Obsess: a beyhadh story – Prologue


Summary : Arjun and Maya, had a great relation for the past four month, but slowly arjun starts to realize, how weird Maya have been acting. The perfect little world he thought he had was crumbling all because of love. Now arjun must stop Maya before he ends up alone forever. ( no shipping)


Maya was sitting down dressed in all white. The psychologist walks in and sat down with his pen . He was surprise at how calm Maya was at the moment. ” you must be Maya” he says

Maya roll her eyes ” I believe the paper already told you that”

The men laughs At her bluntness ” Ah..yes, but it’s always a pleasure to be sure”, Maya stares at the picture. It wasn’t anything amazing, just a picture of Mona Lisa smile. The men look at where she was looking and smile ” ah..Mona Lisa, you like the picture?”

” this picture gives one false hope that the girl was happy”

The men writes it down ” why do you say that”, when Maya didn’t respond, he jot some notes.

Maya stare at the picture longer, recalling her childhood and arjun. The men decides to speak ” I heard the girl never smile, until one magical day, she just did. And it was the most beautiful smile the artist ever seen.”

Maya scoff ” your wrong, this painting is nothing special. It has nothing to do with her even smiling, just a regular portrait Francesco del giocondo hangs on his wall to celebrate the birth of his second son.”

The men smile ” your absolutely right, looking at this picture makes many wonder if she was happy? Was her past so terrible that she refused to smile? Did she find happyness? Or is her smiling a mirror or font she puts on. So many question, it makes you want to find out more about her. Who she really was.” He cross his leg before leaning forward.

” who is Maya?”he questioned

Maya nit her brow, ” what is up with the elementary questions. If this is how you will be, I need someone else”

” calm down Maya, this is how I approach to find out What triggers this behavior ” he says nervously

Maya was staring at him intensly. The men felt threatend, he wonder if this was how her workers felt, under her gaze. She says in a strict, yet deadly voice ” I don’t like annoying people Mr. Patel, people I find annoying I eliminate or fired them”

The men told her, he doesn’t work for her. So her authority won’t work. At least not in here. ” I want to know the real you, but you will have to cooperate to do so”

When Maya didn’t respond, he asks again. Who is the real Maya. Maya was pulled down to memory lane, recalling her childhood.

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  1. Im the first one to comment???? Yay!!! I really liked it, update soon,
    Didnt know indian movies n shows r tht famous??

    So u understand hindi????

  2. Hey slight correction…. it should be “the man” u hv written it as men everywhere.,, no offence

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks I use my phone to write these stories. But yeah I have Indian channel at home, it has Eng sub so I watch it all the time. also Back in my country we use to watch Indian movies.

      P.s. you will probably see many errors because or minor ones in this ff

  3. Oh!!!!! I get it!!!,?☺
    What do u do btw?? Studying??.jst curious?

    P.s I never mind mistakes though, who doesnt do mistake!!

    P.p.s Try learning hindi, u wont need subtitles then.?

    1. Angelk1

      Hindu seem hard. I only know little words by watching movies. An i wAS studying culinary/ businesses.

  4. Just amazing!!!

  5. Angelk1

    Thanks, i will

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