‘y would anyone wants me now, I don’t have any money left, also I can’t give them pleasure, I’m useless, the country who I was serving don’t want me, I can’t believe I was saving these selfish people, they all r selfish but yes they said truth I’m of no use, my life is of no use, what will I do with this life, now I really wish I would have been beheaded atleast I wouldn’t have to deal with aftermath, it’s worse, I hate u god y would u played with my life like this, y did u take away my everything’ a man about 30 said. he was about jump when someone pulled her, ‘angel’ he whisper looking intensely to her.

what happened when a man u save makes u her obsession
what happened when a man u save turns out to be ur biggest regret
what will happened when a young 18 year old girl will meet a 30 year old x soldier, who can go to any length to gain her

hey guys my new ff teaser, if u want part 1 here is the link below


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  1. Interesting

  2. Amazing dr. Update next part in tu

  3. Nyc. Make it ragsan

  4. Who’s that boy and girl. Hope this is also ragsan story

  5. Awesome plot

  6. Final pair will be ragsan na yaar

  7. Nice one

  8. Awesome

  9. Interesting sissy post 1st part soon. Update meri bhabi

  10. Awesomeee

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  12. Asra

    interesting dear….waiting for ur update…tkcr dear

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