Obsession- The Antagonists’ Love (SwaRagini) (Description and Prologue)


HELLO FRIENDS! It’s Bisha. I am up with a new fanfic. Hope you all like it. How are y’all? I am quite fine. Many plots are hitting me, but poor me and time. Time madam never permits me to do much at a short time. Hence, let’s see.


We have always seen the third person in a love story as the antagonist, or the vamp. Is it always him/ her at fault? Do the people engrossed in love have no follies? Do the lovers too play with that person’s emotions? Well, my story deals with that love which becomes an obsession and ultimately the destroyer of all. It is yet to see if love is totally annihilated or the sparks remain to ignite it once more. But a touch of mystery lurks around all the characters.

It is a fanfiction based on an Indian serial ‘Swaragini’. The characters have been modified as per the story asks.

Meet Swara Malhotra, Ragini Khanna, Sanskar Kapoor and Laksh Ray. All are 18 year old and about to start their college life at The Star Academy. More light on characters as the story progresses.

Note: No characters are perfect. They are all ordinary with an extraordinary spark ;).

I hope you will like my story in spite of its follies.:)



~The Prologue~

When love turns into obsession, it starts annihilating lives.

She got down from the bus with her bags and pulled herself towards the gate. Has to be. After all the bags are pretty heavy for her to carry alone. “Hufff!” She exclaimed, followed by a big Wow! As she saw the huge gate in front of her which bore the words Star Academy on top. Her dream college. She remembered all her hardships to reach here and patted her back mentally in pride. That act made her forget her woes and she looked around, inhaling the fresh morning air. Just then she saw a tall beautiful and slim girl beside her, exclaiming just like her. As she looked at her, the girl too looked at her and asked, “Hey! New here?”
“Yeah! And you?”

“Same here. By the way, I am Ragini Khanna. Nice to meet you…” she forwarded her hand.

“Swara, Swara Malhotra. Nice to meet you too.” And both smiled brightly at each other.

“Okay. So let’s enter and find out our hostel rooms. Hope we both are in the same room.” Ragini said. And both entered the college exclaiming the elegance and beauty the area had.

They kept their bags under a shade and went inside to approach the front desk. Already a long line of pupils stood there waiting for their most wanted thing now. The key to their rooms. Swara and Ragini stood at the end.

Swara exclaimed, “Oh God! What a long line!”

Sensing the heat intensifying as the morning progressed Ragini said,” Yes. And I think we will vaporize before we get the keys.”SwaRagini chuckled at the lame joke.

After burning for about half an hour, they could reach the desk. The fat, stern looking lady screeched,” This is your hostel superintendent Ruhi Shah. And you three are allotted room number 307 on the top floor. Here are your keys.” And she handed three keys to them and another girl behind them. They looked behind to see their third mate. She was a fair, chubby girl and smiled at them.
“Hi! I am Gayatri Sinha. Hope we will make awesome room mates.” Her eyes gleamed as they shook hands one by one.
“Sure. I am Swara Malhotra.”
” And I am Ragini Khanna. Let’s proceed to our rooms. But the problem is that-”

“The Top Floor!” Three exclaimed in unison. They reluctantly picked up their bags and started climbing the stairs.

As they finally reached the fourth floor after a trail of waits at the landings of each floor, they panted heavily.
“Totally drained out. Now find out this damned 307.” Ragini yelled the numbers.

As they started walking through the corridor, they found their room at the end of it. Gayatri unlocked it and they all hurriedly entered the room. Swara said, “Okay. Cool room after a hard work.”

The room was a big one with three medium-sized beds and three big closets. All the three walls occupied the beds and the closets. The sun rays fell inside from one of the two windows, indicating it to be the east. Three small study tables and chairs were placed in front of the beds. Another window was juxtaposed with the south side bed.

Swara placed her bags on the east side bed. She said,” Eastern side is better for me. I can sleep late and wake up early. Study schedule won’t be much harmed.”

“Study schedule? That means a bookworm? Okay. I am on the south then.” Ragini said.
“Then I am left with this west side bed.” Gayatri chirped and placed her bags.

In the next one hour, all started placing their things. They stuffed the study tables with books, copies and the closets with clothes, toiletries and valuables. They put the blankets and bed sheets and thus arranged their beds. They dusted and covered the pillows and put their buckets, mugs underneath the bed.

“Quite complete. Let’s go to the bathroom and freshen up a bit. We need to go to the college in the afternoon. Remember?” Gayatri said. And all forwarded for the washrooms.

Each blind end of the corridor had four bathrooms, two Indian style lavatories and one commode system lavatory. Four wash basins were provided in front wall of the room containing the bathrooms and the lavatories. They washed their faces. Three other girls had also come. All washed and glanced at the huge mirror before coming out. Soon all the girls left for the college building.


Intriguing? No? Okay. Your wish. But do tell me how this chapter was.

Today SwaRagini introduced to y’all. Now we will see the heroes( or villains?) On the next chapter.

Keep reading. Keep smilingβ™₯

Credit to: Bishu

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