Obsess: a beyhadha story part 8

Precap: arjun fibds himself in maya room. He couldnt remember what happen the other night. Maya playing with his mind tells him he did something, causing him to stay for breakfast.now lets see what happens.

Arjun felt awkward sitting besides Maya and her mom. They we’re eating silently, and Maya would look up at him while smiling when his eating. Arjun turn to her mom, and told her the food was good. Her mom surprise, thank him. She look at her daughter and ask Arjun if he was dating.

Both Maya and Arjun choke on their food. Maya glared at her mom, but she just smile. Arjun realize she was still waiting on an answer. ” no, Saanj teases me about that too. She’s always nagging saying I should settle down. ” he chuckles

Maya stop moving her fork. Her mom raise a brow and ask whose Saanj. Arjun smile and went on about Saanj being his best friend, and his rock. Maya out of anger accidently. Cut her hand while eating her pancake.

Arjun stops, and ask if she was fine. Maya got up and walk to the kitchen sink. It wasn’t long before Arjun left. Her mom says ” Arjun is a keeper. If I we’re you I wouldn’t let anyone have him.”

Maya wipe her hand ” I don’t need advice coming from a broken women” she says

Her mom frown ” I understand “, she turn to leave, but Maya felt bad and apologize. She told her mom, she will ask Arjun out, but when she does it he can’t refuse.

Jhanvi told her, he talks fondly of his friend. She might be a problem for them. Maya staid quiet. She thought about it before speaking ” I will have to keep Arjun near, where I will moniter.” She new the best way to do that.

Meanwhile, Arjun stop when he realize she forgot to tell him what he did. He brushed it aside and went home to change. When he arrived, ayan open the door and told him, his wife is very angry at him.

Arjun playfully smack ayan and walk in. Their sitting on the couch was Saanj, her hand was wrapped around the pillow, while watching tv. Arjun ask aya why she was angry. Ayan whistle, and shake his phone, and point to the food on the table.

Arjun look and saw his favorite food. Then he saw the banner that says congratulation. He smack his forehead and curse under his breath. He quietly walk to Saanj while ayan lean on the kitchen wall.

” Saanj” he says sitting down

When she didn’t respond, he tried again. Saanj puts the pillow down and got up. Arjun grab her hand and pulls her down. Surprise, she glares at him. ” listen Saanj, I’m sor-”

” ayan, can you tell this person that I’m not speaking to him”

” bhai, you heard her”

Saanj got up again, but Arjun pulls her down ” look I didn’t know you we’re gonna do something like this.”

Saanj remove her hand and got up, this time move before Arjun touch her. She walk to the table, and Arjun followed, asking her to talk. Saanj ignores him ” ayan tell Arjun, to check his phone. He will see the text message and miss call last night.”

Ayan look at Arjun ” you heard her, check the phone”

Arjun grab his phone, and realize it was turned off. He puts it on to see missed call from Saanj and the message she was referring too. ” I don’t know how my phone turned off. My battery probably turned off.”

Saanj thought about it. But got angry ” ayan can you ask Arjun where he was last night, that he couldn’t even charge his phone.”

Ayan turn to his brother ” when you walk in I smelt perfume on you, by any chance were you with a women” he says smirking

Saanj froze, she look at Arjun waiting for his respond. Arjun glares at ayan. Promising to beat him when his done. Ayan just smile even more. Arjun told Saanj their was many female at the bar. So the perfume Could have got on his shirt. Saanj grab some of the dish to throw it away. But Arjun stops her, he told her he will eat it.

Just then his phone rang, he answered and say he was on his way. He ask Saanj if she would pack it for him, for lunch. She sigh before agreeing. When done, he told Saanj he will make it up to her, and leave.

Ayan says ” bhai has been getting busy. Thats a good thing. His starting to take his work seriously. ”

Saanj smile ” I agree”

Meanwhile, when Arjun walk in everyone was clapping. He wonder why. He walk to his desk to see it gone. He search around, but couldn’t find it. Maya stops him ” Mr.sharma, if your looking for your desk, it in my office ”


Maya told him his work and design he did. Has made the headline. A lot of international people want it. ” who would have thought you had talent for fashion”

Arjun, was surprise. The design he made with Saanj help was popular. Maya smile and told him to come to her office.when he did, she showed him a desk polished and clean. ” because of your design our company has been on the spot light. That is why I promoted you, as an assistant manager. You will be close, and we will discuss everything together. You will design and still do photo shoot.”

Arjun was on sky nine. He was extremely happy right now. Maya walk near him, and touch his shoulder ” do I make myself clear Arjun ” she whispered

Arjun stare at her, he was surprise she called his name. He smile and hug her, thanking her. Maya smirk, now I got you, she thought. Enjoying his warmth.

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