Obsessed with you! Chapter 9: Swara’s plan

Chapter 9: Swara’s plan!

So my fabulous Twistinians, so you will see some parts of Swara’s plan and romance is blooming between RagSan and RadLak. Dedicated to Suma and our birthday gurl Bela!

Continuation of RadLak’s scene
They were lost in eachothers eyes and then he said: “I love you Radhika, yeah I used to like Swara, but when I met you, I knew that you are the one for me.”
“Laksh you are my first and only love, because whenever I’m with you, I feel safe, I feel loved and feel like I’m the only one you love.” She said and then she kissed him with a lot of passion, their kiss lasted for 5 mins until: “Ahem!” “Ahem!” The parents coughed.
“Aah, mom and dad what are you guys doing here?” Laksh asked and they replied back: “stopping your romance as we don’t want to become grandparents so soon from our heavenly couple RadLak!” DP said, making RadLak blush.
“You both are so cute!” AP said, while she was blessing them.
“Sujata ans Ram you both should stop RagSan as well, they look like they are eating eachother up!” DP said naughtilly while he winked at RadLak.
“Yes, bro you are right!” Ram said, them he and Sujata went to RagSan.
End of their scene

Meanwhile RagSan’s scene
He was sitting on the grass and she was sitting on top of him as well as she was hugging him. Then they started kissing eachother as they can’t live without eachother. they were so lost in eachother eyes as they only can see love for eachother and nothing else.
“Sanskar when are we going to get married?” Ragini asked him and he answered back: “soon baby girl, because I want to spend as much as I can with you!”
“Aww, you both are so cute!” SujRam said, making our HEVENLY COUPLE RAGSAN blush.
“They are blushing a lot my Sujju!” Ram said teasingly and Sujata agreed with Ram, now RagSan were beetroot red, so they stopped teasing them and said: “we don’t want to become grandparents so early, so keep your romance for your first night.”
RagSan were. shocked, but then they said: “okay!”
Then SujRam went leaving them and they were having an akward moment as they romance got stopped by his parents.
End of their scene

Somewhere hidden Swara’s pov
I was planning how can break out of the mental hospital, so that I will be out, until RagSan’s and RadLak’s engagement as I will ruin their loves by killing Radhika and Ragini.
“I hate you Ragini and Radhika, I promise that I will kill you guys after torturing and getting both of you raped by my men.” I said, while I was talking to the cartell of human traficking as they will torture these two at firstand then they will make them impure.
End of her pov

Back to Meheswari Mansion
All of them had dinner made RadGini(Radhika and Ragini), they loved the food, enjoyed the time together without any disturbances like the queen of crying or madness Swara, so they watched Rab ne bane di jodi as the women love the film a lot and the men wanted to make their girls happy. RadLak and RagSan fell asleep, while hugging eachother, which was cute so the elders took a picture of both couples and posted it in instagram and they wrote: “our two cuttest, hottest and sweetest couple ever #HeavenlyCouples!”
“They are made for eachother and no one can separate them from eachother, because they will be soulless.”
“Love is in the air!”
“I’m yours and you are mine!”
“This heart beats only for you!”
“You are the one for me!”
The elders looked at eachother and smirked knowingly as their picture will have a lot of likes from RagSan and RadLak lovers, but not from the SwaSan lovers, who behave like children or like their mental psychotic Swara. Soon the elders fell asleep as well as the youngsters, soon the younger ones woke up, sneaked into another room and were romancing eachother as they cannot infront of the elders as they are the lovey dovey couples for a while and then they went back and fell asleep.

The next morning……..

The copyright of this story belongs to me, so, if anyone wants to copy it has to ask me and give me the full credits or I will get you arrested for breaking the law of Copyright infringement!

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