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Episode 18

The marriage day arrived soon. The entire Oberoi Family visited and everyone was sad. Rudra was the most down of all. He felt something is getting lost from him as if someone is snatching away his soul from him but he remained silent. Around the afternoon Rudra went to talk with the bridegroom. The evening arrived soon. The bridegroom was sitting at his position. Soumya came and sat beside him. She sensed something is fishy but sidelined all her thoughts thinking about consequences of her marriage. She was desperately waiting for something but soon the seven rounds started. She was very slowly taking rounds around the fire and so was the bridegroom. He held her hand and everyone noted as a romantic feeling but inside some other khichdi was cooking. Suddenly Shivay cried out

Shivay: hey Rudra kahan hai?? Dopahar se nhi dikha
(hey where is Rudra? I haven’t seen him since noon)

Anika: haan sahi kaha Rudra kahan hai.
(ya right….. where is Rudra?)

The marriage stopped in the middle and everyone started to find Rudra. Soumya felt very happy and hugged the bridegroom in excitement.

Bridegroom: arree control abhi tak legally pati nhi bana hu tumhara
(arree control I am not the legal husband of you still now)

Soumya left him. On the other side Rudy search mission was on. Our great Rudy boy were nowhere to be found.

Soumya:one second tum hello bolo ek baar
(one secone say hello once)

Bridegroom: tum chup raho mujhe bhook lagi hai aur tumhe hello ki pari hai
(you just shut up here I am feeling hungry and you are asking me to say hello)

Soumya: mil gaya
(got it)

Soumya shouted out loud.

Everyone: Kya???

Soumya: arre Rudra

Everyone: Kahan??

Soumya: Oh Mr. Bridegroom apne chahere se parda to hatao
(oh Mr. Bridegroom remove the sehra from your face)

Soon the bridegroom removed the sehra he was wearing and yes to everyone’s shock it was Rudra who was there sitting in the place of bridegroom and half married Soumya. Soumya’s mom fainted seeing Rudra in bridegroom’s place. One more hour passed and Soumya was happily eating paranthas as her marriage got canceled.

Rudra:tum ye paranthe thusna band karogi??
(will you stop eating paranthas like this??)

Soumya: Nai… arre yaar meri shaadi tut gayi…. Socho meri shaadi ki oh my mataa ho gayi
(noo… arre yaar my marriage got canceled.. think about it oh my maataa happened to my marriage)

Soumya danced a little and hummed some random bollywood song that came into her mind after completing the sentence. By that time Soumya’s mother regained consciousness and immediately questioned Rudra about Rohit.

Rudra: Arre Aunty mai happy nhi tha Sumo ke marriage se to mai gaya tha Rohit se baat karne tab…
(aunty I was not happy because Sumo was getting married to Rohit and then I went inside and then,,,)

He paused

Soumya’s mother: haan tab kya??
(then what??)

Rudra: tab maine dekha ki wo ro raha tha
(then I saw he was crying)

Soumya: kyun??

Rudra: arre uska radar kahin aur kaam karta hai
(his radar works somewhere else)

Soumya’s mother: kya matlab??
(what do you mean??)

Rudra: Matlab maa daa ladla bigadd gaya
(I mean he takes interest in boys and not girls)

Soumya’s mother again fainted after listening to this and everyone else’s jaw dropped after listening to this. Everyone else went away and only Oberoi Family was left in that marriage venue.

Soumya: Rudra sach??
(Seriously Rudra??)

Rudra: haan… wo ro raha tha kyunki uski shaadi ek ladki se ho rhi hai
(yeah…. And he was crying because he was getting married to a girl)

Soumya: ye to aur achha hua…. Waah Rudra tumne aaj saabit kar hi diya ki tum ek sachhe Oberoi ho
(wow that’s great….. good Rudra today you proved that you are a true Oberoi)

Rudra: haan wo to hai…. No ek minute tumhara matlab kya hai??
(yaa that’s right…. No wait what do you mean??)

Soumya: yahi ki tum sirf dumbbell oberoi nhi ho balki Rudra Singh Oberoi bhi ho.
(I meant that you are not only dumbbell Oberoi Rather you are Rudra Singh Oberoi too)

She laughed and ran away from their and Rudra followed her. Oberoi Family was happy that Soumya did not get married to a person whom she never loved and on the other side they were shocked to know ahem ahem truth of Rohit. Soumya’s mother regained consciousness and thanked her sai baba for saving her child from getting married to a boy whose antenna signaled for boys and not for girls. She allowed Soumya to go back to Oberoi Mansion and promised her that she would never force her again to get married to a guy she liked rather she will allow her to marry a guy she likes.

Next day Oberoi Family went back to Oberoi Mansion along with Soumya.

Evening Time

Shivay was searching for Anika as he needed something that he is not getting. Anika was nowhere to be seen in the entire Oberoi Mansion. Shivay collided with Om and asked him about Anika

Shivay: Om Anika ko dekha hai tune??
(Om have you seen Anika??)

Om: waah ek min kya aankho se idhar ydhar gayi mere bhaai ka to jaan hi nikla jaa raha hai
(wow.. she got missing from my brother’s eyes for a minute and my brother is dying for her like this…)

Shivay: Arre yaar ek important file chahiye thi
(arree yaar an important file is needed)

Om: hmm… wahi to IMPORTANT file…..
(hmmm… yeah IMPORTANT file…)

Shivay: chup ho jana… tune dekha hai?
(shut up yaar….. have you seen her?)

Om: haan abhi thori der pahle Chulbul ke room me jaate hue dekha
(yeah noticed her sometime back and she was going to the direction of Chulbul’s room)

Shivay: ohh okk thank you

Shivay went towards Chulbul’s room and he was shocked to find the door of Chulbul’s room locked from inside. The sound of laughter of Anika is clearly audible and he stood there in utter shock thinking what is she doing inside with Chulbul and laughing this loud. OmRu came from behind and put each of their hands on Shivay’s shoulder.

Rudra: bhaiyaa mai aapka dard amajh sakta hu
(bhaiyaa I can understand your pain)

Shivay: k..kkk..kyaa?? Chup ho jaa Chulbul and Anika no match.
(whh…whhaa…whhaatt?? Shut up Chulbul and Anika no match)

Om: Shivay jo pair initially mismatched lagte hai wahi baad me jakar takkar ke ishqbaaz bante hai… jaise ki tu aur Anika bhabhi
(Shivay the pair who is initially mismatched they only became the best pair afterwards….. like as an example you and Anika bhabhi)

Shivay: Om tu mujhe samjhaane ki koshish kar raha hai ya darane ki??
(Om you are trying to explain it to me or you are trying to frighten me??)

Om: Ab tu jo samjhe
(now whatever you understand)

Shivay went away from there banging his hand on the door. As soon Anika heard the bang she opened the door and found OmRu standing there and looking at her narrowing their eyes.

Anika: kk..kkyaa??

Rudra: Chulbul hai kya andar??
(is Chulbul inside??)

Anika: haan.. par kyun??
(yeah…. But why??)

Om: Aap aur Chulbul andar kya baate kar rahe the wo bhi itna haste hue??
(what are you and Chulbul discussing inside and that too laughing like that??)

Anika: Kyun Om jalan ho rahi hai…. Rudra dekho ek aur Maa daa ladla bigadd gaya
(why Om feeling jealous…… Rudra see another one with antenna disturbance)

Anika and Rudra laughed out loud after listening to the statement of Anika.

Om: Rudra tu kiske team me hai abhi??
(Rudra you are in whose team??)

Rudra: obviously aapke team me O
(obviously in your team O)

Om: to hasna band kar
(then stop smiling)

In the mean time Anika slipped away from there.


Thank You and done with this part. I will soon try to comeback with the next part and till then keep guessing what happened to our ARTIST OMKARA. BYE-NILASH

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