Obsession – The Path To Solace.. Part 2 by subi

Obsession – The Path To Solace <3

Part 2
~~~~~~~~Flashback shot 1~~~~~~~~~

Swara's pov…..

I'm not getting sleep. How will I get afterall my whole life is collapsed in a single day. I know sanskar is good. But he is a beast who don't care about me. He is important for him. From beginning. But I took it light afterall he was my best friend. I neglected everything he did in past. As I thought he does it in anger or something. But he did everything for me. Chi. Thinking I'm the reason itself. Making me die. But I can't I have many things to set. Oh yah. You don't my story right. But I'm have a doubt in telling. Will you accept your lovable sanskar in negative shade. Won't you criticize subi?? Promise me that. Then only I'll start. Acha I guess you accepted. So don't shout on subi. That poor is too busy and feed up already. So give her motivation through your comments. ( hehhehe see guys. Even swara wants you to support me. ????? I guess you will obey her. ) so now flashback time..

——————-Flashback ——————

My family is small and cute. Me ma, papa and my lovely sis ragini. I love them except my father. Yes I don't like him. I have seen my suffering coz of his family.. Though my ma and papa did arranged marriage… But my papa family only taunts her and torture her mentally … And even induce my papa to do the same. I grown up seeing all these. It was fixed in my mind. I don't go well with anyone. Me being silent from my childhood. Only be a happy with my grandfather.. That's my ma ka father… I love Goin to my grandfather house. He gets me chocolate and always pamper me. I and mom used to go there all weekend.. Not only him even my grandmother and uncles love me. As I'm the first grandchild of the family…. But mom used to fight with them always as they got her married to my papa. When MA is studying her clg. And other times. She user to beat me. And scold me.. She used show her all anger on me. But I don't know. Y that time too
I would comfort her aftrr she stopped beating me. Aftrr that she used to hug me. And say sry. But it won't stop.. It would be the daily routine. She wants me to be the best in everything.. And I do it too ofcourse she force me for it. Can you belive a child from her Lkg to 5th Std used to study till 12 pm in mid night. Also go for all kind of classes in Saturday. Sunday is the only day she get. That evening also goes by lowering her mom's anger by getting beating. ….. when I was at my Lkg. I got my first daughter my solace.. My only sister ragini . I love her a lot she was my world. I used to save her from my mom anger.. . Even she used to escape herself by going to my papa. So she is their family pets too. And the Don of my ma's family.. Hehe kidding yes all in my grandfather home and in their neighborhood call her Don as she doesn't even think twice before shouting or always show her cute anger. And talk with attitude. Hahaha and she used to call me akki instead of akka. We both used to hide under bedsheets in night and play something we love that memory. hahga talking about my sister I can do it whole day… My sister and my grandfather are the persons I love. But I guess God don't need my happiness. My grandfather left me forever. I don't know the meaning too. He was made lie down when we went to grandfather house one night as my uncle's friend came to our house to call us. I saw mom crying. I don't know why. But those scene got fixed in my mind. Till now I can imagine the whole scene. I thought that grandfather is sleeping. Next day to he was same but he was in living room. Then they took us to backyard and poured cold water on me. I shivered and cried saying. I'll complain to my grandfather. They comforted me….. I saw around to see they did same with everyone women in our family. My ma was hugging ragini close. Then when we came. To house. Grandpa was not there. I thought he went out. My many relatives came to our home.. I was happy and playing with them. And after that.. They went to their grandfather. their grandpa bought them chocolate. He gave me. But I told them that. My grandfather will buy me. My uncle who is near me.. And who heard me. Cried aloud taking me close in his embrace. I got scared and asked my uncle not to cry but he was crying more.. Then a boy came and took. Me.. I went to ma and sat near her….. After sometime when my cousins came and asked my mom to let me play.. She asked me to go… I went.. But they made fun of me saying that…. My grandfather won't come as he got to know I'm a bad girl.. I pushed my one cousin sister. And sat there crying that my grandfather will come….. I didn't notice them. Going they came back again.. But with my mom… She slapped me infront of every cousin saying.. " behave properly… And don't fight.. " I don't know what to say.. I was about to say her what they told.. But she showed me her hand asking me to shut up and gave a kiss on my cousin sister cheeks and went away.. I cried more seeing that… They all were laughing… But one of my cousin brother shouted at them.. And took me down… And went infront of all… He stood infront my ma and told.. " ask sry to her aunty… " I got sacred… Seeing that… My ma was lookin at me with anger.. My uncle came and asked me what happened.. All were around us… Even my cousin parents.. He explained them.. What they told. And how they made fun of me.. And how I cried.. Later how my ma slapped me.. Hearing this all got angry on them… And they scolded my cousins and uncle shouted on my ma.. Saying don't dare to touch me…. Those moments ma was angrily staring at me.. I know what I'll get… Later my cousin took me and my sister to play . He was elder than me… He is laksh… They both were playing. But.. I was alone. I don't want anyone.. All are bad.. They will hurt me. It was in my mind.. I told na ma force me till my 5th Std. That's because. I fainted when I was in that class in balcony at midnight. .. They found me in morning. When I woke up. I was in hospital room alone. . Doctor came to me and checked my trips and gave me a chocolate. I with difficulty I told thanks. He patted my head and told me to take care.. And sleep. I asked for mom. He told me. They will come in sometime. I nodded and slept as I was feeling weak.. … Later when I woke up… My uncle came and took me home.. He told me that I'll stay with them for some days.. As grandmother what to meet me. . I went.. She gave me some medicine.. And took it as I thought I'm weak… I asked for ma. My uncle told.. He will take me later.. I'm the happiness of them.. They used to care for me.. After one month. I went to my home.. Nothing was same. Like my ma didn't force me to study.. She just told me my daily routine… I lived myself.. That time a new family shifted next to my home.. That aunty WAS too cute… She always used to take me to her home.. It was like everyone love me except my parents.. All need a child like me.. They want their children to be obedient like me.. I don't know y my mom don't like me. .. Leave it.. That aunty has a son.. Who is of my age… He used to smile at me. I used to do the same.. After that. It was time for my next year in school… I don't have any friends.. I will always be alone… I used to sit in my first bench… I was teachers pet… So students don't like me much.. As I don't talk also… I noticed that next day.. Someone entering my class in afternoon lunch break. I heard a voice.. " HI shona " it's me.. All in my family call me that.. . I turned to see laksh in our school uniform… .. He was talking something.. Like he is my senior and today only he noticed me.. Then he asked me. Y I'm sitting alone.. There came a voice.. " she was waiting for me.. HI I'm her friend SANSKAR " sanskar who is he. . I saw him.. My neighbor aunty son… Ohh he is my class mate. I came to know about it with sanlak chat…. Later laksh went after having lunch with me.. I was silent.. But they were talking.. After laksh went….sanskar introduced himself officially to me and asked for my friendship.. I thought and nodded.. He got happy. After that he used to sit with me.. And talk… I used to just hear him…..

I got my first friend…. Sanskar…..

~~~~~~~~~Flashback ends ~~~~~~~~~

Hey I guess sanskar is going to wake up. . OK let me close my eyes. I'll say remaining flashback later…

He got up and went to washroom.. Omg it's morning. ohh no. I should get ready. Suju aunty will be waiting for me.. I got up. And went to dressing room. As there was another washroom attached there. I was getting ready fast as I don't want to face him….. But I guess destiny is not with me. When I came out of dressing room. I directly landed on his chest… Oh no… He caged me with his arms.. I'm stuck. He was seeing me like anything.. . No pls no. . Who is hearing. He kissed me. It's not the first time… It happen from one year… He doesn't want my permission.. I hate him. But I can't do anything… Yes.. I can't do now. But I'll do soon. It's my only goal.. I'll take my revenge soon.. It includes his obsession too. I'll I won't forget anything…..

Episode ends……..

So guys happy with the part. I know you are not.. As no swasan scene. But I can't help. Story needs it….. I hope you will support.. And also I need your suggestion. . I'm getting much busy now a days… I can hardly post one episode a week… Will you wait for me or SHALL I ASK MY FRIEND TO CONTINUE THIS STORY…

Tell me your decision.. You need rare episode from me or. Two to three episode a week from my friend…. Answer guys. .

Bye guys.. Love you all..

PRECAP: it depends on what you need.. Flashback shot 2 or present or both.. If both.. Flashback will be more..


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