Obsessed with you! Chapter 11: RagSan’s engagement

Chapter 11:RagSan’s engagement

Heya Twistinians, this part will be about RagSan’s engagement. Dil bole RagSan and RadLak(RagLak).

After a long party all of them went to sleep as they had to wake up early for RagSan’s engagement, so the parents ordered the 2 couples to go to bed.

RadGini were sharing a room and were teasing eachother, the same was happening between SanLak as they didn’t know that a storm was coming into their lives which will try to destroy their togetherness but they don’t have to worry, because they all have an guardian angel, who is looking after them.

Soon the next day came the whole house was getting decorated differently than the day before. Radhika was helping Ragini ready in a dark and light green mixed lengha, which had a lace pattern inside the skirt, her blouse was dark green which had a work of golden embroidery done and she was wearing some simple jewellery. Radhika was wearing a cream and wine coloured saree and she was looked very pretty in that saree.

The engagement of RagSan
RadGini came down the stairs, when SanLak saw them they couldn’t stop staring at the girls, because they looked so gorgeous in their own ways. Radhika went towards Laksh, so that she can stand next to him, while Ragini went to Sanskar.
“Ragini the day I met you, I knew that I want to spent the rest of my life with you but when I got to know that Laksh loves his Ragini and I thought it was you!” Sanskar said while he straightly looked into Ragini’s eyes.

“So what did you do then?” Ragini asked him and he answered back: “I thought to forget you but I couldn’t as you are the most important person in my life, I can’t breathe without you, let alone live without you, so I’m so happy to be yours!”
“Awww!” Ragini said while she had tears of hapiness in her eyes.
“Ahem love birds aren’t you getting engaged right now?” RadLak asked smirkingly. Then RagSan exchanged rings while saying: “I love you mi corazon(my heart).” The family were so happy that they had forgotten that Swara exists as well. RagSan had an lovely eyelook while RadLak were romancing eachother until……

End of the engagement

“Ya baby I’m back!” A voice said and everyone rooted the spot as they were shocked seeing that person.

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