Oh my goshhh… thank you to all peeps for the huge response. I’m overwhelmed by all your suggestions. See peeps I don’t know what will all of you feel after reading today’s episode but if any one feels it boring or waste of time all your chameli’s are accepted gladly. So loads of my bak bak let’s start with the episode. The link for the previous episode is given below.

Episode 6

Shivay came back from office but a little late today, everyone understood the reason. That night also anika came out to the hall for sleeping but shivay did not ask anika a single question. Anika came also dushyant after some time shivay also came and he found anika and dushyant talking to each other in the same manner as like the previous day. Shivay’s heart broke into 1000 to the power infinity pieces. He ran to his room and closed the door. Seeing this omru and everyone at the house was sad but was happy to see shivay realizing his feelings for anika. Rudra signed thumbs up to a sad anika. Omru went to shivay. They knocked the door and shivay allowed them to go inside.

Om: kya hua hai shivay?
(what happened shivay?)

Shivay: kuch bhi to nahi (with constant chocking in his voice)

Omru understood shivay was crying.

Rudra: bhaiyaa aap ro rahe the?
(bhaiyaa you were crying)

Shivay: ma…I maii.. kyun rounga??
(i..i.. why will I cry??)

Om: sach bata shivay..
(say the truth shivay)

Rudra: haan bhaiyaa sach batao warna sach ka boyfriend aapse katti kar lega aur aapse baat nahi karega..
(yes bhaiyaa or else the botfriend of truth will stop talking to you)

Om signed rudra to shut his mouth. Shivay looked up to both of them and signaled rudra to close the door. Rudra stood up like an obedient child and closed the door immediately. He drew the curtains as well. Now shivay broke down infront of them. Om tried hard but could not stop his tears from flowing through his beautiful blue orbes. Rudra tried his stupid pranks but that also did not make any difference.

Shivay: wo mere saath aisa kayse kar sakti hai?
(how can she do this to me?)

Om: kaun shivay?
(who shivay?)

Shivay: anika…

Rudra: ab meri sweet si cute si anika bhabhi ne kya kar diya?
(now what my sweet and cute anika bhabhi did?)

Shivay: woo.. woo (his voice again chocked)

Rudra: kya hua bhaiyaa?
(what happened bhaiyaa?)

Om passed a glass of water to shivay. Shivay gulped it in one go. After finishing the glass of water he again started to speak.

Shivay: anika dushyant se pyaar karti hai…
(anika loves dushyant)

Omru: kya??

Shivay: haan wo dushyant se pyaar karti hai….
(yes she loves dyshyant)

Rudra: kisne kaha ye aapse..??
(who told you..??)

Shivay: I noticed her for some days and I felt it

Om: to tujhe itna kyun fark par raha hai?
(but why is it affecting you?)

Shivay: kyunki mai ussse….
(because i…)

Rudra: aap unse kya bhaiyaa?
(you…… her?? What bhaiyaa??)

Om: haan shivay bol tu ussse kya?
(ya shivay say what you… and her?)

Shivay: mai ussse pyaar karta hu aur… aur mai uske bina jee nahi sakta
(I love her… and and I cannot live without her…)

Rudra was about to get up and dance but om signaled no and he stopped.

Om: jaa shivay usse bata de
(go shivay and tell her)

Shivay: aur agar usne reject kar diya to
(and if she rejects then??)

Rudra: nahi karegi bhaiyaa aap jao to sahi
(she will not do at first you go atleast…)

Shivay: matlab..
(what do you mean?)

Om: kuch.. kuch nahi

Shivay: kya chupa rahe ho tum dono mujhse
(what are you two hiding from me?)

Om: tujhe anika chahiye ya hamare beech larai?
(what do you want anika or a fight between us??)

Shivay: anika…

After spelling her name shivay stopped a little and laughed his heart out followed by blush in his face

Rudra: bhaiyaa aap to blush karne lag gaye
(bhaiyaa you are blushing)

This made shivay remember his blush lessons to anika which made a smile to appear in his face. Rudra signed thumbs up to om unnoticed by shivay. Next day everything was as usual but our bagadbilaa was happier than ever. He planned to decorate the garden beautifully to propose his lady love. Soon the evening came. The garden was decorated very beautifully with roses, lights and red love shaped balloons. Shivay asked everyone to go somewhere because he wants to propose anika. Everyone agreed and went out to one of their farm house. Anika came to the beautifully decorated garden.

After sometime dushyant came to the spot, he kneeled down on his knees took anika’s hand in his and proposed her. Anika’s lips got covered with the most beautiful curve. Shivay was standing far and noticed the total scene. Now he got out of his control and came near to both of them. Dushyant caught his sight on shivay and stood up.

Shivay: anika tum dushyant se pyaar karti ho
(anika you love dushyant??)

He threw the question towards anika with a thin line of water formed in his eyes. Anika stood still. He went close to her and asked the same question.

Anika: aapko kya fark padta hai mai kisi aur se pyaar karun na karun?
(why does it affect you?)

Dushyant: haan shivay kaho…
(yes shivay say…)

Shivay: tum meri biwi ho…
(you are my wife..)

Dushyant: biwi hai to kya hua extramarital affair bhi exist karta hai
(she is you wife that’s fine but extramarital affair also exists)

Shivay: shut up… ( shouted at the top of his voice)

Anika: sahi to kaha hai dushyant ne…
(dushyant said the truth only…)

Shivay: mai tumse pyaar karta hu khud se bhi zyaada
(I love you more than I love myself)

Anika felt weak on her knees and fell down in sitting position with her tears coming out.

Dushyant: sorry shivay…

Shivay: kyun?

Dushyant: wo mai aur anika tumse confess karwane ke liye acting kar rahe the
(actually I and anika was acting to make you confess your feelings for anika)

Shivay: kya?

Dushyant: enjoy your moment shivika… I should go now

Dushyant went away from there.

Shivay: anika..

Shivay sat infront of the most beautiful girl in his life

Shivay: I LOVE YOU… kya hua why are you silent
( I LOVE YOU… what happened anika why are you silent?)

Anika: par mai aapse pyaar nahi karti
(but I don’t love you)

This sentence of anika allowed the water layer formed on shivay’s eyes to come down through his cheeks proving his true love.

Anika: mai aapse bahut pyaar karti hu bagad bille
(I love you loadsss my bagadbille..)

The sentence was followed by a hug from anika’s side. Shivay reciprocated the hug. This time they shared a tight hug followed by their eyes showering their love for each other. After some time anika released her hands to break the hug but shivay being shivay made his grip tighter.

Anika: choriye shivay
(leave me shivay..)

Shivay: I got my world in my arms so how can I leave it?

Anika: hmmm..

Shivay: wayse anika tum ho bahut clever
(by the way anika you are very clever)

Anika: kyun abb maine kya kar diya?
(why? What did I do now?)

Shivay now broke the hug.

Shivay: tum mujhe aakar kah sakti thi ki you love me
(you should have told me only that you love me)

Anika: to aap kya karte?
(then what you have done?)

Shivay: wayse mai accept to nahi karta
(I would have never accept my feelings towards you)

Anika: isiliye to aapke muh se bulwaya my dear bagadbille ji
(for this reason only I made you confess like this my bagadbille)

Shivay: tum sach me dushyant se pyaar to nhi karti ho na?
(you really don’t love dushyant right?)

Anika laughed her heart out after this innocent question from her hubby.

Anika: pagal thori na hu?
(I’m mad or what?)

Shivay: kyun?

Anika: agar mai aisa karti to my darling tia mujhe kha nahi jaati?
(if I would have done this then my darling tia would have eaten me up)

Shivay: haan wo to hai aur mai dushyant ko khaa jata
(ya I also would have ate dushyant up)

Anika: nahi aapke muh me wo nahi ghush pata…
(but your mouth is too small to put dushyant inside)

Both of them had a heartfelt laugh and after that stood on their legs.

Anika: aap uss din ro rahe the na room me?
(you were crying that day??)

Shivay: hmmm… nahi to..
(hmmm… no)

Anika: aap jhut mat boliye
(don’t lie to me)

Shivay: to mai kaise nahi rota ye janne ke baad ki meri biwi kisi aur se pyaar karti hai
(how would I’ve stopped me from crying when I came to know that you love dushyant)

Anika: aap mujhse itna pyaar karte hai?
(you love me this much?)

Shivay looked lovingly towards her held her hand and brought her closer by pulling her near him

Shivay: anika tum meri zindagi ho agar tumhe kuch ho jaata hai ya tum mujhe hurt karti ho to aisa lag ta hai ki mai kahin chala jauun..
(anika you are my life and if anything happens to you then I’ll die. If you hurt me any time it feels like I should run away from here)

Anika: mai to ek pagal si middle class ladki hu na??
(I’m a mad middle class girl shivay)

Shivay: khabardaar jo tumne ye baat phir se dohraya to…. Tum meri biwi ho shivay singh oberoi ki patni..
(I’m warning you never ever repeat this… you are wife of shivay singh oberoi)

Anika: bas shuru ho gayi aapki tadibaazi
(again you started your tadibaazi??)

Shivay came close to anika put her up and took her to the bedroom

Anika: shivay mujhe pata hai aap do din se soye nahi to aaj aap so jaiye
(shivay I know I did not sleep for two days so you just go and sleep)

Shivay: tum bhi aa jao
(you also come)

Anika: hmm..

They both slept together after long nights. Anika slept over shivay cuddling like a little girl and shivay smiled at his innocent wife. He placed a small kiss on her forehead and then slept surrounding her in his protected arms.

Well I don’t know what will be happening in the next episode. Please stay tuned to know. This precap is also an oh my maataa one

… well any one wants SULBUL (sultana+chulbul) to romance each other. Just think about the situation. Om ki to oh my mataa hone waali hai… peeps please do post all your comments and suggestin for the next episode. -NILASH

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