Obsess: a beyhadh story – part 3


Precap: arjun comes home to see ayan back and explain everything to him. While the theropist tries to make maya confess.


Arjun was late once again. He cursed under his breath when he saw the meeting already started. As soon as he was about to enter, Maya showed up and close the door and window blinds. Arjun was about to say something, but was interrupted by Maya ” you are late Mr. Sharma ”

” I’m sorry Maya, I was in traffic”

” that no excuse. ”

She told him he won’t come in, but instead listen outside. Arjun frown, but non the less sit down with his books and took notes.

Maya was showing some presentations. ” our company has all the latest style and popularity brand. Last time I told you all to come up with a theme for the company magazine. I hope you all are ready because we will have a photo shoot tomorrow. The best one is the one we will pick, so be ready, and I expect no late work.” She says

Once the meeting was over, Maya pack her things to leave, but stop at the door when she saw Arjun asleep. She shook her head and close the door. It was loud enough to wake him up. Maya stares him down ” I will be expecting your theme tomorrow Mr Sharma”

Arjun stood up and told her, she won’t regret it. ” I better not”

That night Arjun was on the phone with saanj ” what are you going to do Arjun? ”

” I don’t know saanj, I already have my theme, which is the old classic Hindu tradition. But I need a model to do the shoot with” he says throwing a ball up in the air, all while laying down.

Saanj making dinner told him to call one of his friend’s. and ask them if they had any female friends that can model. Arjun decline the idea. ” I need a natural Hindu beauty ” he says

” that’s a tough one Arjun”

Ayan passing by shouts ” why don’t you model with Arjun saanj, I’m sure you will do great”

Arjun sat up ” that’s a great idea, saanj will you-”

He never finished when saanj parents walk in asking if Arjun about to propose to her. Saanj blush, ” mom no… it’s not like that. Arjun, just needs help that’s all.” She says ” besides Arjun and I are jus-”

” friends! We know that saanj” her parents says

Saanj sigh ” anyway what we’re you saying?”

” I was wondering if you would be my model tomorrow?”

” I don’t know Arjun, I can’t model”

” please saanj, I need you” he begs.

Ayan cuts in ” yeah he needs you. Are you really gonna turn down your future husband ” , when he said this Arjun throw the ball at him, making him laugh.

Saanj thought about it, and told him she will come tomorrow. Arjun smile and thank her. ” I owe you one saanj”

Saanj smile, her parents starts to tease her saying her and Arjun going to be all lovey dovey. Her mom says when Arjun see her in tradition wear, he won’t take his eyes off her. Saanj denies it, but they continued teasing her. Saanj frustrated walk in her room and slam the door ” Aaah!!!” She screams, making her parents laugh.

The next day Arjun was dressed , he was pacing back and forth, tapping his phone. Maya reminds him he was next. He told her one second. He step out the shoot, and calls saanj. When she answered Arjun asked her where she was. Saanj told him she can’t make it, because she has a very important case today. Arjun wasn’t happy, he didn’t know what to do now.

” I’m sorry Arjun, I’ll make it up to you”

” no…it’s fine. You just work on that case”

” OK… I’m so sorry ” she says.

” I said it’s fine, don’t worry about it. I will figure something out.”

Once he hang up he walk back in. Maya and the photographer asked if he was ready. Arjun told them his model won’t be able to make it. Maya got angry ” Mr.Sharma, you told me you would be ready today. And I expected that”

” I know bu-”

” theirs no buts, you just wasted our time” she says

Arjun sigh. The photographer told them to calm down. He says everything will work out. He turn to Arjun ” you need a model..right?”

” yes”

” and Maya, you want this done…am I correct”

Maya nods. The photographer told her to come with him. Maya asks him what he was up to , the photographer ignores her and drags her along. Few minute later she came out , Arjun turn and was amazed. Maya seeing the look he was giving her avert her eyes. She told him to stop looking like an idiot and move along. Arjun smile, and follows her. During the photo shoot Arjun couldn’t stop staring. The photographer complement them, and told them they look good together . He told them to get a little bit closer.

Arjun had no problem, but Maya on the other hand did. She became tense. And recall her father touching her while drunk. Arjun seeing her shake comes behind her and puts his hand on her stomach. He lean closer to her ears and told her to relax. This was the remedy she needed to get back to reality.

She turn slightly and look at Arjun. And he smile, they stare at one another unaware of the photographer still taken pictures. Arjun told her she look beautiful in his design. Maya cheeks turn slight pink. The photographer told them it was over, but they didn’t hear him.

She smile a little, before quickly realizing what she was doing. They quickly let go of one another, and Arjun thanks her. Maya turn around to leave ” this is just a one time thing. Don’t expect me to save you next time.”

Arjun chuckles ” same to you princess ” he says

Maya froze and half turn ” princess?”

Arjun nervously made an excuse ” I mean…boss”

Maya roll her eyes, but crack a smile when she left his side.

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