Obsession OS

Hey guys today i’m going to write an OS and as promised the pairs are Ragsan and Swalak.The story is similar to the plot of a movie but i don’t remember which movie it is.Swara and Ragini are neither sisters nor friends here.Infact there is hardly any convo between them.Sanlak are brothers.Adarsh,pari,sujata and RP are not there.Other characters are introduced within the story.I hope u enjoy it 🙂 .

In the opening scene we see aa huge mansion.We see a name board outside”MAHESHWARI MANSION”.A girl is standing tensed outside the door.She is wearing a simple salwar suit.A guy comes and keeps his hand on her shoulder.
Sanskaar:Calm down Ragini.They will surely like you 🙂
Ragini:But Sanskaar,our castes are different.What if they regect me for my caste and state?
Sanskaar:Chill Ragini,we both love each other and u r soo sweet and kind hearted.They will surely like u.He gave her an assuring smile but deep inside even he had the same fear as he knew that his father place caste,society and status above everything.But he still had some hope that his father might agree seeing their goodness and love.With this hope he knocked the door.The servant came and opened the door.Ragini was hesitant to enter but Sanskaar gave her a comforting smile.After entering the Mansion,Ragini was shocked to see the interior.She had never seen such a big house.It seemed just like a Royal palace.This only increased her fear and she was goin to run away but Sanskaar held her hand.
Sanskaar:Whats wrong with u Ragini?We have to talk about this one day.So y not today?Before its too late we need to talk to papa.Or else he migt fix my marriage with someone else.Ragini shuts his mouth with her hand.
Ragini:No Sanskaar.Don’t ever say this.I can’t bear the thought of u marrying someone else.Sanskaar smiles.
Sanskaar:NEither can i.So we need to do this today.Ragini gives a nervous smile and nods.Sanskaar call his entire family and tells about Ragini.All the family members are shocked.Sanskaar’s dad(DP) Looks at her with disgust.
DP:Did u never think about our honour?How can u even think we will allow this marriage?
Sanskaar:But papa i love her.And is kind hearted.A person’s heart defines them,not their wealth and status.
DP:Yeh sab toh kehne ki baatein hai.Arre bade logon mein hamara uthna baithna hai.She will only bring embarassment to our family.She is not even worthy enough to marry the servant of this house.Ragini felt extrmely humiliated and ran awya crying.Sanskaar was fuming.
Sanskaar:Enough papa.Stop it.There is a limit to everything.All this wealth and so called status has made u arrogant and stone hearted.How can u insult someone like that?
DP:Nd u didn’t feel ashamed when u were setting a bad example for ur siblings?Seeing u tomorrow evn Laksh will go against me.Even he might dare to bring a low caste girl.And ur sister Uttara,arre we have some status and power in society.That’s y no one even tries to come near her.If u get married to that cheap girl,then some cheap road side romeo will start troubling her thinking we are liberal.If not about my respect,atleast think about ur siblings and ur mother(AP).
Sanskaar:That is ur thinking.I know my Ragini well.She is perfect.Nd I’ll marry her only.That is my final decision.HE leaves.
AP:Oh my god,what black magic did that girl do on my poor son.Who will put sense into his head now.Swara was standing all this while at the door and she saw whatever happened.She goes to AP.
Swara:Calm down aunty.I will try to explain him.Everything will be fine.AP nods and Swara goes to Sanskaar’s room.

Sanskaar’s room:

Sanskaar is boxing over there,removing all his frustration.Swara comes and sees him frustrated.
Swara:When were u planning to tell me about her?
Sanskaar:I am sorry Swara.I was going to tell.But then i thought i should talk to papa as he is planning to get me married.
Swara:Are u mad?
Sanskaar:Come on yaar.At least u support me.I fell in love with her kindness,innocence,simplicity and truthfulness.Love doesn’t happen by seeing cast nd religion.Love is beyond all this.
Swara:I understand this.Even u do.But do u think anyone else in ur family will understand nd support?Laksh enters with icecream.
Laksh:There are people who are more intelligent and caring than u Miss Swara Gadodia.I will always support my brother till infinity and beyond.
Swara(Rolls her eyes):Yeah yeah sure y not.
Laksh(handing her a bowl of icecream):Here eat this.I hope this freezes ur mouth for sometime.My ears bleed whenever i listen to ur senseless talks.
Swara(happy):Omg for meeeeeeeeeeee 😀
Laksh:Common sense is not very common.If i am handing u a bowl with icecream nd asking u to take it,it only means that it is for u.
Swara:Yeah but one cannot expect gentleman kind f behaviour from Lucky.Toh jhatka toh lagega hi.
Laksh:Chup kar(turning to Sanskaar)bhai here u also eat icecream.ND cool down.Everything will be fine.We all will try to convince papa.Nd Ragini is very sweet.She will easily be able to impress everyone with her goodness.
Sanskaar:No Lucky i have to console Ragini.She must have felt very insulted.Saying this he left.Laksh looks at Swara and pulls his collor.
Laksh:My bhai is jut like me,loving nd caring.See how he went to console my to be bhabhi leaving a whole bowl of icecream.Sahi jaa raha hai.
Swara:Yep,on the other hand the only good thing u can do is bring a bowl of icecream.Laksh sees icecream on the tip of her lips.
Laksh:Wrong i am good in eating icecream too.Swara gives a confused look.Laksh pulls her towards him nd gives her a kiss,a soft one which then turned wild.He was sucking and biting her lips while she held his hair and moaned in pleasure.After sometime they stopped and were breathing heavily.Laksh keeps one hand one her waist and plays with her hair with the other.
Laksh:See i told u.I am good in other things too 😉 .Swara blushed.
Swara:Well if u r soo good then y don’t u ever talk to ur dad about us.
Laksh:Swara u know right bhai is elder than me nd he has to get married first.I just hope dad agrees for Ragini.Bhai loves her a lot.He will not be happy with anyone else except her.Swara becomes sad nd nods.They both hug each other.

Ragini’s home:

A small yet beautiful home is shown.Outside the home is written “Janki bose”.Janki is Ragini’s mom.Her dad died when she was young nd her mom has single handedly brought her up.Janki is knocking a door getting tensed.
Janki:Ragini open the door why are u crying?Will u not tell ur Maa? Ragini doesn’t reply nd just keeps crying recollecting DP’s words.Sanskaar comes nd sees Janki tensed.He consoles her nd says that he will talk to her.He then goes out of the house and enters Ragini’s roon through the window.Ragini is shocked but then hus=gs him and cries.
Sanskaar:Rona band karo Ragini.Sab theekh ho jayega.
Ragini:Nothing will be ok.I will never be able to match ur standards.Ur family will never accept me.
Sanskaar(cups her face):I don’t care whether my family accepts u or not.I accepted u from my heart.And i will be with u forever.Even death cannot seperate us.He kisses her forehead,nd then kisses her cheek.He then looks at her lips nd asks permission through gesture.Ragini closes her eyes allowing him.He kisses her softly while holding waist with one hand and face with another hand.Ragini also reciprocates.After few minutes the stop and Ragini buries her head in his chest nd they share a tight hug.He then opens the door and comes out with Ragini.Janki who was tensed gets relieved and hugs her tight.
Janki:Y did u lock urself?Meri jaan nikli jaa rahi thi.
Ragini:I’m ok maa.I was jsut worried that we will be separated.
Janki(Cups her face):Ur’s and Sanskaar’s relationship was made in heaven.Even god cannot separate u two.Then y r u scared.
Sanskaar:Wahi toh maa.That’s what i’m trying to tell her.But she doesn’t listen.Anyways i will go now.Tomorrow papa kept some business party.(Turns to ragini)I hope u remember what i said.Ragini nods.He touches Janki’s feet and leaves.Ragini then hugs Janki.

Next day:

Maheshwari MAnsion:

Party is going on.Everybody is enjoying.There were some dancers dancing with long ghonghat.One of the dancers secretly pull Sanskaar and takes him to an isolated place.She opens her ghoonghat.Sanskaar is very happy and he kisses her.After a long kiss they move away.The girls is revealed to be Ragini.
Sanskaar:U r looking so beautiful. 😉
Ragini:Shut up Sanskaar.I’m already tensed nd u r trying to romance what if someone catches us.
Swalak(while entering the scene):U r already caught.Ragini becomes scared nd hides behind Sanskaar.Swalak laugh seeing her scared.
Laksh:Chill bhabhi.We won’t tell anyone.
Swara(going to Ragini):Hi I’m Swara.Sanlak’s childhood friend(They shake hands).I must say u r very pretty.Sanskaar has a very good taste.Ragini blushes.
Ragini:Thanks.But u r even more pretty.I bet guys are crazy behind u.Swara smiles and Laksh scratches his head.
Laksh:So bhabhi if u don’t mind i need to take Sanskaar from here.Sanskaar hold Ragini’s hand nd puts.
Sanskaar:No ways that party is anyways boring.
Swara:No bahanas.Bye Ragini.She holds Sanskaar’s hand nd pulls him from there.Ragini get jealous seeing her holding his hand.

Back in the party DP calls Sanskaar and Swara on stage.
DP:I have become very successful in business.And this party was organised to celebrate my success.But there is also another reason for this.Today i am announcing my son Sanskaar’s marriage with my best friend Shekhar’s daughter Swara.Nd an evn bigger surprise is,i am keeping their engagement today.Swasanlak is shocked.Ragini who was standing behind a pillar nd witnessing the entire scene is evn more shocked and teary eyed.She runs away.Sanskaar was going to oppose his father when his mother stopped him.
AP:U have my promise.Do this engagement or u will witness my dead body.Swasan unwillingly made each other wear the rings.Laksh was heartbroken nd left from there.Swara saw this and followed him.Sanskaar was too frustrated so he left.DP was standing there and talking to Shekhar and Sharmishtha(Swara’s parents).Suddenly Uttara notices the chandelier moving nd about to fall on DP.
Uttara:PAPA SAMBHAL KE….she runs and pushes him.They fall while the chandelier falls behind them.Everybody present in the party is shocked.


Laksh is walking in a frustrated manner.Swara stops him nd tries to explain him
Swara:Laksh i know u love me.Evn i love u.But i guess we should ccept this now.Its better for all of us.Laksh was soo frustrated that he grabbed her hands.Swara was scared seeing his anger.
Laksh:BHAI LOVES RAGINI,ND WE LOVE EACH OTHER.NOBODY CAN SEPERATE US.U R JUST MINE.NOBODY ELSE CAN TOUCH U.I DON’T CARE WHAT OUR FAMILIES WANT,BUT IF U R NOT MINE,U R NOBODY’S.DO U GET THAT???Sanskaar witnessed the whole scene he was shocked to know they both love each other.Swalak notice him nd separate.Uttara comes running to him nd informs what happened.Swasanlak r shocked nd rush inside.Few days pass.Ragsan stopped meeting each other as Ragini felt he shouldn’t betray Swara.Laksh was not ready to leave Swara.They were numerous attacks on DP.At one point there was also an attack on Sanskaar.Sanskaar started doubting Lucky.One day he sees some dogs attcking Swara.He saves her nd notices Laksh behind a tree.HE goes to her nd pulls his collor.
Sanskaar:U tried to kill me nd papa.But y r u trying to harm ur own love.
Laksh:I didn’t harm anyone bhai.I saw Ragini nd i was goin to talk to her.But all of a sudden a saw something horrifying.
Laksh:It was not me but Ragini who left dogs on u.Nd i think it was her behind all the attacks.Sanskaar gets angry and was about to punch him when he notices Ragini running.He runs behind her nd Swalak follow him.They reach a cliff.Ragini cries nd admits all her crimes.She also say that she tried to kill Swara by shooting her but she missed nd shot him instead.
Ragini:I’m sorry Sanskaar.But i cannot live without u.So its better i die.She jumps while Sanskaar tries to stop her nd evn he slips.They both r hanging on the barks of a tree now.Swalak are shocked nd trying to think of a way to save them
Ragini:Leave me Sanskaar.U don’t deserve me.Swara is nice.She will keep u happy.After what i did,u will not be able to forgive me.I never wanted to be away from u.I wanted to be urs.I couldn’t bear to see u being someone’s elses.
Sanskaar:I promised u to always be with u.Evn death cannot separate us.If not when alive,atleast after death we might unite.Ragsan smile with tears in their ees and Sanskaar leaves the bark if the tree.Swalak are devasted while Ragsan fall to their death with a smile on their face nd hope of uniting again.

10 years later:

A girl is running in the house.
Swara:Sangini doodh pee lo.Sangini goes to Laksh.He smiles nd takes the milk nd feeds her.
Swara:Arre waah papa ki baath kitni aasani se maanthi ho.U don’t listen to me.She pouts while Sangini nd Laksh hi5 each other.
Sangini:Papa what is the reason behind my name? Laksh looks at Sanskaar’s photo with garland nd becomes teary eyed.Swara keeps her hand on his shoulder nd says to Sangini.
Swara:There is a story behind ur name.A story of love nd obsession.A story which continued after death.Laksh hugs Swara and Sangini nd the cry.

I hope u people liked it.Compliment nd critisicm are welcome.I am also writing an ff SILENT LOVE.Those who r reading please continue.Nd those who r not do check it out once 🙂


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    A very heart touching story..mind blowing…..loved it dear. Come back with more OS or even a ff

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