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Kavita plz listen u can’t do this, I really love u,’ a guy about 30 said to her crying
K: sanskar plz, I can’t do this anymore, u have to understand I love him now
S angry: but u said u loved me, what about moments we had
K: that was the past sanskar, u left me alone here for so long ‘sanskar frown’ I had become so lonely, and sahil was there for me not u
S angry and yelled; I was serving the country to save the selfish people like u, and that sahil
K sigh; I know and I’m proud of u but u have to understand u had become mad, and u don’t have any money left now, I can’t live like that, and all the time we tried to have s*x, u started to panic and scream like complete mad psyco person,
S yelled: I’m not mad, I just had PTSD, I will be fine kavita I promise, I’m taking counseling
K smirk; ya for about 2 years, even army don’t want u back now, how will u earn now han and who will gave job to a person who had lost his mental balance, ur now off no use ‘saying this she left, sanskar closed his ears, he can’t be able to take it more, his family was against kavita, they never liked her, they always told her about she being selfish and gold-digger but sanskar didn’t care he always fight with people who said anything against her. Things got worse when his parents told him to choose between them and kavita, without thinking anything he left his parents. He was upset about situation but kavita was with him he was happy with her and he got happier when he got the news that he got select in navy, his choice to become a soldier and to serve his country was always what he want. Kavita was happy as navy were paying him good but for sanskar it was totally different experience. Blood, fights, bombs, firing everywhere, he can’t breathe properly, he had to stay in borders for years, it get lonely and depressed without family and his love, he was missing them so much but he make his new family there with his team and other soldiers, they all become small family, sanskar find his happiness in them but he lost them all in their last fight. He lost all his team in that fight and remaining few including him were held POW. He was torture for 6 months by enemies, his friends were beheaded infront of him. He was next in line to get beheaded when he got saved by Indian intelligences army. He thought he was lucky that he will see his family back but when actually he saw he wished to be beheaded by enemies, his gf love of his life who he wants to cherished was having s*x with his bestfriend, he got hurt but he forgave her when she ask apology from him, he love her, he needed her now the most, so he gave her 2nd chance but fate wasn’t with him, he started to get attacks and nightmares, even kavita get scared to go near him and she again started seeing sahil behind his back. Sanskar condition get worse day by day from which army also rejected him as he failed the written and physical tests. They also stop paying him due to which kavita left her. He laugh at his fate acting like mad, he thought, ‘y would anyone wants me now, I don’t have any money left, also I can’t give them pleasure, I’m useless, the country who I was serving don’t want me, I can’t believe I was saving these selfish people, they all r selfish but yes they said truth I’m of no use, my life is of no use, what will I do with this life, now I really wish I would have been beheaded atleast I wouldn’t have to deal with aftermath, it’s worse, I hate u god y would u played with my life like this, y did u take away my everything’ he close his eyes and then open with determination of his next move.

A school girl was riding a cycle, she started to scream, ‘YES I GOT IT, I got admission in best college, now I don’t have to work here anymore, I will study with all my friends and can live with my family. Today is my best day of life finally my high school ended and also I received an accepted letter from mumbai college, I will miss this place but my dreams can only be complete in mumbai, MUMBAI I’M COMING, RAGINI IS COMING’ she yelled happily. She was on her way to her home when she stopped looking at some stranger on her way in bridge. Well that is strange she had never seen him in this area. She saw a complete stranger guy on bridge, the bridge was shortcut to her home. She saw the stranger carefully and got mesmerized how handsome he was his 1st impression, he was build up and clean sharp stubble but wait is he crying, y was he crying, y will a handsome man like him would cry?. She was confuse by him, but then got alert when she saw his next move, he was climbing the pull, she got alarmed, ‘HEY WAIT’ SHE YELLED and ran to him, as soon he was about to jump, she grabbed him by his face and pull him towards him, both fall on floor, he fall on her in which accidentally their lips meet. Ragini got shock to see their position, the man was still above him kissing her, she tried to push him back but stooped feeling his tears which were dripping on her face, ‘kavita, I love u plz don’t leave me’ the man said crying on unconscious state as he continue to kiss her, ragini was feeling bad for him, she never saw a strong looking man crying like this. She don’t even know him yet she is letting him kissed her, she got freak when felt his inside her skirt, she scream ‘no’, but the man cried more and started to plead, ‘plz kavita, I promised I will make everything fine, plz love me, I need u plz’ he started crying loud, ragini didn’t even get to know when he had unbuttoned her shirt, she gasp when she felt him licking her cleavage, she pushed him hard ‘I’M NOT KAVITA’ she yelled, the man got sense, he saw a young beautiful girl half naked and got confused, and said ‘who r u’
R smile: oh me, hi I’m ragini ‘she forward her hand, man forward his hand to shake but got shock when ragini slapped him hard’ u idiot what were u doing, do u know how much our lives r precious, I can understand ur gf left u but that doesn’t mean u will take such a horrible step like this
Man recall how he came here and cries aloud: I’m sorry, I’m such a loser, I’m not of any use ‘ragini felt bad’ the girl for whom I left my parents left me, she cheated me, my life cheated me, the people I was serving cheated me, my god cheated me, everyone left me
R: plz tell me what happened, I promised I will help u ‘she cup his face ask lovingly’ who r u, and what u got cheated with ‘the man feel some loving affectionate, a beautiful stranger girl wants to help him, but y, he closed his eyes to feel her warmness, something he was missing for long’ what is ur name
Man: sanskar
R smile: it is really beautiful name
San innocently: really? ‘she nod and giggles, sanskar got mesmerized by her angelic voice’ thanku, ur also really beautiful ‘ragini smile and made him laid their’ what r u doing’ he was confuse but shhhh him and made him laid and she also laid beside him
R whisper: look up their ‘sanskar look up and saw sunset, he smile, time passed both stay like their for hours, it was night both were silently enjoying the stars, none had spoken a word, both got jerk when a dog bark, ragini hugged him as she got scared, sanskar hold her closed protectively’ ah we should leave now ‘she stood up, san again get panic when she said that, will she also leave him’ hey stand up, ur also coming with me
S frown: me but where
R: to my house, I won’t leave u alone or u will again tried to do this stupid thing
S: but what about ur parents, will they allowed a stranger to live in their home
R got sad; I don’t have one, they died 1 year back ‘san also got sad’ hey but come on now, my house is this way
S: how long we r gonna walk
R smile wide: not walk we will ride, ‘she show him her cycle, she sat on her seat and signal him to sit behind
S nod no: ah I never sit on someone behind
R: but now u will, come on just sit behind me ‘he sat behind her’ hold me tight
S: what
R: hold me tight ‘he hold her from waist, she was sweating too much as it was summer breeze, she started to ride fast, jerking sanskar, sanskar hold her more tightly as road were not good, suddenly sanskar started smelling her sweat, he hold her from both side, she was so slim, suddenly he had urge to take her shirt off and feel her sweaty body, ragini was also getting tingling sensation but she shrug her thoughts and continue her focus on riding’ we r here
S saw her house, it was normal one but the area was good: it’s a beautiful house ‘she nod and both went inside
R: do u want tea coffee anything
S: ah ya coffee plz
R: good, kitchen is there, u will find all coffee stuff in red cabinet, make for me too ‘ragini left to her room, sanskar got shock, a young girl had invited him a complete stranger and letting him use her households, thank god it was him or if she invite some stupid psychopath it could have led her to dangerous path, what was unknown to sanskar that he could also be a dangerous path for ragini. He smile looking at the interiors, it was old fashion, he went to kitchen and prepared coffee for both, he bring coffee to her room, her door was a bit open, he peeked in and got dumbstruck he saw the most beautiful angelic divine beauty, ragini was standing only in her pajamas her top was bare, she had not even wear the bra, she was standing infront of mirror giving her back to sanskar, sanskar saw her bare back which was now shining some water droplets were still their which were ending in her lower waist, her hair were all wet as she just took a shower, her long shining hair were only think that were covering her back but not for long as ragini make her hair one side to dry it, now he can see her full back, he gulp hard it was wrong but he can’t control himself to see a divine beauty like this, his heartbeat skip when he saw a flip of her br*ast in mirror, he couldn’t control himself anymore and shut the door loud, ragini got jerk by voice, she sigh feeling relax thinking it got close by air and wear her bra and tank top and leave the room.
R smile: hey where is my coffee
S smile: here ‘ragini sip it
R: nice
S: thankx ‘both sit on sofa’ so u live here alone ‘she nod, he frown’ how old r u, I’m mean I saw u in school uniform
R smile: oh ya I’m 18, and today was my last day of my high school ‘san got happy hearing her age
S: nice
R: ah, sanskar if u want u can share it with me, tell me y did u take such a step just for a selfish sl*t
S eyes teary: it’s not just that sl*t, it’s my f**king life, I’m a loser
R sigh: ur soldier right
S shock: how did u got to know
R: u said u serve people ‘he nod’ also ur buildup like one
S: what’s the use now, I’m not soldier anymore, navy rejected me as I was not fit anymore
R shock: r u having PTSD
S frown: how do u know about this thing
R: I have few army friends, they also have same problem, I can understand now y did u take such a dramatic step ‘she sigh’ u know what is solution of this problem
S: what?
R: talk, share everything u have inside in u, u know what ur army people problem is
S smile: what?
R: that u people think u guys r so strong, u have saw more than us, so u think we won’t feel what u people had gone through, army people r also humans, they also had feeling, they also get scared, u should share it may not solve ur problem completely but it will lessen the burden on your heart
S was astonish: ragini don’t u think ur too young to talk about this ‘in next moment he got slapped by her
R smirk: a young girl who saved the life of a stranger who had served my country ‘sanskar shock, ragini rocking’ speak, tell me everything ‘he sigh and told her everything, ragini again slapped him hard
S angry; will u stopped slapping me
R: no ‘she again slapped him, he hold her hands to stop but she pushed him hard and got above on him and start hitting him
S angry and yell: WHAT THE f**k R U DOING ‘
R hold her collar and yell: u idiot, u said everyone left u but what about u han ‘she again slapped him’ u left ur family for a b*t*h ‘she again got slap and stop seeing his teary eyes
S: ur right, I deserve all this, I left my family for that sl*t na, that’s why god is punishing me ‘she again slapped him’ stop it ragini ur hurting me
R: no ur hurting urself, and for who for that gold-digger b*t*h, and plz god had better things to do rather than punishing the loser like u who was serving his country ‘she sigh’ listen sanskar ur not alone, u have ur parents and ur not jobless and ur father had a good business help ur father, he will probably get old he need some support from his son plz support him and tell ur mother about how u missed when u were held POW, she’s mother she will care for u more than any of that gold digger b*t*hes
S: but how I’m gonna face them, I left them u remember, they probably hate me now ‘he sobbed feeling guilty’
R: no they won’t, they will be proud of u sanskar they r ur parents ur lucky u have them, u don’t realize how it is feel being parentless ‘he felt sorry for her
S: sorry, ur right I will try talking to them
R jump on him again: not try, just call them now
S: ragini I’m not ready, I need to prepare for that
R: ahhhh, stupid army people, always want to prepare a plan even for feelings too, god sanskar just say whatever in ur heart
S: like what
R: like u said to me, that ur loser, u don’t deserve them, ur pathetic, u left ur parents for stupid b*t*h, and how u gf and bff cheat on u behind ur back and u like lovesick puppy forgave her
S frown: r u on my side or against me, cus the way ur insulting me definitely ur not on my side
R: stop ur bluffing, tell me ur parents number
S whine: ragini plz
R: sanskar plz tell na ‘he sigh told her his parents number’ its ringing, someone pick the call ‘sanskar again got panic he wasn’t ready for that but this girl is too much pushy and now it’s too late to go back also’ hello, hello am I speaking to sanskar father
Yes, who it is and where is sanskar ‘ragini put the phone on speaker, and signal him to speak’ hello plz say something where is my son ‘sanskar got emotional listening his dad voice, he felt so terrible that he left his dad for that girl’ hello plz say something tell me where is my son, y r u not talking,
Sanskar is that u, beta plz tell me ‘his mom speak, sanskar again start to cry, ragini felt too bad for him, she side hugged him to console him’ sanskar plz speak na ‘he heard his mom pleading, her mom was crying like him
S took deep breath: mom ‘his parents got emotionally happy’ mom I’m stupid, I’m useless, I don’t deserve u guys
Mom: shutup, don’t say anything about my son, sanskar ‘she cried’ plz tell me where r u, I’m really missing u, we will accept that girl too but plz come back to ur old parents, we need u plz
Dad: sanskar I’m sorry son, I shouldn’t have done that plz come back beta I promised we will accept kavita from our hearts ‘sanskar cried with parents, ragini also couldn’t control her tears, sanskar pour all his feeling, his achievement, his regrets, his nightmares, his success and failures all thing and he was feeling less burden, he saw ragini and thanks her through his eyes, while ragini reply ur welcome through her eyes, they finished talking and they promised sanskar that they will come there to meet him and his new friend ragini, sanskar after so long feeling happy, he couldn’t control her feelings and he hugged ragini tightly making both fall d from couch,
R: ouch, sanskar I got hurt
S getting up from her: sorry
R pout: it’s okay, acha I’m really hungry, do u like dal chawal ‘he nod’ good, u will find the stuff in black cabinet make for me also ‘saying this she left to watch tv, sanskar laugh this girl was something no not something but full crack, but she had done so much for him, least he could do this for her. He make dinner
R: hmm, sanskar ur amazing cook, muah
S blush: thankx, ragini can u give me ur number, I mean now we r friends na so I will contact u and come to u whenever I want
R: off course sanskar u don’t need permission for that ‘they both continue to talk for hours, she yawn’ Sanskar I’m sleepy, plz u adjust on this couch, I’m going
S felt bad, he didn’t want her to leave him alone, but he let her go: okay, I will sleep here ‘sanskar sleep
SANSKAR SAVE ME’ someone yelled, sanskar tried to save him but someone shoot him to death, sanskar start firing BLOOD, all blood all r firing all r dying, his friends r dying, he’s had his friend blood in his hand NO’ he scream and got up from his sleep, ‘sanskar u alright, y were u screaming’ ragini ask in her sleepy voice, without thinking he hugged her ‘blood, blood, my friends blood on me, blood’ he said panic, ragini hugged him back ‘ shhhh it was a nightmare sanskar, it’s going to be fine’ she soothe him, he got bit better but he didn’t leave her but pull her above him, ‘plz sleep with me’ she got shock, ‘sanskar, it is not right, u will be fine’ ‘plzz ragini I’m scared plz’ he plead to her crying, he make his gripped more strong so she wouldn’t left him, she sigh, she was not comfortable with this, but that’s what she do, she also want to serve people as an doctor so slept with him, he was still scared and shivering, an idea struck in ragini mind, she smile and started to sing, sanskar was awestruck by her angelic voice, her voice was more beautiful than her, it took all his pain and he dozed off listening to nightingale voice, ragini felt his grip loose and she release breath, she saw sanskar innocent face and left to her room b4 giving peck on his forehead. Sanskar slept peacefully after long time without any nightmares.

R: oye wake up ‘she wake sanskar’ good morning
S: good morning
R: what would u like for bf ‘he laugh
S: just tell me what u want I will make it
R: hmm good u r learning really fast make egg sandwich for me ‘he made her bf, both ate together
S: Ragini can I use ur washroom, I need to take a shower
R: sanskar I said na no need to ask in friendship jo mera hai wo tera, aur jo tera hai wo mera [whatever is mine is yours, and whatever is yours is mine] ‘she left, sanskar laugh at her cute talk, he himself wasn’t believing himself he never enjoy any young company he was always like a more discipline preplanned and strict guy, and now all of sudden he’s enjoying these funny senseless talks and letting some young girl handle him, he went to washroom which was bit messy, he cleaned his wr. And saw a basket in side, he decided to do her laundry too, he was washing her clothes, when he find her school clothes, he gulp he make sure door was locked, and started to smell her uniform, it was still sweaty, it was still smell like yesterday, he was enjoying smelling her sweet sweat ‘sanskar how long’ she knock jerking him ‘ahm ya 5 mins’ he got ready fast
R: oh my, my u clean my wr and did my laundry too
S: u did so much for me, I can least do this for u
R smile; u right, okay actually my friend is having a party, I have to go there ‘he got upset listening about her other friends’ would u like to come
S happy: yes
R: good party is tonight, u go home and be ready, where is ur home
S; down the valley
R: ahh it’s far, if u walk it will take an hour, I will drop u on my cycle, what say
S got excited: it’s perfect
R: come, let’s move ‘sanskar again sit behind her, all nearby people were seeing them, but he didn’t care anymore, he was focus on ragini now, he again smelling ragini but she wasn’t smell like b4, she freshen up, he got a bit irritated when she was smell like all freshen up it was good but her sweaty musky smell was what he craved for. They reached his home, it was really small house and area wasn’t not good, sanskar felt embarrassed, but ragini didn’t say anything about house’ okay I will then pick u up 7pm ‘he nod, she left, he went to his house, sigh in relief, he sat on his couch opening his shirt button, and take out the thing he stole from her house, her uniform which was still sweaty
S sigh: yesterday was last day of her school, sure she won’t need this anymore ‘he gulp and smell her sweaty shirt, he smile like crazy remembering their kiss, her body, her smell, her bare body, how she sing for him’ god did this so much to me so I can meet u, yes, if kavita hadn’t left me, I wouldn’t have met u my angel, god had sent u for me, my angel, ur mine ‘he started to get aroused smelling her sweat, he unzipped and take off his pants and saw his fully aroused hard shaft, he grabbed it and start to make moment, he started imagining ragini sitting on him, he started to moan her name loudly’ AH YES, YES RAGINI, YES AHH YES, FASTER, YES RAGINI I LOVE U, UR MINE ‘he shout as he finally cum, sanskar clean himself with ragini skirt, he laugh’ ur really naughty ragini, it’s been so long I have done this, I was scared to get closed to someone but u see how u make me feel, how u made me hard for u, u see how we smell together perfect’ he said smelling his own semen with her sweaty skirt’ what r u, what r u doing to me ragini


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