Obsessed with you! Chapter 10: RagLak’s engagement!

Chapter 10: RadLak’s engagement!

“Heya Twistinians, I am welcoming you all to a new chapter of Obsessed with you!
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The next morning everyone woke up, DP called the priest, so that they can get RadLak and RagSan married as soon as possible. The priest came and checked out the kundlis and said: “Radhika and Laksh engagement should be today and Sanskar and Ragini’s tomorrow!”
“What, how can we invite our friends now!” Sujata said and SanLak said: “no, we only want to celebrate our engagement with you all and at our wedding day, you can invite whoever you want!”
“Okay, so be it!” DP autorisingly said.

DP and RP were doing the prepartions and decoration of the house, while AP was getting Radhika ready.

Radhika’s lenga was royal blue with a beautiful flowery pattern and she looked so stunningc that Laksh will just look at her and will be flat seeing her in this dress.

Ragini’s saree was white with silver embroidery, Ragini looked like an angel and Sanskar couldn’t stop staring at her as she looked more than stunning for him.

Soon the engagement started the whole Meheswari Mansion was decorated beautifully. Laksh couldn’t stop staring at Radhika, seeing her dressed in a dress that he chose for his bride to be and now she is wearing the same one.
“Radhika, you look so hot, I would love to kiss you right now!” Laksh said with full of naughtiness, making his parents and SujRam shocked while RagSan were laughing like maniacs and Radhika was slightly blushing.
“Shut up idiot!” She said with fake anger.

“No, I won’t princess, you will have to hear my talks everyday from now on.” Laskh said smirkingly.
“No, it’s the other way round darling, you have to go shopping with me everyday, yah baby I rock!” Radhika said and Laksh’s face fell, while everyone was laughing at his state.
“Luckilly my Ragini is not like that!” Sanskar said but unluckilly Ragini then said: “Oh Sanskar, you will have to do the same thing like Lucky, so you will always come with me for shopping!”
“Nahiiin, kyu main abhi bhi zinda hu(noo, why am I still alive)?” Sanskar dramatically shouted.
“Beta, it’s only the beginning the full programme will come after you both will have your first child!” DP and Ram said, while they were thinking about their life, which was peaceful before they got married to Sujata and AP repectively.

“Is that so?” AP and Sujata angrilly asked them.
“No, Jaanu we were just joking!” DP and RP said in fear of their wives.
“Lucky and Radhu it’s time for the muhrat(auspicious time) of engagement. Laksh took Radhika’s left hand in his hand and slid a beautiful but simple silver ring with an heart shaped diamond into her finger. Then she took his hand and did the same thing and his ring was only made out of silver and in the middle of the ring it had an heart shaped design on it.
The family were clapping their hands.
“Congratulations love birds!” RagSan said, while making RadLak blush hardly and then they said to RagSan: “tomorrow it’s your turn to get engaged.”

“I’m pretty excited to get engaged with this lady next to me!” Sanskar said.
The end of the engagement but the party hasn’t started yet…..

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