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Chapter 19

Shivay was fuming in anger while Anika entered the room.

Anika: aap mujhe dhoond rahe the??
(you were looking for me??)

Shivay: haan wo mera file…. I mean maroon colour ka file jo mai table par rakha tha wo kahan hai?
(yeah my file…. I mean the maroon coloured file that I kept where is that??)

Anika: bed par dekhiye
(look on bed)

Shivay turns around the bed and finds his file over there. He tried to walk off from the place but felt a tug in his wrist. Anika soon hugged him from back.

Anika: gussa hai mujhpar?
(you are angry?)

Shivay: naii… nhi….
(no… no)

Anika: hmm

Shivay: tum….. tum uss chulbul ke room me kya kar rhi thi?
(what…. What was you doing in Chulbul’s room?)

Anika: baat karne gayi thi
(I went to talk)

Shivay: haan wo bhi doors close karke and waise zor se hanste hue
(yeah by closing the door and laughing like that)

Anika: arre… dost hai wo mera
(arreee he is friend of mine)

Shivay: kyaaaa???

Shivay’s jaw dropped and he immediately turned towards Anika to look at her standing with a smirk in her eyes.

Shivay: sirf dost na??
(only friend na??)

Anika: hmmmm….

Shivay hugs her tight and placed a small kiss on her forehead.

Shivay: I can never think of letting you go

Anika: aap pagal hai kya?? Mai aapko itni aasani se nhi chorne waali)
(are you mad?? I am not going to leave you that easily)

Shivay: promise??

Anika: pinky promise

Both broke the hug and locked their small fingers.

Next day morning soon arrived. Everyone was sitted by the table while Svetlana came out with her luggage. Rudra’s eyes fell on her.

Rudra: kahan jaa rhi ho?
(where are you going??)

Svetlana: mai jaa rhi hu
(I am going)

Oberoi family became statue after listening to this and then suddenly Om started coughing. Everyone remained busy for some time with Om and then the main focus shifted to Svetlana. All the members got up from table and went towards Svetlana. Om pinched Rudra who was standing by his side

Rudra: ahhh….. O kya kar rahe ho aap?
(ahhh…. What are you doing O??)

Om: Matlab mai sapne nhi dekh raha……
(that means it’s not a dream)

Svetlana: Nhi Om tum sapne nhi dekh rahe actually thanks to you kyunki tumhare wajah se I realized ki mai kisse chahti hu
(no Om you are not dreaming rather for you only I realized whom do I love)

After completing her sentence Svetlana shifts her gaze towards Chulbul. Oberoi family soon catches up Svetlana’s gaze and their jaw dropped immediately.

AniBul: Naaahiiiiiiiii……

Both Anika and Chulbul shouted loud. Svetlana reached beside Chulbul with fast steps.

Svetlana: Thank You Chulbul agar tum nhi hote to mujhe pata hi nhi chalta ki mai kisse chahti hu
(thank you Chulbul if you were not there then maybe I have never realized whom do I want)

Chulbul: Sultana madam ji ee naahi ho sakta
(Sultana madam ji this cannot happen)

Svetlana: Om to dil ka doctor hai aur tum doctor ke assistant to ye kyun nhi ho sakta
(Om is the doctor of heart and you are his assistant then why can’t this happen?)

Chulbul: aapko mai samjha nhi paaungi….. mera matlab paunga
(I can’t explain it to you)

Svetlana: Om tum sach me dil ke doctor ho. Tumne meri dil ko sahi tarah se sambhala aura b mai uske paas jaa rhi hu jisse mai pyaar karti hu.
(om you are a real heart’s doctor. You made me realize my true love. And I am going to that person whom I love)

Chulbul: naahi Sultana ji aap samajh nhi rahi hai
(No Sultana ji you are not understanding)

Anika: oyee chote kapre waali model tu jaa yahan se chup chap warna chameli parenge tere upar
(oyee small dress wearing model you go from here silently or else my chameli is ready to get showered on you)

Svetlana: haan dekho wo aa gaya ab mai jaa rhi hu byeeee….
(yaaa se he came now I am going byeee….)

Svetlana soon pointed towards the main door. And to everyone’s doubt Kaali was standing over there. Svetlana ran towards him and hugged him tight.

Svetlana: I love you my Blacky

Kaali: I love you too my paseenalana (sweaty)

Shivay: tum isse pyaar karti ho??
(you love him??)

Svetlana: haan…. My blackyy
(yeah…. My blackkyy)

Oberois were feeling as if they won Oscar and their hearts were jumping with joy. Kaali and Svetlana was leaving. But soon Kaali realized something and turned back.

Kaali: Jaane se pahele ek baat Om, wo Gauriii….
(before leaving…. Om, Gauri…)

He soon narrated the total story and proved that Gauri was innocent and he was the one who was behind all their misunderstanding. Om at first did not believe what was going on but soon he started to feel guilty after learning the total truth. He wanted Gauri at that very moment but that seemed impossible for him. He got determined to find Gauri as soon as he could and apologize to her. Everyone dispersed.

The scene shifted to Shivika’s room.

Anika: Shivay aap stressed lag rahe hai kya hua?
(Shivay you are looking stressed what happened?)

Shivay: wo Om…

Anika: mai jaanti hu Shivay par aap thora mere upar bharosa rakhiye mai sab kuch theek kar dungi.
(I know Shivay but have faith on me I make everything fine)

Shivay: par tum kaise???
(you…. But how??)

Anika: Magic se….

Anika giggled out as soon she completed. Shivay’s confidence got boosted up seeing his wife so confident.

Shivay: I love you Anika

Anika: I love you too Shivay

He soon wrapped Anika in his arms. They broke apart after few moments. The kissing session of Shivay started. Shivay kissed Anika’s eyes and then cheeks and was about to grab Anika’s lips while she turned around to go but Shivay was much more faster than her and tugged her wrist and pulled Anika towards him. This resulted in a twirl and Anika landed up on his chest. He soon decreased their distance. The love ignited the passion in them. And soon the night got the hash tag of first night for them. They were fulfilled by each other. The morning soon arrived. But the day started dull as it rained heavily last night that increased the warmth in SHIVIKA.


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