Obsession, an art or thought? – Sneak peak

Do u know about obsession?
How well u know ?
Is it deadly?
Is it positive?
Is Obsession with love  the only deathly blow to the fragile mind?
It isn’t just about love and lust. Their is something more and deep to it!
Which kind of obsession is dangerous?

Women obsessed with shoes?
The obsession with love?
Or with a person? Or thing?

None, the brutal and the best version of obsession is with a thought!

Yay u heard it right, the best version too!

Kunj climbed the stairs and took right to enter a not so tidy room. The room was a bit messed up, it was twinkles case study room n he was searching for her from  past 1 hour but all in vain..

He walked further to the gaint oak table placed at the center.
He leaned against it and noticed the bright colored notes stuck to the board.
He found a fresh ink smudged a little and the pen cap was lying seperately  ,which meant she was writing something!

He knew she was working on a new case,
he started reading the content of each note

Her beautiful handwriting had penned confusing messages
” I will come back to haunt you
   To taunt you
   And to love you”

“Follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly”

“Obsession is never welcomed but it is commanded to stay by our subconscious mind even if its lethal”

“Life is nothing without obsession”

“Obsession is an art”

He couldnt agree to what was written and moreover he thought of the reason she had penned them..

‘Is she obsessed with “obsession quotes”?’
Thought kunj, chuckling at his own statement

Kunjs POV:
Twinkle was working on “behavioral analysis” and  recently she was involved in one of the complex case and only she could explain the messages on the board!

Twinkle walked into the room which broke kunjs trance of thoughts

T: u here?
K: ya, came up looking for u

T: oh I was in the backyard
K: hmm..what’s this with obsession?
T: some old case and some old memories
K: huh?

T: The positive and negative sides of obsession I have come across

K: u haven’t shared any such thing with me? I’m the love of your life and I don’t even know ur some weird experiences of past! That’s not fair

T: its just my analysis..
K: I have got all the time on the earth ,do share , u always come up with interesting concepts

And kunj kisses her knuckles..
T: Are you trying to flatter me?
K: Well then is it working?

T: wait for tomorrow’s “Times Of India” my article in their will mostly try answering the sides of obsession and whether it can ever be positive!
Its just my intakes of the cases I have studied
K: looking forward for it

Hey its maggi here…
Its a sneak peak of an upcoming os.
Its my intake on obsession .
Voice ur opinions.
What do u think abt sides of obsession?

And my ff ,I will try updating soon. My CLG has reopened and I’m flooded with work so very sorry to keep you guys waiting.

And my few slots, “His Venture” will be updated next Sunday..sorry for the long gap

And this os, I will try posting asap b4 I loose the grip on the different thoughts running in my little mind.

Ritzi’s Note:
Guys she is busy in working for the upcoming exams hence she can only post her ff in march. So plz show your cooperation like you guys always do.
And she is genuinely sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long.

That’s all for now….
Love ❤

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  1. Sohi

    Hey Maggi iam very much excited about this os
    And in my views obsession is very interesting and creative thing which makes a person do every type of work
    Iam very much eagerly waiting for your ff and fs
    And tell ritzi to take her Time
    Do 3

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome interesting….eagerly waiting for next part….

  3. Paavu

    frm heading gotta knw its u cos none can write language and wrds u use really loved it nw i want ur frst ff pls di plssssssssssssssssssssssss

    OBSESSION hunnh obsession is compelling motivation a force in ones ownself is perfectly brought up be obsession it smtimes become dangerous wen crossing its limits bt smtimes its really like heaven
    as methinks is that each and every person is obsessed with one or more thing or person in their life…
    be this obseesion canbring out love or it can bring out the best in u as in my case being obsessed to many things like insta and writing………………. so i think dis obsession journey ll be pretty interesting

  4. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Maggi,this os sounds interesting amazing…
    Looking forward for it…
    Missing u and ur FF plz be back soon with it…
    And about obsession I think it good smmtyms nd sometym harmful to
    …It makes do all types of crazy things if u are obsessed with a person….Nd if u are obsessed with ur dreams it’s good I think…. Well mixed …

    Love u

  5. Presha

    Het maggi awesome just loved it.. …

  6. Heyy maggi it was interesting dear…..
    U always come with so different nd innovative ideas…..how come u write so well……i mean i m literally OBSESSED with ur writings….hehe….but really u r n awesome writer…..
    Soo post soon …this os…ur ff..nd yeah few slots…eagerly waiting..????….
    Keep writing…love uh dear

  7. It’s such a new and interesting concept Maggi I’m looking forward to read it continue soon

  8. Baby

    ohhhhh god di a salways something interesting coming up by u……….☺
    ahhh…love uuu……..n ur writings………..♥

    obsession in my thinking can be dangerous if out of control and also sometimes sweet……..like srsly too dilemmatic it is isnt it……well srsly in my case…my obsession is getting dangerous maybe haha towards tu n m getting distracted and also it is also sweet sometimes…like friends n all………..love u………..♥♥☺☺♥♥
    post as u get time di……….☻
    m srsly looking forward to ur ff n waiting for it……….☺

  9. SidMin

    Hey awesome the topic looks really great I mean Obsession… interesting . .. all I can say is post soon …
    Love you ❤

  10. Kruti

    Nice topic…obsession. Nice sneak peak

    I know CLG sucks….spcly p-cycle??…..try posting asap….eagerly waiting

    1. Maggi

      True…..’p-cycle’ is like “oh god how I’m I gng to tolerate for 5 months” type

      Tqs dear???
      Vl post asap….
      Love ❤

  11. Purvi128

    Hey Maggi,
    An amazing concept. Just loved it. Very interesting. Waiting for it.
    Well in my point of view passion is a positive obsession and obsession is a negative passion.
    Obsession is the single most wasteful human activity, because with an obsession you keep coming back and back and back to the same question and never get an answer.
    And ya it is sometimes good like i am obsessed with sidmin,twinj and my TU family..!
    So this is all what i think.
    Waiting for your os.
    Post asap

  12. SidMin23

    It looks interesting do continue soon and and all the best for your exam

  13. Awesome maggi…

  14. Ramya

    Awesome maggi
    U always write something interesting new unique yet different one
    I’m so excited fr it
    Love u keep smiling

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