Obsess: a beyhadh story – part 7


Precap: arjun decides to cheer Maya up, but things took it to far when Maya became drunk. And this leading to arjun befriending her.

Note: this is not a arya ff it’s just a story all shipping will apply in the story not just one.

The next day Arjun came back to the hospital. Saanj parents told him to leave from here. Arjun refuse telling them he just wants to see Saanj. Her mother start causing a scene saying his a murderer, and to rot with his girlfriend. Her mother says if he knew how much Saanj suffered because of him.

She says Saanj has always kept it in. supporting him and smiling around when ever he brings his boss around. Never once did she complain when he ask for a favor for Maya. Even though my poor daughter was hurting, she always tried her best to make you happy. She chuckles, ” you are very dense Arjun, your a smart boy, but you couldn’t even see another person’s heart. You saw Maya’s , but why isn’t you couldn’t see how much Saanj love you”

Arjun was now shock. ” Saanj loves me?”

Her father nod ” since she was young she had always love you. I remember when she came running through the door, talking about a brave boy that stood up for her when some boy ruined her artwork.”

Arjun remembered that day.


Arjun was at the playground. He was climbing the swing after some kid challenge him. All the children cheered for him, and he smirk. He could see it, the top. He put one hand on the pole and swung himself up, before stand proud and tall. He look at the boy below smirking ” you loose”

The children chant his name. Arjun while looking around, notice a little girl about his age painting near the slide. He was curious to know what she was painting. He watch as a boy knock her painting, saying she should have fun instead of doing homework. Arjun could tell the girl was about to cry, he quickly jump down surprising the other kids and walk to the girl.

” hey! Big head what’s your deal” he asks

The boy stare at Arjun ” who are you?”

” I am Arjun, her friend ”

Both kids look at him ” friend? ”

Arjun puts a hand on her shoulder ” yes friend, I saw what you did to her drawing. Apologize or you will get it”

The boy laugh ” what are you her body guard. ”

” no, didn’t you hear my intro earlier. Arjun… her..friend” he says

” I know that” the boy shouts, he told Him he was leaving, but Arjun stops him. He glares at the boy and told him to apologize. When he didn’t, Arjun bends down and grab some sand. Then he pour it on the boys head. Getting sand on his hair.

The boy shock, starts to cry. Before running to tell the teacher. When he was gone. He turn to Saanj ” don’t cry because of that loser. He has no right to tell you what to do. So next time instead of crying, stand up for yourself…OK” he smile

Saanj surprise, smile. Saanj stretched her hand ” m-my name is saanjana”

Arjun thought about it, he told her saanjana is long he will just call her Saanj for short. Saanj nod. ” I’m Arjun sharma, your new best friend ”

End of flashback

” I didn’t know…I didn’t thi-”

” enough, I don’t want to see you here. Leave please” she says with tears

Arjun sadly leaves. When he reached his house he saw his mom and Ayaan talking. He imagined Saanj with them laughing at something ayaan said. He really missed the good times they had. He remembered when things started going bad for him. he wonder if it was really worth it, fame and success. If it was worth loosing the people he care about to get there.

Four month ago…

Maya was sleeping so soundly until the sunlight hit her face. She stir and open her eyes. Wondering what happend. She flip her hair from her face, and blink twice. Then she roll around to come face to face with Arjun. Surprise she tried recalling what happend. When everything came back to her, she silently lean forward and watch him sleep.

She crack a smile, recalling Arjun saying they we’re friend’s. Maya look at her pinky and smile. She remembered Arjun later on making a pinky promise with her. She snapped out of it, when she heard Arjun phone vibrating near the night light. Looking at Arjun, who was turning, she quietly reached for his phone and saw Saanj name.

Maya suddenly felt something bubbling in her stomach. He open it to see Saanj and his picture as his screen saver. She became jealous. The phone kept ringing on Maya hand. Maya look at Arjun before pressing the end button. Then she turn it off and silently went back to looking at Arjun.

Sadly, the peace and quiet didn’t last. Maya heard a knock, soon follow by her mom opening the door ” may-” , she froze when she saw Arjun sleeping on the floor beside her bed. ” what’s this?” She says

Maya sat up when Arjun finally woke up. He look around until his eyes land on Maya. He wonder what he was doing with Maya. He gave her a questionable look, but Maya focus was on her mom ” what is it you want?”

Jhanvi, told her to forget it. Before closing the door. Once gone, the room was silent. Both felt awkward. ” what happend yesterday?” He asks

Maya stood up with only a white shirt on. It was long enough to reach her knee. ” I’m surprise Mr.sharma, I was the one intoxicated, yet I was able to remember everything. How is it you can’t remember when you weren’t even drunk”

Arjun felt embarrassed. He got up and told her he should leave. Maya stop moving. Arjun grab his things and phone, ” last night” she says stopping Arjun.

Maya thought of something to say. She just didn’t want Arjun to leave yet, after he declared they we’re friends. The only thing she could think of was to stall. ” you did something”

” I did something?” Now Arjun was confuse. He wonder if what he did was a good thing or bad.

Maya nods. Arjun ask her what he did, but Maya staid silent. Arjun watch her walk to her closet. He look away when he saw Maya nice legs bare. Maya spoke saying he can leave. Arjun surprise told her he won’t go until she tell him what he did.

Maya smirk in the closet. When she came out, he ask her if he did something wrong. Maya says ” we will talk over breakfast”

” breakfast” he mumbles,following her.Arjun wonder why she’s acting strange all of a sudden.

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  1. Superb epi dii…

  2. Very nice. It seems an interesting one. And Arya scenes are quite amazing to read. Upload next part soon.

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks but its not a arya ff

      1. I know that.U told that before. But as a fan of Arya l found those arya scenes more amazing. But it really commendable. I like this story.U r really a good writer. Please try to upload the next part soon

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