Obsessed with you Episode 7: RagSan and RagLak!

Chapter 8: RagSan and RadLak!

So welcome back Twistinians, this chapter is dedicated to all my sisters and this chapter will have more RagSan scenes than RadLak, but will try to give both couples the same importance!

Oh ya I have question should I only write in Ragini and Sanskar’s pov or should I write the pove of the other characters like what they feel about and situation?
I personally feel that showing everyone’s pov is better as you all get to know each and every character better.
Do tell me your views!

So everyone had mixed emotions, some of them couldn’t believe what Swara was capable of doing, some were cursing her under their breaths, some were shocked and some couldn’t diggest the fact that Swara was so evil and not mentally fit. SanLak asked their parents if they can spend some time alone with their respective girls and the family agreed.

RagSan’s scene
Sanskar took Ragini with him, so that she can get rid of sadness as he will be with her forever. At first they went to the garden of Meheswari mansion as his family insisted her family to stay with them as they have a good security system.
Ragini hugged Sanskar, while she was sobbing, he was trying to calm her down, but then she started to punch him and cryingly said: “what if I would have lost you today and what would I do without you!”

“Shh calm down baby girl, I will never leave you, because we are two bodies and one soul, so every breath of ours is the same breath of you and me as I said we are one soul!” He said to her, while trying to calm her down.
“We are only perfect for eachother and for no one else!” She said, while she was a little bit calmer.

“Baby girl my heart only beats for you!”
“Because my heart beats for my prince and that’s you Sanskar!”
“I love you Ragini!” He said with full of intensity in his voice and she answered back: “I love you too my prince!” They were passionatly hugging eachother, he came nearer to her face, he kissed her, it was a slow kiss and then it grew more passionatly as they were experiencing it for the first time. After 5 mins they stopped kissing eachother as they couldn’t breath properly. They smiled at eachother happily and they talked for a while about private romantic topics.
End of their scene

Meanwhile RadLak’s scene
Laksh took her to his room, where they started teasing eachother, which then turned out to be cat and dog fight later on.

“Laksh, you are so gone!” Radhika said.
“Come and get me Radhika!” He said, while he naughtilly smiled at her.
“I will get you, just wait Mr. Laksh Meheswari!” She said, while she was running behind him, soon he slipped and fell on the sofa, while he was holding her, so he caused her to fall on top of him, soon they had an hot eye look as they coulsn’t take their eyes of eachother.
End of their scene

The copyright of this story belongs to me❤️❤️

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