Obsessed with you Episode 6: Swara’s truth out or not!

Chapter 7: Swara’s truth out or not!

What’s up my darling Twistinians I hope you guys like this chappy as well as the last few ones!

RagSan’s scene
After he kissed her cheek. “Ragini, can I close the door as I need to tell you something important!” Sanskar asked her and she answered back: “yeah sure!”
“So Swara is planning to kill you tonight, but I have plan, that she can’t hurt you and anyone!” Sanskar told her after he had closed the door.
“So what’s your plan?” Ragini asked him as she was fed up to see Swara after what she had done to her.
Sanskar told his plan to her, but at first she didn’t agree with it as she was worried for Sanskar’s life, but he told her that nothing will happen to him, so she agreed to it.
RagSan spent some quality time together, soon Sanskar went out of Badi, so Swara thought, that now she can kill her sister and then she will blame it on Radhika, so she will make both SanLak fall for and make them hers.
End of their scene

Swara slowly went to Ragini’s room, she saw that light there was switched off, so her thoughts were running wild. “Goodbye forever Ragini!” She said, while she stabbed someone or something for a few, the lights automatically went on, to her undortunate situation, someone was stading infront of and it was….

SwaSan’s scene plus Sanskar’s plan
“Sanskar I killed Ragini only for you, because I love you and I want to be with you.” Swara said crazilly.
“A round of applause for you Swara, you did a great job and you fell in our trap!” Another voice said and it was Ragini.
“How can you be still alive Ragini, I killed you!” Swara said.
“No, you didn’t as you murdered a doll.” Sanskar said.
“I will tell you how we both trapped you!” Sanskar said shocking our poor Swara even more.
“So, I overheard your convo to yourself that you want to kill my Ragini, so I went and told Ragini my plan at first she didn’t agree to it, but later she agreed to it, because I told her that I will act as I’m going out, Ragini should hide in the cupbord and I will put a doll with a bag of fake blood on the bed, soon you came into the room and thought that it was Ragini and we have recorded your truth after we told our families what you have done till now. Soon The Meheswaris, Radhika and the Gadodia’s came into the room, Shekher went towards Swara ans slapped her a few times.
End of their scene

Swara’s pov
“How dare you tey to kill your sister!” Dad shouted at me.
“I hate you Swara!” Laksh shouted at me.
“Swara are you out of your mind, why did you try to kill your sister?” Mom asked me and I answered back: “because I hate her and she isn’t my sister, but she is my step sister!”
“Slap!” Dadi, dida and Ragini slapped me as well as mom did, then DP uncle called someone after an hour they reached and took me with them to a mental hospital.
“I hate you Gadodias, Meheswaris, Radhika, Ragini, Laksh and Sanskar and I will come back to kill all of you!” I shouted at them.
End of her pov

The copyright of this story belongs to me and my twisted brain?

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  1. Shrilatha

    Swara is such a b*t*h .blo*dy HELL..she is not even fit to be seen by both sanlak but her manipulations in the show fetched her that role otherwise even my dog won’t see that b*t*h ka face???? ..anyways episode was awedome

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a ton Shriyu Jaana❤️❤️❤️❤️No comment for that skank

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you???

  2. Asra

    awesome didi….loved it alot….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr didi

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot????

  3. AMkideewani

    Dear dislikers do tell me why you guys disliked this chapter?

    1. Because you ruined swara’s character

      1. Shrilatha

        Saira dear swara is already a b*t*h so whats wrong if the author shows her true character.

      2. Is it?? This is Swara’s true character??How about I tell you somethings about ragini which you failed to notice?Wasnt it Raging who tried to kill her sister? Wasn’t it the sati savitri ragini Who blamed her brother in law for rape attempt? Wasn’t that ragini who insulted each and every member of the maheshwari family? Well the real b*t*h happens to be your ragini do share you say that true things are shown. It mere fan fiction and I really understand why is it a function cause it’s a way through which you portray your disgust.Never try to compare yourself to be serial writers????and yeah Shrilata the guy you all pair up your ragini with happens to be swara’s husband and that remains the fact for like ever

      3. AMkideewani

        Oho Saira ji apki aukat kya hai? Ap FF’s likhti ho kya?
        Ragini was made evil, so that your so called Swara can be mahan, so to hell with crying, which was unberable and her fake mahaness.
        Maybe Sanskar was Swara’s husband, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to “love” your so called SwaSan as they suck

      4. AMkideewani

        Oho Saira ji we are better than serial writers as we have more fantasies than them, so don’t compare you so called serial writers with writer like Shrilatha as she is way better than them and you????

      5. AMkideewani

        Writers like Shrilatha*

      6. Riya_Mitra

        Hey Saira or whatever ur name is.. What did u all think of urself? That u can do anything right? Then listen that is there any condition that in every ff we have to make a good character of Swara? No na? Then? We writers can make anything which we want. If u don’t like then don’t read. U r no one to judge a writer ok? So be in ur limits. And about Swara in the serial then plzzzz don’t made open my mouth about that character. Anyways I hope u understood my point. Goodluck.

  4. Aditi.Ayansh

    Another power packed episode loved it a lot jaanejaan

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a ton Adi Jaana????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Riya_Mitra

    Awesome episode Sam. Loved it… Post the next part soon. I am waiting. Love u ????

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a ton Riyu????and I will update soon

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