Obsess: a beyhadh story – part 1

Precap: Maya is seen in a mental hospital irritated. The theropist tries to get some word out of her, but he got nothing, but Maya insult. Now let’s continue……


” happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Maya, happy birthday to you ” , Maya smile seeing the cake. Her mom told her she’s getting so big and to hurry up and blow the candle. She look at the cake which says eight years before closing her eyes and blow. Her mom cheers and hug her. She was about to cut the cake when they heard the door knob shake, and a key shuffling.

Quickly her mom puts the cake down, and told maya to go in her room and lock the door. As soon as she did, her dad walk in drunk. ” where is Maya?”

” Maya is asleep” jahnvi says

Ashwin looks at the cake still fresh, he could smell the candle smoke still lingering in the air. He glares at jahnvi ” don’t lie to me, I know she’s up”

” I’m not lying, please leave this house. Maya is not your responsibility anymore”

Ashwin move closer ” Maya is my daughter”

Jahnvi laughs ” a daughter you tried molesting while I was away”

Ashwin staid quiet, he asks her for his money. Jahnvi says she won’t give him money so he can buy more alcohol. Ashwin now angry threatens her. He Says if she doesn’t give what he wants then he will take Maya away from her. Jahnvi told him she’s getting custody over Maya, she says she tried being nice, by giving him money to stay away from Maya, but not this time.

Ashwin drunk move closer and slaps Jahnvi, she cried and fell to the floor. ” you b*t*h, ill kill you” he says kicking her.

Maya in her room , could hear them yelling. She could hear her mom telling her father to stop. She heard her father calling her name, telling her to come out, but her mother told her to stay in her room. Maya didnt know what to do, she heard her mom scream again, and opens the door. She grabs the nearest thing which happen to be a broom, and hits her dad.

Ashwin surprise turn to maya, “so your on her side too”

A scared Maya look at her Mom before telling him to leave her alone. Her father grab the broom and hits Maya. Maya fell to the floor, her Mom scream for her. Ashwin was about to walk to Maya, when her mom told him the money was in the drawer. Ashwin smile and walk to the drawer. He grab the bag of money and curse them before leaving.

Maya Mom crawl to Maya, calling her name. But Maya didn’t hear her. She was on the floor, shaking.

End of flashback

” maya…Maya?!” Patel says

He watch her in the corner shaking. He wonder what she could be thinking about that’s causing this behavior. He was about to write it down, when the door opens. ” doctor Patel Arjun is here” she whispers

He nod, and step out the room. He walk to the front desk to see Arjun pacing. When Arjun saw him, he asks how the case is going. ” she’s won’t let me in. She build up a wall, so I won’t have access.”

Arjun curs ” please doctor, this is my last ressort. Every evidence I have against her she erased it. I need her confession.”

The doctor told him not to worry ” I will help you as much as I can Arjun. , you just take care of your family and saanjh”

Arjun mood turn sour ” I should have never involve her in my mess. I should have kept Maya away from her” he says

” it s not your fault Arjun, what happend to saanjh, you couldn’t stop it. ”

” but still”

The doctor ressures him, and told him to take care before going back to the room.

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