Hello people…. NILASH back with her THE O’BROS LOVE STORY. I know you all are must be very angry. APOLOGIES dearies, please do forgive me actually became a bit busy due to my admission stuffs and all. And I will try to be regular this time. The link for the previous part is given below:

Episode 17

And the link for the entire story episodes are given down. If anyone want to repeat the story then please refer to those. THANK YOU. Now let’s start.

Everyone gathered at the hall. Shivay was in Om’s get up while Om was in Rudra’s get up. But Rudra were nowhere to be seen. Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi sat on the sofa. Anika, Chulbul and Priyanka were standing at one corner of the sofa and Soumya was taking rest in her room. All present at the hall were waiting for Rudra to come but he was nowhere to be seen. Just then a woman entered Oberoi Mansion through the main entrance.

Woman:Ajiii…. Sunte ho…..
(Jaanuu….. please listen)

Everyone looked towards the door and there a woman was standing wearing a ghunghat that was covering her entire face. Chamkili churiyaa (bangles) covered her wrist and she entered inside.

Shivay: Excuse me…. Who…who are you?

Woman: ji.. Rudrani… aap mujhe kaise bhul sakte hai??
(Rudrani…. How can you forget me??)

Shivay: ji???… Rudrani.. mai..mai aapko nhi pahchanta….
(what???…. Rudrani… i… don’t know you)

Rudrani: yaad hai Shivay ji jab aapne hume chora tha tab hamare pet me 10 din ka bachha tha…
(But Shivay when you broke up with me I was pregnant and a small baby of 10 days was there inside my womb)

Shivay: fhat the wuck…

Pinky: ohh… my maataa…

Shivay: Nhi…. Mom aisa kuch bhi nhi hai.. aap ye kya bol rhi hai Rudrani ji??
(no mom…. Nothing like that….. what are you saying Rudrani ji??)

Then Shivay looks at Anika who was already staring him with an angry face.

Anika: Shivay aap jhut to nhi bol rahe??
(Shivay you are not lying na??)

Shivay: nhi… nhii.. Anika
(noo…nooo Anika)

Om: one second…… what do you want??

Rudrani: Om ji…. Aap bhi hume bhul gaye??? Hum aapke Rudrani…. Hamara jab break up hua tha…..
(Om ji… you also forgot me???…. me your’s Rudrani… when we had a break up…)

Om cuts in between

Om:… tab tumhare pet me koi bachcha nhi tha…
(then you had no baby in your womb…)

Rudrani: ji bilkul nhi… humara to aapse wo wale raat ke dusre din hi break up ho gaya tha….
(no of course not….. we had break up on the next day of our first night soo…)

Jhanvi: Oomm….

Pinky: ohhh… myyyy…

Everyone: mataa…

Dadi: ab ye mat bolna ki Rudra bhi…..
(now don’t say Rudra also…)

Rudrani: daadi Rudra ji hamesha kahte the ki aap bahut hi samajhdaar ho aaj humne bhi dekh liya…
(daadi… Rudra ji always used to say that you are very understanding and today I saw that also)

Daadi: matlab???
(what do you mean???)

Rudrani: jii.. hum Rudra ji ki patni hai…
(jii… I am Rudra’s wife…..)

Soumya: fhat the wuck….

Soumya came there just sometime back. Everyone was looking at the woman in utter shock.

Rudrani: ji… waise mat dekhiye na hume sharm aati hai…
(jii…. Don’t stare me like that I feel shy)

Pinky: Tu ruk… apna ghunghat zara hatana…
(you wait…. Just remove your ghunghat for once…)

Pinky and Jhanvi walked up to her and extended their hand to open her ghunghat but she slipped down. Again they both tried but they failed again. Now Anika and Soumya also joined them. Chulbul was also walking towards them to help them.

Om: tu kahan jaa raha hai?
(where are you going?)

Chulbul: Unki madad karne…
(to help them)

Om:tu ek ladka hokar oh nhi shaadi shuda mard hokar ek dusri aurat ko chuyega???
(you being a boy oh no being a married man you will touch another woman??)

Chulbul remembers that he is a boy and stops.

Chulbul: naahi naahi… wo to bas….
(no..nooo… wo… actually…)

Om:theek hai samajh gaya
(ok stop it… I understood)

Now all of them caught hold of the woman and opened her ghunghat

Everyone: Rudra…….

ShivOm ran towards him and they started beating him

Shivay: 10 din ka bachha….
(baby of 10 days….)

Om: wo wali raat….
(first night…..)

Shivay: tu to aaj gaya….
(you are gone today….)

Rudra: arre chor do….. daadi… maa… choti maa…
(arree leave me…. Daadii.. maa… choti maa)

Jhanvi: kha pitayi ab…
(Now get beaten…)

Pinky: Rudra ji ki biwi hu Rudrani….. tujhe aur koi achha naam nahi mila?
(I am Rudra’s wife… Rudrani….. you did not get another better name???)
Rudra: arre logic to samjho…. Rudra ki patni…. Rudrani
(arree understand the logic… Rudra’s patni (wife)….. Rudrani)

Everyone laughed till their stomach started to pain at the most logical logic of Rudra. The day passed. Suddenly the next day Soumya’s mother arrived at Oberoi Mansion.

Soumya’s mother: Soumya now you should return after all you know na I fixed your marriage.

Soumya was on the verge to spill out tears from her eyes when Rudra looked at her and Soumya looked back to him hardly controlling her tears from flowing down.

Soumya: But Aai….
(But mom…..)

Soumya’s mother: Koi but nhi beta tum to jaanti hi ho na Rohit ki family wapas laut jayegi London after some days
(No buts beta you know na Rohit’s family will return to London after some days)

Soumya: Par Mom mai shaadi nhi karna chahti use
(Mom I don’t want to marry him)

Rudra: ek minute Rohit to Anika bhabhi ka dost hai
(one minute Rohit is Anika bhabhi’s friend)

Soumya’s mother: Nhi beta ye koi aur Rohit hai
(no beta he is someone else)

Daadi: Koi bhi ho puttar Soumya ko shaadi nhi karna to kyun use force kar rhi ho?
(whoever is he puttar but Soumya doesn’t want to marry him then why are you forcing her??)

Soumya’s mother: Maa ji aap ko nhi pata wo log kitne ache hai aur Soumya hi bachpan me kaha karti thi use bare hokar Rohit se shaadi karni hai
(mother you don’t know how good they are and moreover from her childhood days only Soumya used to say that she wants to marry Rohit)

Rudra: what???

Soumya ran inside as she did not want anyone to see her crying. Rudra followed her. She was about to close the door but Rudra slipped in.

Rudra: Aunty bahar kya kah rahi thi?
(what did Aunty mean outside??)

Rudra asked very angrily and looking Soumya in disbelief.

Soumya: yahi sach hai mujhe lagta tha I used to love him but after meeting you……
(this is the truth only….. I used to love him but after meeting you….)

She stopped and started to cry. Rudra consoled her for hours and after about two hours both of them came down and everyone is shocked to see Soumya was ready to go with her mother. She went away and her mother greeted and invited everyone happily to her daughter’s marriage. The marriage got fixed after two days.


Please please do comment and tell me how was it? I will be waiting for you all. And given below are the links of the previous episodes. BYE-NILASH

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  1. Fffan1234

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    1. Nilash

      Thank You Asmi
      Please stay tuned dear

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  3. Aashi9

    hilarious episode
    update soon

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Aashi and I posted the next dear waiting for TU to upload it.

  4. Arthi

    Like seriously Rudrani …oh god this Rudy boy always Dumbo oly….and 10days baby…and Om’s reason was my god…. couldn’t control my laughter dear……superb…..yup angry on u but thank you for this fun filled episode dr…

    1. Nilash

      A tight walaa hug to you please don’t remain angry na. Thank You so much Arthi for the appreciation. I will surely try to post the next parts sooner. Pinky Promise.

  5. As usual Amazingg…… Funny…… update Nilash…. I’m still laughing….
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  8. Hmmm gussa toh bahut aa raha he…but tumne apologise kar liya so chalo maaf kiya…ok…..

    And rudrani….?????????..Hilarious episode hann..btw why are yiu absent in pkj….keep commenting yarr…..missing you.after all you are one of the student of milkha singh club….sooo come back soon…

    1. Nilash

      Arre theek hai aapki agyaa sar aankho par… next part post kar chuka hai TU ke modu uncle ke paas waiting list me hai.
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  10. Madhuani

    Hey nilu long time no seen.
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    Update was awesome.
    When I read rudrani I got to know that it was rudra only &yes I was right.
    10din ka baccha n woh wali raat????
    In all amazing.
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    1. Nilash

      I am fine dear how are you??
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    1. Nilash

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        Ok….. But don’t forget this time. I too miss u soooooooooooooo much.

  15. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar… It was so funny… I could not stop my laughing in rudrani part… Excited for the next part… post it soon

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Sagi… Yaaayy my RUDRANI rocked
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  16. Jerry_36

    Hey Nilash Di, its just awesome. I am so glad that you decided to come back with a dabang entry, one of the coolest ff, I ever read. Just amazing, so hilarious loved it. Rudraani, gosh, sabse zada funny part, full on awesomeness overloaded. Shivaay and Om ki Oh my Maata kara Di. Sorry couldn’t give a long comment due to school and also for being late. Love you all !❤

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