studies but awesome cricket player.. There are many fans for him.. Kids used to come to him.. Asking him to teach them cricket.. I used to be silent..always.. Sometimes he gets a doubt like am I here or listening too.. I used to smile.. Like this my 6th Std got over… Then for summer vacation I went to my grandmother home.. This time with ragini too.. We both used to go for summer camps and classes.. She opted for yoga and I opted for karate and yoga.. Means she use to have class in morning alone.. For me morning and afternoon… I just love karate..

Actually I'm not good at kata.. Like the position and all.. So my master asked me to choose shito. It's a fight with legs. Both blocking and attacking… Hands can be used only to block if it's necessary. I was well trained in it.. Me and ragini went for competition.. We both are selected for district level competition in yoga. I got second price and ragini got first. Then coming to karate I won first in District level later I was called to attend second national level program in another state.. This news reached my mom.. She told it's my wish.. But if I want to go. I should go alone only… I thought and decided to give it a try.. So I told I'll attend.. Then I went for coaching.. And.. Then the day came.. All congratulated me.. And told they didn't thought I havw much guts to go alone and so on.. But that idiot sanky told.. Don't go u can't mange you are a girl..

I didn't like this talk.. I saw suju aunty.. She scolded him saying.. You are a boy. Have you ever tried karate.. He had no answer.. All came to send off me to railway station… There were some other students from our school. All are my senior and one boy of my age. and no girls. I'm the only girl from my district. I felt proud. I was tensed too. Guess what I got fever in train itself but I didn't tell anyone.. I went to my berth carrying the dinner parcel mom gave. My berth is up. When I climbed up.. The boy of my age too came.. He sat beside me and told.. " HI.. Swara.. You are going to eat right.. Even I'm going to have dinner.. I felt bored having alone.. So shall I join you..!!

And this is deva.. You can call me dev.. " I don't know what happened to me.. I told.. " give a breath you are talking continously.. " I bited my tongue after saying this.. He looked me for sometime and started laughing… " Hahhaah OK from now I'll talk slowly. " I smiled… And opening my parcel.. It's parotta and chicken.. I felt happy.. Wanna know y.. As its my favorite.. I felt happy that mom care for me and know about my favourite..
Even he had parotta but not chicken.. So I told him " you can share with me.. " he became happy.. And asked.. " means are we friends?? " I nodded with smile.. " then we started talking forgetting about dinner.. Then again.. Actually we both don't know how to open the curry packet..

We are struggling with it.. Seeing this our principal comes to us and helped us.. Then had it and slept in our berth.. We reached the destination in morning… You know what I saw there made me happy.. As one side I was scared too being alone without my family. You know what I saw?? It's my cousin brother laksh.. He was talking with my principal. Sry our principal.. He then came to me. " HI shona how was the travel??? Kidoo " huh I got angry now.. Seriously am I looking like a kidoo for him.. That too he told this infront of dev.. I just nodded and left with principal… To my room…the room was spacious and awesome..

Principal told me.. If I want any help I can ask them. He said this pointing towards two sisters who are sitting in opposite room.. I told OK. . He went I closed the door and slept.. As competition Is tomorrow and karate master asked me not to practice today and attempt competition directly as it will strain.. So no work for me..after sometime someone knocked the door.. I opened It was those sisters.. I smiled.. They told.. Me to come with them. I went after locking room.. They took me to dining area.. I'm not used to the place it's different like a food setting In marriage place.. Hmm like no not like buffet too.. Hmm seeing my hesitation..

The sister good food for me too. I saw its sambar rice.. No.. I don't like it.. None in our family like it.. But no other option right.. So I was about to eat.. Then laksh came and took me after telling to those sisters… I went with him.. Hehe he took me to a restaurant.. And ordered my favorite.. Biriyani and chicken 65… Haha I got happy.. Even he ordered same for me.. When I was eating he told.. " y didn't you told that akka that you don't like sambar. She would have took some other food for you na.." I kept silent.. " see shona I know you are silent but talk for yourself.. It's nothing wrong in it.. Don't try to get adjust. Be you whatever may be OK.. Don't be like this..

All will use you.. Being a brother it's my duty to take care of my sister.. So I'm telling all these.. See ragini.. She knows what she wants and she can fight for it.. Even you know what you want but you are not ready to fight for it.. Just do it yaar.. Don't compromise.. " I just nodded.. But those words are crct.. I should be like that…… I gave myself a courage that time and you know what. I won gold medal in national level competition and I'm the only girl to win it that time ??? I felt like flying…

************* flashback ends *************

I reached my office… Actually it's laksh business but now I'm taking over it as he told… I went to my cabin…. It's written. Mrs. swara sanskar Maheshwari.. What the hell.. Who the hell did it…. Ahh they are coming on my nerves… I shouted for my pa.. There comes the foolish person of the world… " who the hell changed my name here? " I shouted with rag…

" Mam mam sanskar sir told.. " he answered being afraid.. What the hell..

" is he your boss or me?! " I asked in dangerous tone

" you " he told like a scared cat.

" then what is this " I shouted as I banged my hands in table..

He jerked due to it..

I heard the door open sound.. There comes my so called husband….

" You can go out Rahul " he said sternly..

Rahul my pa went away after giving me a look..

" shona what is this. Is it a way to behave for a girl " hearing it. I felt disgusting..

" There is no rule that girl can't talk like this.. It's my office.. He is my pa.. And I can do it with my wish. U can't interfere in my life " I said without thinking..

He smirked and came near me…..

" it's our life and.. I'm your hubby. I have full rights on you and also. I can destroy your this so called business in a single
Go.. I guess you don't want it
.Afterall this business is the reason you married me right. " what he is talking more..

" listen Mr Maheshwari you are the one who forced me to marry by blackmailing. "

" anyway truth is same. You married me for this business.. "

" yes I did I wanna live my life the away laksh wanted me too. I'll fulfill all the dreams he had for himself and also on me. " I told getting emotional…

He was seeing me. " afterall it's that's what I can do for him.. For my laksh.. My brother.. The one who cared for me.. The one loved me.. The one who helped me find my self.. I'll do things that gives solace to his soul.. " I told and sat on the couch.. Sanskar went away from room… Sensing the situation…

" I'll live my life laksh.. I'll achieve the height you want me to reach. I'll be happy.. I'll fulfill your dreams… I'll do everything.. But be with me.. I need your support. I know you are around me.. I'm thinking like that only.. And doing everything. I love you laksh.. I love you my bro ❤❤❤❤❤❤ may you rest in peace…

To be continued……

OK OK OK.. Laksh fans don't kill me.. For killing him. even I'm his fan.. So gave him the important role of the story.. But don't worry you will find laksh role even now too……

Bubbye love you all.. ❤❤❤❤❤?????


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    Not liking sanskar at all..
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