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Episode 4
Soumya’s room. Soumya is replacing her things at rudra’s places. Rudra comes inside with parathas in a plate.
Rudra: sumo….

Soumya: hmmm

Rudra: kya kar rahi ho?
(what are you doing?)

Soumya: tumhare cheezo ko phenk rahi hu aur mere cheezo ko rakh rahi hu
(I’m throwing your stuffs and setting my stuffs)

Rudra: tumhara trip kaisa raha?
(how was your trip)

Soumya: kaha na it was fun
(I already said that it was fun)

Rudra comes close to soumya.

Rudra: sach me it was fun?
(really it was fun??)

Soumya: ha.. hann.. haan

Rudra: tum stammer kyun kar rahi ho?
(why are you stammering?)

Soumya: woo.. wo bas aise hi

Soumya moves back.

Soumya: cry baby tum apna saman khud uthakar lekar jaoge yaa kisi aur ko bulaoon?
(cry baby will you pick up your own stuffs on your own or should I call someone else?)

Rudra (making puppy eyes): mujhe cry baby mat bulaya karo na
(don’t call me cry baby)

Soumya: to kya bulaoon protein shake??
(then what should I call you protein shake??)

Rudra: tum kabhi mere saath wife ke tarah kyun nahi behave karti ho?
(why don’t you behave like my wife sometimes?)

Soumya: kya???

Rudra realizes what he said. He hurriedly puts a bite inside soumya’s mouth so that she does not ask any question. As soon soumya finishes the first bite rudra puts another one inside her mouth. Like this rudra makes soumya eat a full paratha. After finishing the last bite of the first paratha soumya turns her face around so that rudra does not put any other bite.

Soumya: kya kar rahe ho tum rudra?
(what are you doing rudra?)

Rudra: tumhe bhook lagi hogi isilye mai tumhe khana khila raha tha
(you must be hungry so I was just feeding you)

Soumya: aise kaun khila ta hai?
(who feeds like this?)

Rudra: the great most famous rudra singh oberoi aise hi khilata hai
(the great most famous rudra singh oberoi feeds like this)

Soumya: tum duffer singh oberoi ho
(you are duffer singh oberoi)

Rudra rolls his eyes on soumya and soumya laughs out loud looking at it. A smile comes to our great rudy’s face looking his wife laughing like a maniac.

The scene shifts to om’s room. Om was sitting and was thinking about someone. Chulbul enter’s his room.

Chulbul: omkaaraa ji..

Om: hmmm

Chulbul: aap kya soch rahe hai
(what are you thinking?)

Om: kuch nahi

Chulkul: aap mujhe bataiye mai aapki pareshani harharai ke door kar doongi
(you tell me I’ll try to solve your problem like a good girl)

Om: doongi??
(good girl??)

Chulbul (in his mind): man me shanka lag gayi lanka
( I shit I’m stuck again)

Om: chulbul??

Chulbul: haan wo galti se nikal gaya muh se… doonga… door kar doonga
(actually mistakenly it came out from my mourth… I will try to solve your problem like a good boy)

Om: pata hai aaj uski bahut yaad aa rahi hai
( actually I was thinking about her)

Chulbul get’s a shock from inside but manages to stay normal

Chulbul: uski??

Om: bela ki mane ishana ki yaad aa rahi thi
( I was thinking about bela I mean about ishana)

Chulbul: ishana… bela ye log hai kaun?
(ishana… bela who are they?)

Om: ye dono naam ek hi ladki ka hai
(these two names are of one girl only)

Gauri aka chulbul feels a pain deep inside her heart but gathers her courage to ask the next question

Chulbul: aapki girl friend thi kya?
(was she your girlfriend?)

Om: girl friend?? (gives a weak smile to chulbul) girl friend hoti to shayad itna hurt nahi hota mai..
(girl friend?? (gives a weak smile to chulbul) if she have been my girl friend then it would have not hurt me this much…)

Chulbul: to??

Om: chor na inn sab baato ko….
(leave it…)

Chulbul though unwillingly but agrees to om

Chulbul: theek hai mai phir abhi chalta hun
(ok fine then I’m going now)

Om: kahan ja raha hai tu?
(where are you going?)

Chulbul: wo apne room me
(to my room)

Om: theek hai

Chulbul walks across the corridor and collides with priyanka. Priyanka holds him from his waist and saved him from falling down. Chulbul stands properly and thanks priyanka. Priyanka turns to go but chulbul calls her from behind

Chulbul: priyanka madam ji..

Priyanka: haan??

Chulbul: wo mai aapse kuch puchun??
(can I ask you something?)

Priyanka: haan pooch
(yes ask)

Chulbul: ye ishana kaun hai?
(who is this ishana?)

Priyanka: tum ishana ko jante ho??
( you know ishana??)

Chulbul: nahi wo darasal omkara ji unke bare me bata rahe the
(actually omkaaraa ji was telling about her)

Priyanka: ishana…. (she takes a deep breath) wo actually ek ladki hai
(ishana…. (she takes a deep breath) she is actually a girl…)

Chulbul (in his mind): wo to mujhe bhi pata chal gaya tha naam se
(that I also understood by the name)

Priyanka: woe k con girl hai usne pahle om bhaiyaa ka trust jeeta aur phir unhe hurt kia
( she is a con girl. She at first made my om bhaiyaa to trust her and then she hurted her)

Chulbul: unhe hurt kia matlab?
(he was hurted means?)

Priyanka: om bhaiyaa usse bahut respect karte the par unh eek din pata laga ki woe k con girl hai jisne unke 3 saal ke relationship ko thoda hai
(om bhaiyaa respected her but she broke his trust by breaking om bhaiyaa’s three years of relationship)

Chulbul: omkaaraa ji ka unke saath 3 saal ka relationship tha?
(omkaaraa ji had relationship with her for three years?)

Priyanka: nahi om bhaiyaa ka relationship riddhima didi ke saath tha
(no om bhaiyaa had relationship with riddhima didi)

Chulbul: ab ye riddhima didi kaun hai?
(now who is this riddhima didi?)

Priyanka: ok theek hai tum mere room me chalo mai tumhe explain karti hu
(ok fine let’s go to my room I’ll explain the total matter to you)

Priyanka takes chulbul to her room and explains everything to him. Chulbul feels bad for om

Chulbul: shayad isiliye omkaaraa ji kisi ke upar viswas nahi kar paate hai
(oh for this reason only omkaaraa ji does not believe on any one)

Priyanka: kya matlab?
(what do you mean?)

Chulbul: nahi kuch nahi hume abhi chalna chahiye
(no nothing I should go now)

Priyanka: ok fine..

It is now evening. Shivay returned back from his office early.

Om: aaj tu itni jaldi aa gaya?
(you came so early today?)

Shivay: haan wo family me sabko miss kar raha tha and sabse zyada mai obro moment ko miss kar raha tha to socha jaldi se kaam finish karke ghar jaaon so I finished all my works and I came
(yaa actually I was missing my family and obro moments so I decided to come home early. so I finished all my works and I came)

Rudra: bhaiyaa aap sirf family and obro moment ko miss kar rahe the ya kisi aur ko
(bhaiyaa yo were just missing family and obro moment or anything else also?? Huh??)

Om: rudra….. logic (om does rudra’s logic wala step)

Rudra: oh thank you o aap pahli baar mujhe kuch logic waali baat par support kar rahe ho.
(oh thank you o you are supporting me for the first time in my logics)

Shivay: tum dono phir se shuru ho gaye?
(you two again started?)

Om: nahi shivay humne to bas rest liya tha beech me abhi continue kar rahe hai
(no shivay we just stopped teasing you for some days to take rest but now we are just continuing it)

Shivay: om tu rudra ke sath rahte rahte uske jaisa bante jaa raha hai
(om you are becoming like rudra..)

Rudra: bhaiyaa apne kaha ki aap obro moment miss kar rahe the….???
(bhaiyaa you said you were missing obro moments…??)

Shivay: haan..

Rudra: to kyun na ho jaye aaj obro kitchen moment.
(so let’s go for an obro kitchen moment)

Om: rudra aaj pakka chand nahi aayaa hoga Mumbai ke aasmaan par
(rudra surely today moon is not there at mumbai’s sky)

Rudra: kyun o?
(why o?)

Om: tu to logic par logic waali baat kiye jaa raha hai….. I love you rudra…
( today you are saying everything that has logic in it….. I love you rudra…)

Rudra: I love you to o

Shivay: ho gaya??

Omru: kya??

Shivay: tum logo ki love story
(your’s love story)

Omru: haan

Shivay: to abb chalen kitchen me??
(so let’s go to the kitchen)

Om: haan shivay chalte hai…
(yes shivay let’s go)

Shivomru move towards kitchen. At kitchen

Om: shivaay aaj kya banaega tu?
(shivay what will you make today?)

Shivay: ok let’s make….

Rudra: aloo puri

Shivay: what? raat ko dinner me aloo puri kaun khata hai?
(what? Who eats aloo puri in the dinner?)

Rudra: anika bhaabhiii..

Shivay: no lets make pulao with chicken curry??

Rudra: bhaiyaa Indian??

Shivay: ya let’s make Indian food today….

Om: are you sure?

Shivay: yes I am..

Om: so let’s start then

The obros start to make pulao. An hour passed and they are ready with both of their dishes

Om: so it’s ready let’s taste it

Rudra: pahle mai khaunga
(at first I’ll taste it)

Shivay: noo this food is not healthy for you

Rudra: tension mat lo bhaiyaa mai double exercise kar lunga isse khaane ke baad
(you don’t take tension bhaiyaa I’ll do double exercise after having it)

Rudra and om turn by turn tastes it.

Shivay: how is it?

Om: tu itne dino se khana nahi bana raha than a to…
(you were not making dishes for so long so…)

Shivay: to??

Rudra: to bhaiyaa actually..
(actually bhaiyaa..)

Shivay: hua kya hai ok let me taste it…
(what happened? Ok fine let me taste it…)

Soumya was passing by she entered the kitchen. She is shocked and happy to see three brothers together in the kitchen after so long. She is even more shocked to see shivay’s state as he is standing with an o face looking at rudra and om..

Soumya: bare bhaiyaa…. Kya chal raha hai?
( bade bhaiyaa… what is going on?)

Rudra: abhi tak to obro moment chal raha tha but abhi sumo moment chal raha hai
(till now it was obro moment but now it changed to sumo moment)

Soumya: oh shut up you protein shake

Rudra: tum mujhe uss naam se call mat karo
(don’t call me by that name)

Soumya: karungi… you protein shake oberoi
(I will do… you protein shake oberoi)

Rudra makes cry baby face and looks at shivay

Shivay: ok ok soumya taste karo na and batao kaisa bana hai?
(ok ok soumya taste it and say how is it?)

Soumya: ok bade bhaiyaa..

Soumya tastes it

Soumya: bhaiyaa it’s amazing

Rudra: lo tumne hamare mazak ki oh my maataa kar di
(you destroyed our joking mood)

Shivay feels very happy after listening to the compliment.

Soumya: mazak ki oh my maataa matlab?
( how did I destroy your joking mood)

Om: matlab hum shivay ka dish taste karne ke baad ek ganda wala face karke rakhe the
(we were making faces after tasting shivay’s dish)

Soumya: kyun ye to bahut achha bana hai
( why it is so amazing??)

Rudra: hume bhi pata hai hum to wo bas bhaiyaa ko tease karne ke liye kar rahe the
( we also know we were just teasing shivay bhaiyaa)

Om: hmmm

Rudra: aur o aapne dekha bhaiyaa ke face ka 12 baj gaya tha hamare expression ko dekhkar…
(o did you notice bhaiyaa was shocked after looking to our expressions)

Om: yes rudra

Soumya: oh sorry bade baal waale bhaiyaa

Om: it’s ok

Shivay: so let’s set the dinner

Rudra: yes bhaiyaa

Everyone had their dinner and praised shivay for his wonderful cooking skills.

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