Obsess: a beyhadh story – part 4


Precap: during the project, Arjun ask Saanj to be his model, when she didn’t show up at the last minute the photographer asks Maya to do it. Now let’s continue.

Arjun was at the hospital. He was watching saanj sleep. Saanj mom walks in and became angry seeing Arjun. ” what are you doing here? Didn’t we tell you to never show your face to us” she screams.

Arjun got up and apologize, but Saanj mom wouldn’t have it. ” I won’t accept your apologeze this time. I…no, we forgave you when you chose that stalker over my daughter. But when SaanjAna told you Maya was no good, you believe Maya over her.” She says

She walk to Saanj and look at her ” even though she was heart broken, and you ruin your friendship, she still saved you.”

Arjun wouldn’t forget that day. He blamed himself for what happend. He would never forgive himself for hurting Saanj.


Saanj decides to deliver a package for Maya. She knocked on the door to see it open. Confuse, she wonder why it was unlock. She walk inside calling for Maya, but their was no response. She wonder if Maya was just sleeping, and forgot to lock the door.

She sigh, Arjun did say shes forget full at times. She walk to Maya room, to see it cracked open. She look to see Maya talking to herself. But what surprise her we’re the many pictures of Arjun on her wall. Shock, she step back. ” what is this?” She says, she turn to leave. When the floor made a crack. She quickly panicked and ran.

She was unaware of Maya seeing her hair exiting the door. Maya knit her brows. ” who was that? Why we’re they in my house?” She questioned

It wasn’t long before Arjun, call her asking if Saanj drop the gift. Maya look at the table to see the silver gift. She wonder if Saanj saw her room. She says if she did then she would most likely tell Arjun. She says Arjun can’t know about her little obsession.

Elsewhere, when Saanj enter her house, she took a deep breath and call Arjun. At first Arjun didn’t pick up, but when he did she asks if he was home. ” yeah, what’s up?”

” Aarjun!, I have to tell you something, can I come over?”

” you know you don’t have to ask”

Few minutes later Saanj was over his house. She was pacing in his living room. Arjun raise a brow ” why do you seem trouble?”.

Saanj look at Arjun, ” I don’t know how to say this.”

” say what?”

” when I went to Maya place, I saw her room.”

” OK?”

” she…she had pictures of you on the wall”

Arjun laughs ” it’s natural for her to have my picture, we’re dating ”

Saanj sat down ” yes, but multiples. Thats weird Arjun”

Arjun look at Saanj worry face. He ressures her that she probably didn’t see right. Saanj was adamant, but Arjun brush her argument and told her she needs to relax. She protest, but he sush her.

The next day Arjun enter Maya house and ask if she got the gift. Maya nod, she showed him the necklace and the saree he design. She told him she will go and put it on. And he nod , while drinking water, arjun had to pee. He search for the bathroom and pass maya room. It was wide open.

He could see maya in the mirror checking herself. He observe the room, and saw nothing out of the ordinary, and sigh before going to the bathroom. What he didn’t see was Maya smiling, before he pass by h er room. Few hours later, Arjun told Saanj their was no picture in her room. Saanj was shock. ” I’m telling you Arjun I saw it.”.

” you probably imagine the whole thing”

” no I didn’t, something is off here. I’m sure she must have hide it . I’m possitive ”

Arjun had enough. ” look , stop accusing Maya of every small thing that happen. She’s not crazy, and I didn’t see any pictures of me, which is sad, but enough is enough ”

When he said this their was a pause before saanj quietly agreed.

Two days later, Saanj drop the accusation. It wasn’t long before she went to work. While working Maya came to her job. Her boss, asks if Maya was here for business. Maya didn’t even spare him, she walk to Saanj desk and asks Saanj to have tea with her. Saanj was surprise, but non the less agreed.

When they reach a nice tea shop. Maya got straight to the point. ” I want you to stop being close to Arjun”

” what?”

” I know your not slow. You are Arjun bestfriend, but it’s time you need to step down. He has a girlfriend now.” She says

” i gave him space, that doesnt mean we cant hangout. if arjun wants to leave me, then he can go”

Maya order tea before telling her about her visit to her house. She told Saanj she saw her look in her room. She asks if she saw anything, and told her even if she did. It makes no difference because Arjun won’t listen to her.

Saanj eyes widen. When the tea arrive Maya took a sip, and check her watch. She observe Saanj, before smirking ” I will tell you now. You better stop playing with fire, or you will get burnt”

” are you threatening me… Maya?!”

Maya watch her, before sipping

Saanj, stare at her, ” I think my service is not needed anymore”

” not here or in Arjun life” Maya finished

Saanj was now angry, she was unaware of Arjun entering the shop a nd walking over. She grab her tea and splash it on Maya face ” come back to reality Maya. Arjun will always be in my life, you can’t change that. If you can’t even get over that then you are not right for him”.

Arjun agrily shouts Saanj name, making her freeze. Maya secretly smile, before wiping her face.

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