Obsess: a beyhadh story – part 2

Precap: Maya goes in memory lane, recalling the time her father abuse her mother on her birthday. While Arjun begs the doctor to help him get a confession from maya

When doctor petal walks in, he saw Maya still shaking. He walk near her and shake her ” Maya…Maya snap out of it”, he watch as Maya look at him with blank eyes before he saw recognition in them. ” Arjun” she mumbles

” Maya, it’s doctor petal. Arjun is not here”

When he said this, it was like a switch just turned off in her brain. Her attitude change completely ” where is Arjun”

” his home ”

Maya got up, ” I need Arjun. His the only one that loves me, bring me Arjun” she says

The doctor told her to calm down. He says Arjun can’t be with her because of what she did. Maya knit her brows ” Arjun belongs to me and no one else, not sAanj, or you.” She says to calm ” now doctor petal, will you separate me from my lover too?” She question walking near him.

The men became nervous, he moved back. Afraid of what Maya would do. ” bring me my Arjun”

.” I’m sorry Maya, But we can’t do tha-” before he could finish Maya attack him. The doctor called the nurses, and they quickly walk in grabbing hold of her. she was yelling and kicking telling him to give her back Arjun. It wasn’t long before they injected her with something , causing her to faint.

Doctor petal decides to write it down. ” this is the first time she attack me..Arjun must be what I need to break down her wall.” He says

Elsewhere, Arjun was heading home. When he reached he opens the door to see the lights off. ” welcome home ” he says to himself. He shiver in the darkness before switching the lights on. Ayan got up from the couch ” bhai?”

” Ayan?”…what are you doing here?” He asks

Ayan sat down, ” I came back after finding out about saanj. How did this happen?”

Arjun sat down, shaking his head ” it’s a long story”

” I just came back, so I have all day”

Arjun sigh ” where do I began”

A year ago

Arjun was on the run. He didn’t think giving Maya a birthday celebration would make her run away. He pants while searching for her. When he spotted her, she was by the beach. He stop and stare. Arjun had to admit, this was a beautiful scenery. Maya staring in the ocean, while the wind caress her face and hair. Her outfit dancing to the water movement.

Everything about it was beautiful. Arjun smile before grabbing his phone and taken a picture. He watch as Maya took her shoes off and starts walking in the water. he took a picture of it too, but stop when he realize how deep she was going. ” what is she doing? She will die if she keeps going further”

Quickly Arjun puts his phone away and ran to the water. He was shouting Maya name, but she wasn’t listening. He quickly speed and pull her to him, causing her head to hit his chest. Arjun held her in a hug like fashion, telling her not to do it. ” you have a long future ahead of you, don’t kill yourself because of what I did”

Maya surprise cheeks turned red. She quickly got over her shock and compose herself ” what are you doing?”

Arjun looks at her ” saving you from making a mistake”

” mistake? Mr. Sharma, you are on a thin ice to being fired”

Arjun was now confuse ” wait…weren’t You about to committee suicide? ”

Maya removes herself from him ” suicide? Why would I do that?”

” you we’re getting in the water”

Maya eyes acknowledge something ” yes, to save a baby turtle and give it back to his parent”

Arjun was now dumb founded. ” what?”

Maya points to her hand, and Arjun eyes widen. He laughs Ike an idiot, before sighing with relief ” well I’m glad your alright. I would be unease if you died”

When he said this, Maya raise a brow, but didn’t question him. She look at the time before turning to leave ” next time Mr. Sharma. Control your emotions, I would hate to have rumors flying around about me and you.” She says leaving

Arjun smile ” Happy birthday, anyway” he scream

Maya stop and turn before cracking a smile. She calls him an idiot and left the beach.


Ayan was listening intensely ” I remember you told us that, but not the full detail.” He smirk ” smooth bhai”

Arjun didn’t laugh ” at that time, she was alone, and needed a friend. I was curious about her. Who she was? What she was hiding? What make her happy and smile? I was infatuated by her without knowing it “

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