Obsess: a beyhadh story – part 9

Precap: after breakfast at Maya’s, arjun found out his design became a hit.Maya promotes him and puts his desk in her office. Out of excitement arjun hugs her. Now let’s continue.

Four month ago…

Arjun was on his new desk talking to Saanj. He was telling her about his promotion and how when he start getting big, she will be the first person he spoil. Saanj told him if he does, to spend his money wisesly. Arjun laughs and told her he will be.

He was unaware of Maya tapping her hand on the desk, irritated. Sighing she calls his name. Arjun told Saanj to hold on. ” Mr.sharma, now that you are an assistant manager I expect you to still follow the rules. No phone call unless it’s emergency.”

Arjun frown. He told Saanj he will talk to her later. Saanj was gonna tell him about the whether and to have an umbrella, but she couldn’t. Maya was now calm seeing him hang up.

She recall Arjun saying they we’re friends, and mentally smile. Arjun cleared his voice, and Maya snap out of it. She got up and grab her keys. ” today you are photoshooting Victoria secret model April. She will be wearing one of our collection for the shoot. I hope your ready”

Surprise Arjun starts cheesing. His only seen them on tv, and now he was excited to work with one of them. He thought ayan will be so jealous. He watch as Maya step out. Soon he followed. Maya says they will use her Jeep to drive there, he didn’t complain.

The ride was silent the whole way, until Arjun got out. He drool over the women in a skirt like bikini and a nice mermaid bra. Maya told him the sooner they finish they can leave before the rain start. Arjun walk to April, introducing himself. They both start flirting with one another, causing Maya to glare at her.

She told him they we’re starting and to keep it professional. Arjun grin. They started the shoot, with Arjun complementing her in every pose. Maya observe the girl, he told Arjun he wasn’t filling it each time he showed her. Arjun frown, ” these photos are good Maya”

” their not good enough”

” b-but” He didn’t finish when it start raining

” again until it comes out right”

” Maya it’s raining, we should go back”

Maya knit her brow ” not until the photo is good”

Arjun groan. They continued even when the rain become heavier. April says she can’t keep entering the water. She says the water is getting high. Maya ask her manager if this is how she acts. Her manager apologize, and told her it’s getting dangerous. Maya sigh and told her to leave, if she doesn’t want to do it. The girl was happy to leave the water.

” we have enough pics, let’s get out of here” he says turning

When Maya didn’t respond Arjun turn to see her walking away. He calls after her, but she ignored him and walk away. Arjun suck his teeth, before telling the equipment guys to go. He ran after Maya and saw her climbing a rock in the middle of the water.

Maya was thinking about her next plan to get Arjun to only pay attention to her.she wanted him to worry so much that he won’t leave her. When she saw Arjun coming she took her shoes off. She ignored Arjun question and watch the water rise. Arjun panicked, he climb on the rock and told Maya to come down before she slip and hit her head.

” leave Arjun”

” I can’t if your gonna try to committee suicide ”

” suicide? Should I do that?” She says turning to him.

Arjun was confused ” let’s talk about this Maya, you don’t need to do this”, he move closer trying to grab Maya.

” I don’t know, my life is better off not existing. You should leave before yours get complicated as well.”, she turn back to the water, ignoring the rain sticking her hair on her face. She took a step to jump, but Arjun quickly ran and grab her.

Maya smirk while being hugged. ” please don’t do this, you have so much to live for”

Maya look up at him “like what?”

” your career, your mother, and me” when he said this Maya mentally smile. Arjun quickly rephrased. The last word. ” I ment our friendship. I remembered when I went to sleep again.so I’m sorry I forgot”

” it’s fine Mr.sharma, besides I’ve learned to never have friends ” she says sadly

Arjun puts a hand on her shoulder ” you have a friend, so you don’t need to keep pushing me away. If you need something Maya don’t hesitate to call my phone. Just promise you won’t do this again”

Maya felt warm inside, she smile ” fine, but are you willing to take my life into your own hands?”


” this could happen again, are you willing to stop me every time? ”

Arjun was getting tierd of the rain. He just wanted Maya out of the cliff, if it’s answering a few question then he will say yes.

Maya starts acting ” be my boyfriend ”

Arjun was thinking about a way to safely get of the cliff. Suddenly he snap out of it, shock.

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    Angelk1…. you’re writing a fic…?

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      Since the story started I’ve been writing this. I post it on indian forum

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        Yeah.. i saw it on india forum once but i didn’t know you are the author

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