Obsess: a beyhadh story – part 6


Precap: Arjun while walking hone sees Maya running in the dark. Decided to cheer her up he took her to a bar. Now let’s continue

Arjun was surprise that Maya can drink. One minute she was drinking a cup, and the next she started drinking another and another. She was telling him about her luck, and how she wish she had a different life style. ” Maya, I think you had enough, let’s go” he says

Maya drunkly shook her glass, saying no. Arjun sigh, I never knew she was a light drinker, I will definetly remember that. Arjun called her name so they can leave, but Maya shush him, ” d-do ywu?- hear that?”

” hear what?”

Suddenly Maya started laughing, it was so loud it got everyone’s attention. She turn to the men on the other table and called him a clown. The men got up, ” what did you say!!”

When he spoke Maya start to laugh ” your body so big, but your voice is so tiny. Hhaha, you are a clown” she dared

” Maya enough” Arjun says

The men turn red, when he heard people laughing. He grab Maya hand ” how dare you touch me. Remove your hand before I get my body guard.”, she says pointing to arjun

” Me?”

“Him?” The men laugh, ” what is he gonna do” he says before flicking Arjun forehead.

Arjun told him to stop, but the men continued while holding Maya.as soon as he was about to flick for the third time, Arjun upper kick his hand, causing him to let go. The men tried hitting him, but Arjun Dodge, and punched his jaw. Maya was clapping in the background, cheering for Arjun.

It wasn’t long before the owner told them to leave. While on the streets, Maya climb on something, trying to balance. Arjun told her to get down, but she told him to stop being a loser. She continued laughing, giving Arjun a headache. ” if your going to do that at least let me hold your hand” he says

Maya stop and agreed. ” when I was younger, I never had any friends, I was always in the house. Either studying, or taking care of my mom. I could never do the things friends do… like taking selfie or going out to the movies, and even goIng on a date.”

Maya sigh ” I want to go and do that, I want a friend, someone that understands me. ” ” anyway, I don’t hate you Arjun, I just envy you”

Arjun stops, and looks at her sad face ” envy me?”

Maya nods ” your always positive, and have a friendly vibe. Lets not forget, you have many friends and experiences.”

Arjun never thought of it like that. Sure his everything Maya says, but he also has flaws. He stop and took out his phone. ” give me your phone”

” why?”

” just give it” he says

Maya took her phone. When he grab it, he puts his number on her contact list . ” now we are friends “, he says

Maya smiles. Arjun was taken by her smile. She jump with excitement almost falling, but Arjun pull her to him, causing her to hit his chest. And her hair brushing his face. Maya looks up and Arjun looks down. She blush, ” thank you” she says

” no problem ”

Maya advert her eyes, before looking at him with a tinted cheek. She tiptoed and kiss his cheeks. Arjun eyes widen, but understood. It wasn’t long before she separate herself from him, and demand something from him. Arjun lean closer when she ushers him. She whispered and he laughs ” seriously Maya”

She nods, Arjun bends down and she climbs up. Maya snakes her arm around his shoulder, while Arjun puts his hand under her foot. He could tell she was relaxed. Arjun decides to have a little fun by running. When he did, Maya starts to giggle, it soon turn to laughter. Arjun smile while looking back at Maya.

End of flashback

Doctor petal wonder if she’s remembering something. He watch as Maya took the chalk and starts to write. He squint, but finally got it. She was writing down Arjun name, and drawing his face. He realize he will have to do something since Maya is cracking. Maybe get Arjun to speak to her, remiscing their time together, and Saanj. So she can confess. He wonder if that’s the key , he didn’t know, but will give it a try.

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  1. hey Kanie this is superb story …

    please don’t stop writing dear

  2. CuteVanshu

    Superb epi di… Waiting for next part post it soon n do read my ff too I write in kkb page

  3. Angelk1

    Thanks guys and vanshu i use to write stories for kumkum too

    1. CuteVanshu

      Di..can u give me the name of ur ff may I’ve read it

      1. Angelk1

        Its on indian forum. Not here

    2. CuteVanshu

      Di… Where’s the next epi I’m waiting plz post it soon…

  4. Superb epi di… Waiting for next epi

  5. It’s a very nice ff.Is it of Arjun-Saanjh or of Maya-Arjun?

  6. Krkavita

    Superb episode

  7. Angelk1

    It has no shipping . thats why i didnt put a ship

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